Global Country of World Peace walked ahead of his three friends; Amiatus, Mexico, and Andorra. The wind dance around GCWP as they closed up to a large mansion. The yellow western-style was a shock. "So, its real isn't it?" He said, his mind fluttering in pure panic. Every muscle, every cell in his nation body wished to run away screaming. Quietly Crue flipped his hair back as is flew into his face, then tied it back in a pony tail longer then France's if he ever put his hair back.

"Yea. It is." Amiatus said, even she seemed to be lost in fear which was a first.

"Why don't we just look around?" He said, not wanting to go inside. Run. Run. Run. The thoughts pledged him.

"What's the matter mi bitcho?" Mexico said laughing, though worry was filled in with that laugh. "You to scared?"

"N-No! Its j-just I don't have a weapon to protect myself if we get attack by wild animals." He lied.

"What's it? Pff. Here" Mexico walked over to Crue and gave him a pistol. Global Country of World Peace looked at the weapon shocked.

"Well. Then. Lets go inside." Amiatus said her voice sounded like it crack. Together they entered the old western style house.

"Hm. Its nice and clean out the inside." Mexico said.

"Yea. That's weird." Crue said looking around. "I would think this place would be covered in dust head to toe."

"Where I come form, there are many house that don't get dusty and dirty if someone doesn't live there. They are mostly close to the Black Rivers we have though." Amiatus said her voice sharp.

Crash. "Whoa. Wh-what was that?" Crue asked shivering.

"No clue, why don't you go check." Mexico said.


"What are you a cobarde! We are gonna stay here until you get back. Now hurry along!"

Crue sighed and went off down the hall. It wasn't long until he reached the end of the hall and opened a black door that didn't mach the white walls. This must be the kitchen. Crue though walking around. He spotted something on the floor and carefully walked over to it. A broken plate? Odd. This must be it then. I'll take a shard to show them. Careful not to cut himself he picked it up and put it in his 'man purse' . Turning back he left the room.