I fiddled with the lace on my skirt, biting my lip as Amy carefully styled my hair. She tucked a pearl comb into the curls, arranging the rest around my face.

"You're gonna be so pretty, Hero," she murmured, patting my shoulders and letting me take a moment to examine her work on my hair. I touched one of the curls with a trembling finger, then sat up straighter and gazed seriously at myself in the mirror. Not bad...

"Okay," I breathed, straightening the shoulder on my white dress, "Okay, I'm ready for this."

"Good," Amy chuckled, "Because I'm gonna push you in there if you start to chicken out."

I laughed, feeling myself relax a little. I stood, patting down my skirt and turning to face the red-head. She was dressing in a knee-length, blue dress, clutching two bunches of white flowers.

"Let's do this," I smiled, taking one of the bouquets and looping my arm through Amy's. She grinned, flipping her ginger hair back from her face, quickly checking behind me to make sure that the back of my dress was laying flat.

"Come on, then," she said, leading me to the door, "Let's go make him the happiest man in the universe. I grinned, feeling my face flush with nerves and happiness all at once. My hearts thudded back and forth across my chest, and my entire body thrummed with warmth.

Amy led us down the hall, stopping momentarily to make sure that she still had the ring. She did.

This was my wedding day. Today I would bond myself to an ancient alien, the protector of humans, the most intelligent, oblivious, clumsy, brave, and attractive man I'd ever met.

Today, I was marrying the Doctor.