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Captain Rex's pov

" So, what's one-on-one? And who was he?" Rex asked me as soon as Quay left. I took a deep breath and blew it out. " That was Captain Quay of the 566th Legion. We are enemies. One-on-one is something we do when we get into a fight so that it's fair, but there are only certain occasions in which you can call it."

The word was going to spread fast. It always did. I needed someone for my slot. Denal was sick so he couldn't take it. At first I considered Chopper. " I'm going to get something to eat. You hungry?" My voice was calm though my eyes were still that angry red. Denal looked at me, his hazel eyes pleading.

" I'll ask Coric to bring you something." I said gently. My eyes softened and returned to their normal shade of brown. Denal sank into an uneasy sleep, and I pulled his blanket up to his chin. Bobo seemed to perk up at the mention of food.

" I'm starving. Let's eat. Soo, what kind of food do you have here?" That monkey was quite cheerful for him not knowing where he was. I sighed and walked out the door. After all of us exited the room I locked it. I wouldn't put it past Quay to try something. He had done it before. That's why he had challenged me to one-on-one. He had broke into my room and found my journal.(Yes, I keep a journal and don't ask why.) Well, let's just say the journal didn't have good things about Quay in it.

I completely ignored the monkey's question as we made our way to the messhall. It wasn't too crowded. A couple of Quay's men were there but the majority was from the 501st. I took them through the line and sat down with Coric, Jesse, Hardcase, Kix, Tup, and Dogma. " Coric, will you take Denal something when you're finished?"

" Of course, Sir." The other said. Rex sat down next to me. That was fine just as long as I wasn't sitting by the monkey. " Who's this?" Dogma asked His question wasn't answered right away because Hardcase said," I told you monkeys eat anything."

They laughed and Kix rolled his eyes." You would only know because you are one."

" They only monkey I see around here is me," Bobo said. " Hey you wanna know what's funny. His name's Rex and his is too soo," He didn't even finish the sentence before Six told him to shut up and eat.

I noticed Quay's eyes travel over to our table. He tapped the trooper next to him and whispered something in his ear. The trooper laughed then stole a glance at me. I glared back at him.

" I'll be there, Captain. In the slot. " Fireblaze said sitting down at my table. We normally just call him Blaze or Fire B.

" You know we'll all be there." Jesse said from where he was sitting.

I nodded. They were against Quay because I was against him, and he was an annoying piece of shit. I really didn't want to fight him, but I didn't want to be darned a coward. If I were to go down, Fireblaze would take my place. It was not wise to make him mad. That's why his name is Fireblaze. He'll blaze up in the next moment. Hardcase had been my second choice for the slot, but Fireblaze was just as good. That, and he owed Quay something.

Quay had exsposed his secret of being a physic the last time he had been here. That had put Blaze at risk of reconditioning. Only quick thinking from Shaquitta had saved him. She had said that it was just a rumor going around, and that it was not true. He was going down. Blaze had nearly lost his life. I was not going to let Quay get away with that so easily.

" Hey guys. I know a good way to annoy Quay." I whispered. They leaned in closer. " Sing the most annoying song in the world and call him Daquaiveon. It completely irritates him." I said chuckling.

" So what did he ever do to you?" The other Rex asked.

"He's an annoying piece of shit." Tup said. I laughed.

" That's true, Tup." Ahsoka said. " Hey Rex. I've finally gotten away from Skyguy." She rolled her eyes and took a seat.

Before I could say anything back the other Rex dove under the table shouted something about 'girl evo' or something like that. I raised one eyebrow. Ahsoka gave me a 'What the fuck' look.

" You're scared of a girl?" Tup asked.

" Technically speaking, yes, yes I am." He said.

" Get from under there, Kid." Six said. He reached a hand under the table and pulled him back into his seat.

" Really Six?" he said. " I'm not a kid." All eyes were looking at him like he was crazy.

" You certainly act like one." I muttered to myself.

" Are you certain you want to go against him, Captain?" Coric asked. " Your leg is still recovering."

That was true. I was still recovering from the last battle when I took a shot to the leg. " Yeah I'm sure, Coric."

" I'm going to go see if Spotu will give me a mani/pedi. See ya later guys." Ahsoka said bounding out of the mess.

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