Mist flowed over the lush green, swaying trees and spiralled around their thick, weathered trunks, it traversed the leaf ridden, fertile deep brown soil and glided over a steep cliff and into the valley below. The valley was vast, remote, trees were thriving in the moist air, oxygen was plentiful and the wind stirred the leaves into small whirlwinds on the soil, sending them all around the forest. A stream weaved through the trees and plunged over a cliff and down into a still, crystal blue lake that shimmered from the stray sunrays that danced through the canopy of dark leaves and curled vine, creating light patterns that rocked back and forth in time with the wind and trees.

In the river swan small, turquoise fish that glided through the water soundlessly and circled around the lone island in the centre of the lake. Leaves swirled down from their respective place among the crocked tree branches, down to the ground, adding to the smooth river stones that shone like the moon, and lake landing on the surface of the still water and causing small ripple to drift over the lake along with the already fallen leaves. The mist that covered the lake climbed over another and away from the forest lake leaving a lavender haze in its wake.

On the island in the centre of the crystal clear lake grew an enormous oak tree. It towered over the lake and created a shadow that lay over part of the lake and land, the oak's roots were planted deep in the island from years of overlooking the lake. On the island also grew several flowers, some a rich violet, others a bright yellow, grass sprouted around the uncovered tree roots and moss covered the right side of the tree.

This was the great Forest Spirits domain, it had four scaly legs with talons showing, its body was covered in beige fur that fluttered with the breeze, the head was like a mask and its eyes were wide while the mouth was shut with red patterns covering the entire face. It was a majestic creature and its strides were regal, as its taloned leg set foot on the grass covered soil flowers and long grass erupted from beneath its foot but wilted and receded when the Forest Spirit lifted its foot to take another stride. This being had control over life and death and at night it morphed into the legendry Nightwalker that watched over the land from dusk to dawn. The Nightwalker was a phantom of navy blue and was transparent, as the Forest morphed into the Nightwalker the wind bellowed and leaves were tossed around while trees shook and branches rattled, water spilled from the forest lake and wetted the ground and pebbles around it. The Nightwalker roamed around the forest to keep peace between Spirit tribes such as the Boars and Wolves.

On a rock that was jutting out from the cliff face were two large stones that came together at a point to frame a barely moonlit cave. On the rock stood a girl barefoot with beige fur wrapping around her neck and torso while a large wooden mask adorned with red paint and bangles on the side rested on her head with a spear in her hand. Next to her three wolf cubs that rose up to her shoulder with snowy grey fur lunged around her while a royal, female wolf with thick snowy gray fur watched over all of them with her muzzle in her paws.

The female wolf was the great Wolf Spirit, the wolf cubs were her spawn and the girl was San, Princess Mononoke. She was the Wolf Princess, the princess that was turned into a wild animal, yet she was at peace with her new home and family.