Soo I have had this idea running through my head for a while. Please read and let me know what you think! Rated M for cursing, sex (m/m and f/m) and any other smexy goodness my mind can think of. I checked the grammar, but please point out any mistakes. Its been a while since I have written anything other than scientific papers.


"ICHIGOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my son! Wake up my youthful triplets! SHIROOOOOO, SAYOOORRRIIIII" Isshin Kurosaki kicked open the door to his triplets room with full intentions on pounding his children awake with his "manly love" only to have his face smashed in by a series of medical dictionaries.

Three simultaneous shouts of "Shut up Goat Face!", "FUCK OFF OYAGI" and "PAPA!" resonated from the California king bed that had three heads peeking out of the covers. Sayori Kurosaki, the youngest of the Kurosaki triplets glared at her father while rolling out of bed. "Asshole! I was sleeping! Damn it papa…what the hell is so important that you wake us up at…" she trailed off, glancing around the room to find the time. A fierce growl resonated from the bed as her albino older brother rolled off the bed and stalked toward their father. "This fucker woke us up at 6 fucking am!" Shiro yelled out as he slammed his foot into his fathers face sending him flying out the room. Sayori chuckled before wrapping her arms around her big brother and nuzzling her head under his chin. "Shiro-nii, Ichi-nii went to take a shower without you…" she taunted, knowing that her big brother had an unnatural obsession with their middle sibling. "DAMN IT! ICHI LET ME IN!" Shiro yelled at the locked bathroom door. Ichigo just laughed at the idiotic morning rituals of his family before stepping into the shower. It was obvious that his brother and sister had forgotten that today was Move-in day at Karakura U. "Idiots." He scoffed under his breath as he rinsed the soap out of his hair.

**Three Hours Later**

After a very eventful waterworks show from their idiotic father, and many kisses and hugs from their little sisters, the Kurosaki triplets were on their way to college. Shiro, as the eldest of the triplets by 3 hours had assigned himself driver, and left Ichigo ( the middle triplet born 1 hour before his sister) and Sayori to fight over who rode shot-gun and who got stuck in the back. Although Ichigo had rightfully won, Sayori had pulled out her secret move. Sucking her thumb, and scoffing her shoes she tilted her head at an angle and primed with tear-brimmed hazel eyes she sniffled. "Ok onii-chan. I guess I gotta go sit in the back…" trailing off and turning slowly and shuffling towards the back door. Horrified that he had made his baby sister cry, Ichigo quickly offered to switch causing Shiro to cackle like a maniac at how gullible Ichigo was. Ichigo didn't mind, their father had bought them the 2012 Ford Escape, so it wasn't that much of a tight squeeze.

"Oi! Which building are we in?" Shiro asked his siblings, as he pulled up to the entrance of Karakura U. Sayori pulled out her Iphone and checked her email. "Umm…We are in the Shinigami Residence Hall." Shiro nodded, and turned left following the signs to their dorm. Pulling uip to the parking lot, the siblings let out sounds of appreciation. Shinigami Hall was a mansion. Set up on a grassy hill, the white marble pillars gleamed in the sunlight. "HOLY SHIT WE LIVE IN THE WHITE HOUSE!" Sayori cried out, jumping in her seat in glee. Ichigo was speechless, and Shiro cackled in glee as he parked as close as he could to the front entrance.

Ichigo just barley managed to restrain his siblings from running around outside like kids in a candy store, long enough to head inside to get their room assignments and keys. Ichigo pulled on his siblings' hands, and walked through the atrium. Spotting a sign on a door that read "Room Assignments", he dragged them inside and went up to the woman sitting at the desk. "Hi! We are the Kurosaki triplets. Ichigo, Hichigo, and Sayori Kurosaki. We need our room assignments and keys please." Ichigo smiled at the woman behind the desk whose nametag read "Orihime".

"Ok. Welcome to the Shinigami house! My name is Orihime. You three are in rooms 108 and 109. It has an adjoining door, because we didn't have one room that was big enough to house all three of you. I hope you don't mind, but Kurosaki-san you do have a roommate." Orihime spoke while handing them their keys and maps of the campus. Sayori nodded, "I figured as much. Do you know if she is here or not?" Orihime shook her head, "No, she isn't. But I know her and she is really nice. Her name is Rukia Kuchiki." Sayori smiled and thanked Orihime. Following her brothers back out to the car, she never noticed the three pairs of eyes staring at her and her brothers from across the hall.


Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez groaned as he lifted the last of his little sister Neliel's boxes out of his car. "Damn girl, what the hell. Did you bring your entire closet with you?" He yelled at his little sister, as he kicked her 2012 Mercedes GL door shut. Grimmjow let out a huge breath as he dropped the last of her boxes in her room and flopped onto her bed. Giggling, Nel tossed a granola bar at her brother, "Thanks onii-san! I didn't bring all of my closet though, I only brought my summer clothes." Scoffing, Grimmjow tore open the granola bar and swung his body off his sisters' bed. Stretching his 6'2 frame, and groaning at his spine popping he patted his sisters' head and spoke looking down at her, "I'm heading back over to Espada. Call me later so we can take you to your first frat party".

Grimmjow kicked a pair of legs stretched out across his sisters' floor, and shouted "Wake up Stark. It's time to go!" Grimmjow rolled his eyes at his lazy roommate, Coyote Stark. They were both second-years who lived in the Espada Residence Hall that was across campus. Stark had offered to help Grimmjow with moving his little sisters' boxes but had failed asleep as soon as they had gotten to the Shinigami House. "Tsk. Typical. How the hell does he even had a 4.0?", another voice questioned. Grimmjow shrugged as his looked at his other friend, Gin Ichimaru. "How the hell should I now Gin. Dude never stays awake for longer than 20 minutes." Stark groaned and sat up.

Running a hand through his wavy brown hair, he just smirked. "I am a genius, I need 23 hours of sleep to function." Laughing, Grimmjow pulled Stark off the floor and headed out the door flanked by his two best friends. They had reached the staircase, when Grimmjow bent down to tie his Air Forces and a blur of orange caught his eye. Tightening the knot, he stood up and looked over the banister. What he saw took his breath away. Standing at 5'9 at the most, with large maple-brown eyes, and bright orange hair that looked incredibly soft. Grimmjow licked his lips as he studied the fine specimen standing below him. The boy was wearing black skinny jeans tucked into orange and black Air Forces, a black polo vest over an orange hoodie. Grimmjow smirked, as he noticed his friends staring at the boy and girl flanking his orange-head.

Stark was staring at the girl. She was cute, Grimmjow could admit even if he gay. She was the shortest out of the three, no more than 5'7 with a pair of DD's that looked natural on her curvy frame. He couldn't see her eye color from the side, but her wavy copper hair reached to her mid-back, and she was wearing a similar outfit only instead of orange and black, she was wearing baby blue and black.

Gin was staring at what seemed to be the pale copy of his orange-head, but taller. Standing at what seemed to be 5'11 or maybe even 6' the pale copy was wearing black sweats with a purple KU sweatshirt with black and purple Chucks. Grimmjow watched, as his orange head walked out of the front doors flanked by what Grimmjow assumed were his siblings. Turning towards Stark and Gin, he smirked "Lets go introduce ourselves to the newbies yeah?" Gin and Stark nodded and followed Grimmjow downstairs and out the door.

"Lets go hunting boys…"