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Chapter 9

"I was pregnant. . . with Anna," Rose sat back, relaxing into Dimitri's strong hold.

"Rose, there was nothing wrong in that matter with your aura yesterday, if there was I would not have let you drink," Lissa was starting to panic, she had just gotten her friend back and now something else was wrong with her.

"Lissa, can we please go out, I'm hungry," Rose said, just as her stomach growled.

"I don't know if we should," Dimitri said to Rose, unable to hide the worry in his tone.

"Dimitri, I can't be pregnant with any child, I have not let Adrian have sex with me in the last six months," Rose told him, just now noticing how weak she felt. "I would be huge if that were the case, I don't think I can get pregnant off a moroi."

"Rose have you been pregnant after Anna?" Dimitri asked, afraid of the answer, that maybe it would be yes.

"No, Adrian, would try to get at me at the right time of the month, but it never worked. You were my one and only, and I plan on keeping it that way," Rose told Dimitri cupping his face in her hands.

Dimitri let out a breath of relief and hugged Rose close to him. "You are one of a kind, and I love that. I just want to know what that was."

"I don't know," Rose hid her face in Dimitri's shirt. "Now can we please go get some food? I'm hungry."

"Lissa," Dimitri asked, pulling Lissa out of her thoughts. "Can we get going?"

"Umm, yes," She said getting off the floor. She went to the linen closet to get Rose a tooth brush. "Here, Rose."

"Thank you, Lissa," With a little help from Dimitri, Rose was off the floor and brushing her teeth. She always hated getting sick, and she would spend all day brushing her teeth if she could, but she did not want to.

When she was done, Dimitri not leaving her side, they left the house. Christian Came with them to eat. Lissa called it a night out.

When they got to the fancy restaurant called the Reinlander (That is a German restaurant in Portland, OR. I love it there, but this is at the Royal court.) Dimitri and Rose got out of the back seat, Lissa would not let Dimitri drive. She told him that Rose needed him more, that was starting to become her line.

"Please come this was, Your Highness," Said the familiar of Ambros (In this the queen died peasefully, in her sleep one night. Just want to clear that up.), he came walking over to us smiling. "Rose is that really you?"

"Ambros, long time no see," Rose said, walking over to give him a friendly hug. "How have you been?"

"Well, I have been good," He started talking to Rose as they walked over to the table. "After Tatiana's passing I had to get a real job. How about you?"

"Well, I had a baby girl, she is almost three. And I just got engaged to her father," Rose said, looking up at Dimitri, giving him a peck on the cheek. "So for me life is going great."

"That's nice to hear," he stopped walking when they got to an empty booth. "Here are your menus and I'll be back in a few minutes for your orders. Do you guys want anything to drink?"

Rose and Dimitri got a Pepsi, and Lissa wanted water and Christian got a tea. Rose laughed at Christian's choice of drink, but let it go.

"So, Rose, you look happy," Christian pointed out the obvious.

"I could not be happier," Rose said leaning into Dimitri. She could not believe that they were both sitting here, as a happy couple. They had both been through a lot in the last few years, but neither one of them had fallen out of love with the other. Rose used to dream about meeting back up with Dimitri, if he would still love her or not. She really hoped that he would. She knew that she never wanted to be happily with another man in her life.

"I could be happier," Dimitri said, earning a frown out of Rose. That was until, he pulled her hand up to his lips and kissed the ring on her left hand. "As soon as we are married then I will be the luckiest man on this world."

"Nice save, man," Christian told him smiling. "She might look small, but I am sure she can still pack a punch."

Christian jumped as Rose's foot shot out to kick him in the knee. "Point taken," he said.

"Well, I need to go use the restroom, I'll be back in a few minutes," Rose said, getting up. "Just order me whatever you are getting, Lissa."

And with that she was walking toward the restrooms. The only thought on Rose's mind was getting back out to her family. She could not believe that Dimitri was here with her she felt complete. Like the part in her heart that he belonged in was filled now.

When Rose stepped into the bathroom, she stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself. She had a small blush in her cheeks. She felt like she could live the life that she always wanted to live now.

"Don't move or I will shoot," said a voice from behind her, she knew that voice. "Turn around and back up to the wall."

"Please. Who are you?" Rose got out, holding back a sob. "I haven't done anything."

"Oh, yes, you have," came the voice again, and the clicking of the guns safety. "I warned you not to call him, and what happened not even a week ago, he left me."

" I never meant to hurt you, Tasha," Rose told her, holding stock still, and not meeting Tasha's eyes, for fear that that would set her off.

"Yes, you did, I told you to never contact him again," She told Rose, as she pulled the trigger.

A bullet caught Rose in the stomach, making her double over.

"Next time I tell you not to do anything listen to me," Tasha said, walking backwards to the door. She opened the door and closed it as quiet as possible.

Rose tried to get up, but found that hard. She was always able to get up after Adrian did what ever came to mind that night. She had to fight as a terrible pain that took over making her vision go blurry. She could only think about the people out in the other room and how she just got out of the hospital.

There was a scream as the door came open. "Someone call an ambulance."

Rose tried to speak to the person, but she tasted blood in her mouth. "Rose, don't try to talk, it's Dr. O."

"D-Dimitri?" Rose asked.

"I'm right here Rose," Dimitri said, pulling on Rose's hand. "Tell me what to do, Olivia."

"Take off your sweater and put pressure on the wound," Dr. O told him. "Rose. Rose, You need to stay awake. Dimitri was she pregnant?"

"I-I don't know, she was sick before we went out tonight," Dimitri told her in a rush.

"If she was I think she just miscarried," Dr. O said, "With you the pregnancy is fast."

She was about to go on, but there was a commotion outside the door that said the emergency had just arrived. Rose was starting to slip into the darkness, she could hear the talking in the background, but it hurt to much to think right now. Her head gave a nice throb and she was out like a light.

Dimitri felt like it was deja vu all over again, he was just sitting in a hospital, this one on court. That was the only good thing about this, she was on court now. But he did not want this to be their life, he had the idea that this had something to do with Tasha, somehow. And maybe Adrian.

Now Olivia was sure that Rose had been pregnant. She went back and looked at the records from the other day and found out that Rose had not been pregnant a week ago. She had come out and told Dimitri the new finding that had almost left Dimitri in tears. But he had to stay strong and as cold as it might sound you can't miss something you never had.

"Dimitri?" Dr. O came walking back into the room, looking around to see if anyone else was in here with him. There was no one.

"Yes, Olivia," Dimitri asked holding back all the emotion that he could.

"Rose is in a room now. She is stable, and could wake up anytime now," she told him. "come with me I would like to show you where Rose is."

"How is she?" Dimitri had to know, he was fearing the worst.

"Well surprisingly the bullet went straight through, only leaving minimal damage, and. . ." She did not want to finish what was the ending result, she already understood the pain to much. "So I think it's safe to say three days, unless Lissa helps."

"I don't think that that would be a good idea. Rose would agree. I'm going to stay here with her. I want to be here for her now," Dimitri told Dr. O. "Um, was there anyway to know who's the baby was?"

"Well, when did you and her have sex last? I helped her out through the last one," Olivia told him, giving him a small smile. "The baby developed really fast. She is ahead of others her age right?"

"Yes, she is," Dimitri could not help the smile that came on his face. "She is amazing. And last night." He said looking down.

"Rose was in visiting me the next day, after you and her had sex," Dr. O told him. "She was unable to go to class, she kept getting sick."

"That's not possible," Dimitri stated the obvious.

"Dimitri, please think about this, what about Rose is normal?" She asked him, pulling his face to look at her. "She was killed, and almost died a week ago and here she is again. Right back to where she started."

"I missed how blunt you could be, Olivia," Dimitri told her, smiling slightly. He knew that life was not ever going to be for him and Rose.

"Here's the room, Dimitri," She said coming to a stop in the doorway. " Keep in mind you and I have missed three years of Rose's life. We need to learn her again. When you left, I was the only one to know the full story, Lissa helped in the beginning when you pushed her to hard without knowing that. Lissa wanted to help too much and pushed Rose away in the process."

Dimitri gave Dr. O. a hug, and walked into the room. Rose was lying on her back with minimal breathing aid. She looked good compared to the last time she was in the hospital.