Chapter 25: Tear You Apart Pt 2

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Recap from last chapter:

A blood-curdling scream snapped Jinx awake, "again with this", he thought to himself. He was in a larger room with cement walls lined in plastic and multiple drains in the floors. He was strapped onto a steel table that was at a 45-degree angle off the floor.

Across the room from him was a girl, no more than 18, removing an insanely long knife out of a man's body that was suspended from chains across the room from him. Jinx's body stiffened as the girl turned towards him, and he realized exactly whom she was. Shit. Shit… shit…shit. How the fuck did she survive?

Saya grinned as she turned towards the sniper that shot Sayori and her. Flicking the knife absently to remove the blood, she walked slowly towards Jinx.

"You are going to learn first hand why we could never be human doctors…."

Saya brought the knife to Jinx's cheek and tapped him lightly with it, "Sayori doesn't like people…and I, well, I enjoy tearing people to shreds. You, my friend, you are going to scream for me."

Jinx snorted and replied, "I don't know anything. I was hired anonymously, so you are shit outta luck you spoiled little brat."

Saya laughed loudly and ran her hand through his hair before tightening and pulling his head back viciously, "O my, you seem to think that I care about who hired you. I know who hired you silly boy. I am going to rip you apart, piece by piece until you beg for death, and even then I. Won't. Stop."

Jinx ground his teeth together and narrowed his eyes. Saya laughed, "Challenge Accepted!"


Saya had left the assassin chained to the wall to have his mental freak out. She was eager to get to work, but once she started she wouldn't be able to stop. The first thing to do was to make sure that ground rules for the house had been set just in case any of the neighbors heard the screams.She giggled at the thought of the neighbors being able to hear him scream especially since her special work room had a triple layer of soundproofing. Saya made sure the triple locks on the door were set before heading upstairs to go talk to her brothers and the Winchesters.

"Did you find anything on our mystery man Sammy?" Saya asked as she walked into the kitchen were everyone was gathered around the kitchen island. Sam was concentrating so hard on finding anything about the man that he hadn't heard Saya enter the room or answer a question. Raising a brow, she looked over at Dean who shrugged. Sayori opened the fridge and grabbed two bottles of water and then riffled through the cabinets until she found her hidden stash of Chips Ahoy. Gabriel appeared instantly next to her, "Cookies!" Saya frowned and swatted his wandering hand away from her cookies. "Dude! You are an angel. Just, ya know, wing it up or something. These are mine." Gabe pouted and gave Saya puppy dogs to try and make her lose her will.

"Fine! You can have five," Sayori muttered as she dropped out a few cookies in his hand. Gabe grinned widely and skipped over to where Sam was sitting and dropped into his lap blocking his view from the screen.

Sam frowned, and tried to look around his angels body to see the screen. "Babe move. I need to get more info on the jerk who shot Sayori before she comes back up here." Gabriel laughed as he inhaled the last of the stack of cookies he had gotten and gave Sam a sloppy peck on the lips. "And you are supposed to be the smarter brother," Gabriel said as he poked Sam on the cheek. Dean and Sam simultaneously shouted their protest on Gabriel's observations until Gabriel turned Sams' head so that he could see Saya leaning against the stove munching on her cookies smirking. Sam blinked and cocked his head to the side channeling his inner puppy. "When did you get here?" He asked, as he took in the fact that he had been so engrossed that he completely missed her arrival.

Saya chuckled and popped another cookie in her mouth before replying, "not long. I just got up here. What did you find?"

Sam sighed and turned his laptop, so that Saya could see the images on the screen. "I found his name, and its still running through all the major databases I have access to. I sent it to Bobby, so he could use his fake CIA alias to run him through their database and Interpol. His name is Solomon Hall. The only thing that the local searches have come up with so far is that he was an Army brat. His family moved from base to base until he was a teenager. That is when it gets weird though. After his family was stationed in Kosovo, his file is missing a few years. I think that he either was kidnapped or he willingly went into the Russian mob, which is where he was trained. He is fluent in multiple languages, but from there I hit a wall. His parents are dead and there is no record of any siblings. I will keep working on it though, and burn the midnight oil." Saya had been nodding as he was talking to her silently thinking about how she could use the knowledge that she was given.

"Don't worry about working all night, Sammy. I don't want a sex-depraved Angel gunning for me." She grinned at Gabriel who had been pouting heavily at Sam's proclaim that he would have been working all night. He smirked back and snapped his fingers making another package of Chips Ahoy appear next to Saya's spare water bottle.

Saya chuckled at the angels' antics, before addressing the whole room "Actually, I think I am going to let him stew over night first. Let him get really freaked out while Cas' goes to fetch that sad excuse for a gangster that put a hit out on us." She looked over at Castiel who nodded stoically before disappearing with Dean and Ichigo. Shiro stood up to leave with Kenpachi to go out on weapons supply to restock the reserves, and get enough food to feed the brothers that ate like an entire army that they would need to be feeding along with everyone else.

Asami, Akihito, Ayase and Kanou had stayed in Tokyo after Saya had woken up. Ayase and Akihito were overseeing the restoration of the triplet's penthouse, complete with a new triple layer of bullet-proof black tinted glass, and doors to curb any chance that someone would be able to pinpoint any of the occupants in the apartment. Akhito had even gone so far as to scout all the surrounding buildings that had a line of sight to the apartment and made sure that the tint was dark enough that the apartment looked dark from the outside. The duos were almost finished with their project, and only had the clean up and redecorating left on their list. Both had explicitly instructed Saya to keep her work far away from their current project, which is why she had to have Dean and Castiel go retrieve Watanabe from his hiding place. That and I don't really feel like dealing with Tokyo traffic. Saya thought to her self as she walked back down the stairs to where the assassin was tied up. It made her blood boil just thinking about how this man ruined Sayori's relationship.

Her hand paused on the doorknob just as she was about to push the door open. Stark. She had completely forgotten about the man. She frowned remembering the promise that she made to Sayori. She wasn't allowed to hurt him, but what he had accused her of would not go without punishment. She clucked her teeth in annoyance at that fact that she hadn't even seen the man in person yet. Saya shook her head to clear her mind of less important matters. She took a deep breath before she plastered a large childish grin on her face and skipped into the room ready to deliver her message.


Jinx knew he was screwed the moment that black Impala barreled into him nearly snapping his leg in half. Getting tossed into a trunk, driven to his victims' house, and being chained in a room across from a slowly decomposing body really pounded the message home. He had put up a good front when Hime had confronted him early, but he knew that there was no way he would be able to keep it up if she began to truly torture him. It was safe to say that she had limitless torture methods judging from what was left of the body that was chained to the wall across the room from him, and the IV fluids that were still attached to his arm. He groaned as he strained and yanked desperately at the heavy chains and cuffs that attached him to a steel table strategically placed over one of the many drains in the cement floor. He stilled quickly at the sound of the door being unlocked and slowly opening. He frowned when the door stilled as it opened slowly, only letting in a sliver of light into the dark room. He could see that there was someone behind the door. His heart raced at the thought of it being someone coming to rescue him, but that sliver of hope shattered when Hime came skipping into the room with a large grin on her face. He sighed inaudibly, and resigned himself to accept the fact that he was, in fact, going to die here.


Saya chuckled at the sight of the hit man who was strapped to the table. She had caught the fleeting look of hope on his face, before he pulled on a blank mask of indigence. She walked over towards him slowly. The click-clak of her custom Jimmy Choos echoed throughout the room. She ignored him completely as she made over to the decaying body chained to her wall. Curling her upper lip in disgust, she yanked the IV out of the dead arm leaving in the needle but removing the IV line. She rolled the steel IV tower over to the table where Jinx was lying and smiled softly at him. She walked over to the metal desk that was next to the table and opened a drawer to rummage through before finding what she was looking for. She opened up a new needle and pulled an alcohol soaked cotton ball out of the jar. She turned toward him and his eyes grew wide. He made no other movement besides that and clenched his jaw.

Saya hummed the lyrics of Wings softly to herself, as she hooked up the new needle to the IV bag. Giving it a few squeezes to make sure the flow was still set just right, she expertly and flawlessly entered the needle into his vein before he could react. She continued to hum as she put a piece of gauze and tape over it to make sure that it did not come out. She tapped him on the cheek, before turning around to the body that was still chained to the wall. There wasn't much left, but she was going to need that space for her newest guest that would be delivered soon, so she pressed the red button against the wall and watched the assassin's reactions to what she was about to do.


Jinx followed her movements with his eyes, and he nearly pissed himself when he realized what was happening. His mind was racing with the multiple drugs, concoctions, and god knows what else could have been in that IV bag. He couldn't help his small sigh of relief when she at least had the decency to give him a new needle, and not use the one that had been in the dead body for an unknown amount of time. He couldn't help but feel angry at the fact that the little bitch didn't even have the decency to wear appropriate torture attire. She was standing in ridiculously high heels, a pair of denim shorts, and with a half- sweater that flaunted her well-toned stomach. He noticed that she seemed conflicted about what she was going to do, as if she wanted to leave the disgusting decaying mound of flesh there to freak him out longer. He watched as she pressed a button on the wall that he had not noticed was there before, and then the floor beneath the body opened just as the cuffs released their dead captive with a sickening PLOP, He was confused on why there would be a pit underneath the wall, but that became clear when a she tipped the contents of a red gas container, that appeared out of nowhere by the way, into the pit. She caught Jinx's eye as she lit a match. The next words she said had his blood run cold and his heart stop as he watched her flick the match into the pit, never breaking eye contact with him. The small-amused smirk on her face expanding into a full grin as the flames that consumed the body highlighted the murderous rage in her eyes. "Welcome to hell Solomon Hall."

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