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Two days later...

"... So, that's what happened, and... and we're okay, and we want to try again, you know?"

Amy stared at me with wide eyes, swallowing hard and blinking a bit before resting a hand on my shoulders. "Hero, I... I don' know what to say, but... God, I'm so sorry! That must have been terrible!" I could tell she was genuinely feeling a reflection of the pain I'd felt in the first few hours after losing the baby, so I let her pull me into a tight hug as she awkwardly patted my back and sniffed quietly. "Are ya sure you're okay?" she asked quietly, searching my face for any trace of pain, of unshed tears, but I found myself able to smile my my red-headed friend without faking it.

"I am, I mean it hasn't been easy, but the Doctor has been there and we're figuring it all out together... I won't ever forget what happened, not ever, but at least he's still here and you and Rory, that's all I really need right now."

Amy hugged me again, smiling despite her teary eyes, and I felt a glow somewhere between my hearts; it felt good, cathartic, to be able to tell someone about the hardship the Doctor and I were facing, to look into the eyes of a friend and know that they would now be there for me no matter what – they had my back.

"Amy! Time to go!" Rory called to his wife from across the parking lot, gesturing the pair of us towards where the TARDIS stood, quiet and blue, waiting to take the Ponds home to their little house in England.

"Alright, ya numpty," Amy chuckled, grinning over at her husband, and glancing one last time at me she murmured, "Call me, yeah? Day or night, you need somethin', just ask." I smiled big at that, unable to think of anything to say, but Amy seemed pleased with my happier expression and led the way back towards the TARDIS.

One month later...

"No, no, still hasn't worked," the Doctor exclaimed, scanning my belly with about three different tools, one of which looked remarkably like a large tennis racket. "It's like I thought before, the bioenergy set things off, making you... ready... but if there's a way we can duplicate that environment, perhaps create an artificial method to extract the energy and expose the ventricles to the radiation and extract the excess burn-off..." He stopped, realizing that I was staring at him as he talked, smirking at him with an eyebrow raised. "You've got that face on again, Hero," he murmured, carefully setting down his scanning tools and folding his arms across his chest with mock anger. I smiled wider, taking a step away from him.

"Oh? Well, you know why..." I giggled, continued to back away from the Doctor.

"Is it because you think I'm hot when I'm clever?" he chuckled, looking far too pleased with himself, and I danced away from his outstretched hand and spun around to the other side of the console.

"Nope," I laughed, "I was staring at you because your bow tie is on crooked." he immediately clapped a hand to the offending article of clothing, frowning when he found it to be in perfect order, then he leaped forward and scooped me up in his arms.

"We'll just have to continue our experiments, hm?" he murmured, his soft lips brushing lightly against my neck as he nuzzled beneath my ear. I smiled happily, closing my eyes, as I felt the Doctor's strong arms tighten sweetly around me.

In the not-too-distant future...

"15 months?" I gaped at him, rather agast.

The Doctor looked rather surprised at my apparent shock, "But... Yes! The six extra months account for the precise brain development, the first integration of the Time Lord regeneration cellular primaries, and even though there's only one heart that needs to form, the other vital organs require extra reinforcement as dictated by their respective sections in the genome structure..."

I cut off the Doctor's rambling with a kiss, surprising him thoroughly as he fell back against the console with a gasp. I had to pull away a moment later because I was smiling much too wide for proper kissing, but I slid my hands around the back of his neck, lacing my fingers through his hair as he stared into my eyes with a mixture of love and pure, absolute fear.

"I... I..." he stuttered, glancing down at my belly and then up to my face again, swallowing nervously as I continued to grin at him. "I wonder which of us it will look like..."

A warm rush of happiness overtook me, and with a barely contained squeal I threw my arms around the sheepish-looking Time Lord, hugging him with all my might. "Oh my god oh my god!" I cried, pulling back and holding him by the shoulders, watching as a happy little smile unfolded on his face, "I can't believe it worked, I'm... I'm so happy!" He smiled for real at this, picking me up and swinging me around in a little circle as the TARDIS hummed in approval.

"Hero..." the Doctor murmured, taking me in his arms and setting his forehead against mine.

The TARDIS whirred into flight, and we both looked up in surprise, laughing. The old girl was probably taking us to my mom's, or to Amy and Rory, somewhere we needed to go, somewhere we could share the news.

The TARDIS glowed brighter than ever, reaching out to touch my mind, momentarily rendering me speechless as she showed me her own joy. Then after a second she withdrew, but the feelings she'd showed me remained.

Fifteen months... Hmm... A lot can happen in that time...

"Wait!" the Doctor cried, waving his arms around in consternation, "We have to think of a name! Right now! Um, let's see..." He scratched his cheek, looking thoroughly perplexed.

I love you, Doctor...