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Pairings: Two-bit/Soda-Steve/Ponyboy

Written for: centonlover1997

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~~~~The End ch9~~~~

It had been five months since Ella was born and neither father could believe how much work it was to take care of her. The two men would pray for Pony to come over after a long week of taking care of Elle. The young teen was obsessed with both Ella and Austin and never made either couple ask twice when it came to babysitting.

A month before Ella's first birthday she was already walking, on her birthday she was running, and a month after she was climbing all over things. Soda was on a never-ending patrol of her; she would often be found emptying Soda and Two-bits dresser if she did manage to escape his watch. Soda flipped the burgers in the pan handing Ella another fry before taking them off the heat.

Pony would be there any minute to take Ella to a book reading at the town library and then to dinner with Steve. That meant almost three hours alone with Two-bit, who was do home just about any second. A shiver ran up Soda spin as he thought of all the things Two-bit had promised to do to him in the shower this morning.

"Soda?" Pony screamed through the door and just when Soda went to answer Two-bit came running in behind him, ran to Ella who clap happily. He Scooped up their daughter kissing her cheek holding her in Soda's face who did the same in confusion before Two-bit passed Pony the kid and pushing him out the door throwing twenty dollars and Ella's diaper bag at him before slamming the door.

"Well fine then, me and Ella will just go then" Pony yelled through the door trying not to laugh. Two-bit locked the door quickly before turning and smiling at Soda who in return laughed hysterically as Two-bit began to undress in the middle of the living room.

"You can't wait two minutes so I could say goodbye to our daughter?" Soda was then pushed back against the contour and lifted up onto it.

"Why didn't you say goodbye before I got here?" Two-bit began kissing Sodas neck before pulling away quickly "Why is this on?" Soda laughed pulling off his shirt. "Better but not what I was talking about" Two-bit grabbed Soda's jeans tugging on them. After finally getting undressed Soda was laid down on the table and Two-bit unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.

"Don't you think the bed would be better?" Two-bit glanced over his shoulder at their room before looking back down at Soda.

"Way too far" Two-bit kneeled and Soda laughed again, after almost braking the table and knocking almost everything off the counter, Soda lay panting in Two-bit's arms on the kitchen floor. They heard noise from outside and raced to get their cloths back as someone began knocking on the door. "One minute" Two-bit yelled as he pulled on his shirt running to the door opening it.

"Am I interrupting?" Dally smiled as he walked in Austin following close behind.

"Yes you are…why are you here?" Soda glared from the kitchen.

"Tim told me to drop this off for you Two-bit, it's for your car or something." Dally placed the bag on the table before looking around. "Pony take Ella?" they nodded "Then me and Austin will be on our way" Dally patted his side and Austin looked up from the toys he had found, he carefully stood back up, found his ground, and ran over to Dally.

"Daddy carry" Dally gave him a look.

"Does it look like I can carry you right now kiddo" Austin shook his head pouting as he lay a hand on Dally's belly, the slight kick made him giggle.

"When brober be here?" Dally grabbed Austin's hand waving goodbye to Two-bit and Soda.

"Well when you asked this morning it was one month so it's still one month" Dally smiled when Austin made and "O" face.

"How long is one month?" Soda smiled from his doorway before Two-bit shut it.

"Don't even think about it Soda, we can't afford another kid right now" Soda sighed

"But-" Two-bit shook his head grabbing Soda's face in both his hands and kissed his nose.

"We talked about this Soda, maybe when Ella isn't cleaning us out with diapers and food we'll have another but not right now." Soda nodded tears coming to his eyes "that won't work so stop trying" Two-bit pulled away walking to the kitchen to grab a soda.

"It used to work" Soda grumbled, "Keith what if I got a job, then we'd have enough money, Steve is always trying to get me back" Two-bit just stared at him.

"Did Ella get accepted to that fancy pre-school place yet?" Soda nodded wrapping his arms around Two-bits neck. Two-bit placed his soda on the contour rubbing the palm of his hand into his eyes. "If we both have jobs then maybe…okay…just not yet, give us a few months to save up some extra cash before we do" Soda smiled brightly kissing Two-bit before resting his head on his shoulder.

"I'm so glad you fell in love with me" Soda sighed happily and Two-bit laughed rolling his eyes.

"So am I" and then they kissed.


Shit ending I know.