hello everybody! This is my new cross over. Generator Rex and Starwars: The Clone Wars!

Me: Here's the low down. this is the intro the story will start in the next chapter. We are starting Model United Nations so I can't work on this monday or tuesday or wensday so here is what the story will be about. Since my brother just sprayed me in the eye with fabric softener I am going to owe my credit to my Captain Quay help me out.

Quay: you missed the word "to" And Spottedpelt does not own Starwars: The Clone Wars or Generator Rex.

This story is going to be about Generator Rex, Bobo, and Six who get zapped into the Starwars universe. And i'm going to be in this story. fianally but that's not yet. but i will warn you that me and Captain Rex are rivals. How will the men cope with 2 Rex's? How will I fare with Rex? And will General Spottedpelt get better so she can lead the 566th? (my battalion)