strawberry filling.

It tasted peculiar.

It was odd, Charlotte thought. It didn't taste sweet. Why didn't it taste sweet? Every liquid and fleck of food that dribbled onto her tongue exploded with sugar. (The cheesy, rich kind of marvelous sugar – that was her favorite kind.)

What was the taste…? It was foreign on her tongue.

It had an odd, slick consistency. Something prickled her throat, too – thick and tough and disgusting. The juice tasted tangy, almost coppery in a way… but mildly pleasant. As she chewed and her tongue darted out to experience every flavor, she managed to find the chocolate center of the candy. It was gummy in her mouth, but sweet and tasty. It was like a Tootsie lollipop, she thought happily to herself: crunchy on the outside, but on the inside, delicious and fulfilling. Her taste buds burst with delight. She had almost regretted her decision to sample the morsels that had been offered to her (appetizers often wandered into her mists for her to try), but luckily, they had a candy center. Everything was better with a sweet center.

She devoured the rest of the candy with the yellow wrapper with a look of pure bliss on her face. It was the most delicious dessert she had ever tasted. Better than cheesecake!

Actually, nothing could be superior to cheesecake. That was childish of her to think.

Her eyes turned to the other brightly packaged candies, and she smirked. She was going to have so much fun, savoring the flavors of each one! She was so lucky. It was like her wish had come true.

She decided to eat the purple one next.