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So…Who is the Culprit?

Sasori looked up at the large mansion in front of him. What had possessed him to accept the invitation? He didn't even like Orochimaru! He sighed as he turned back to the carriage that had brought him and his partner here. "Deidara, I want you on your best behavior boy. You're lucky I brought you here." "Yes Sasori-no-danna." Replied the young blonde male that was walking over.

Akasuna no Sasori. At age 35, he is known as the greatest detective in America having solved many a mystery that was thought impossible. His cunning was matched only by his analysis ability and was famous across the country. Recently, he had taken up an apprentice; Katsu Deidara. He had to admit, the blonde boy was very intelligent. He had actually caught a few things Sasori missed in the last few cases. For such a young mind (19) Deidara sure did know his stuff.

But as of yet, the Duo had yet to capture the most wanted murderer at this time; the Boy. Sasori sighed at the thought of the name. No one could think of anything more creative? Then again…every time a witness says something about the murderer, the only words that come out of their mouth were, "The…the boy did it!"

"Well? Are we going in or not Danna?" asked Deidara as he stepped forward. Sasori ran a hand through his messy red locks and headed for the entrance to the mansion.

Knocking on the door, Deidara took a step back and let Sasori be in front. It was SASORI who had been invited after all. "Thanks for bringing me Danna." He said as he looked around a bit. Sasori hummed in response. In all reality, the redhead would rather be at home relaxing…or even out on another case! But, he was already here, may as well make the best of it.

The door opened to reveal a snake like man with long black hair and yellow eyes. "Ah! Sasori-kun! How nice of you to join us!" he said…

~Later, in the parlor room~

Deidara was playing a game of chess with one of the other guests, Uchiha Itachi. "I'm surprised someone like Sasori brought his apprentice to such a place." Commented the raven haired, onyx eyed male. Deidara shrugged as his sapphire eyes scanned the board, "I'm grateful actually un. It's nice to be at such a formal gathering. Though…there are quite a few people here un." he said before moving a piece on the board and glancing around the room at its inhabitants.

To his left, standing by the billiards table, was Pein, head of Akatsuki corporation. Deidara didn't really know what Akatsuki did, but it didn't really matter to him. Next to the auburn haired male was a woman with blue locks and amber eyes. Deidara knew it was Pein's wife, Konan. The two were playing billiards with Kakuzu, head of the largest bank in the state, and his business partner Hidan.

Looking behind Itachi, he saw Itachi's own associate, Kisame. The two owned a chain of stores in a few towns. There were also some other people that Deidara had no real clue who they were. One was a pinkette. She had to be the most annoying creature that Deidara had ever seen. He had heard her whining about the fact that this place wasn't as nice as she had expected to the poor blonde sap next to her. The man that had arrived with them had white, spiked up hair and wore an eye-patch over his left eye.

And then there was- "Hey Deidara-san!" –Tobi. He and his friend Zetsu were there as well. Zetsu owned a large chain of flower shops…

Ignoring Tobi, Deidara turned back to the game in front of him. "Yes, I agree. What could Orochimaru hope to accomplish with this?" asked Itachi. Deidara shrugged as he moved one of his pieces. Humming a bit, he said, "Not sure un. I wonder how entertaining this night will be un." Raising a brow. Itachi stated, "You know how entertaining it will be." Deidara smirked, "Maybe I do, maybe I don't un. It all depends…oh look; it's started to snow un."

Before Itachi could question what the blonde meant, Orochimaru called them to the dining room for dinner…

~After dinner~

Sasori sighed in frustration as he sat on the bed in the room Orochimaru had offered him and Deidara. "Who would've thought it would turning into such a storm un?" asked Deidara with a chipper voice. Sasori glared at him, "Be quiet Deidara. Honestly, what the hell possessed me to accept this invitation?" "Hmm…free food un?" reasoned the blonde. Sasori sot him a flat look, "You sure do love to annoy don't you Deidara? How did I not notice that for the last few months?" Deidara grinned and shrugged before sitting at the window. His face got an odd look to it, as if he were off in some sort of dreamland.

Sasori decided it wasn't anything worth his attention and merely laid on the bed and fell asleep.

Deidara glanced over at the red head and cocked his head to the side. "He sure did fall asleep fast. Then again…he wants this night to be over and done with un…" he turned back to the window, "While I am glad that the night is only beginning un." he continued to stare out at the snow storm outside…

~A while later~

Sasori awoke at an odd sound. Looking around, he noticed that Deidara had fallen asleep at the window. "Deidara." He whispered as he walked over to the blonde. Before he reached Deidara, however, a loud scream pierced the air. Deidara's eyes shot open and he looked up. "What was that danna?" he asked as he got to his feet. Sasori shook his head, "I don't know, but we'd better go check." He said as the two headed out the door.

They saw Itachi and Kisame come out of the room across the hall. "What was that scream?" asked the blunette. Deidara shrugged as Sasori said, "That's what we're off to find out." And the group headed down the hall. They saw the door to Orochimaru's room open with the pinkette standing in the entrance, shaking on fear with one hand covering her mouth.

"What's wrong? What happened?" asked Sasori as the other inhabitants of the Manor rushed over. The pinkette slowly back out of the entrance to the room. Her face was one of complete and utter shock. Sasori and Deidara hurried inside, but slowed as they took in the sight before them.

At the desk in the back sat Orochimaru, a knife protruding from his chest. It was obvious that the man was dead.

Sasori could hear the gasps and people backing away. "No one is to walk away until we figure out what's going on!" exclaimed the redhead. One of these people was now a murderer, and that left Sasori and Deidara to find out whom, and stop them from killing someone else.

"Well Danna, I think it was obvious un." started Deidara as he walked over to the corpse, "He's dead. You know, as in not breathing, heart not beating, no longer living un?" Sasori frowned, "Deidara…" "With a lack of living, no longer full of any life?" "BRAT!" The blonde finally looked over at his partner. "Will you shut up already? You know what I meant." Muttered Sasori as he turned to look at the other guests. "Where were you all within the past two hours?" he asked as he remembered what he had read while walking pass the clock. It was one am. And he knew for a fact that the last time he had looked at the same clock, it had been eleven pm.

Deidara just shrugged, "I was asleep. You know that un." Sasori rolled his eyes. Yes, he knew that Deidara was asleep. He had fallen asleep at the window like he would do at the office the lazy brat. Sasori turned to Kakuzu and Hidan. The albino shook his head, "We were in the fucking parlor! Playing billiards with Kakashi and Naruto with Sakura watching!" Sasori glanced at the other white haired male who nodded and sighed before turning to Kisame and Itachi.

The raven haired man frowned, "You can't possibly think it was us. We had stepped out of the room right after you and Deidara did. We went into the room at 11:00 pm and fell asleep. Nothing else happened." He explained. Sasori nodded. He had seen Itachi and Kisame enter their room before he and Deidara did…

It went on like that, but everyone had a strong alibi. Sasori had sent them all to their rooms to make sure that they wouldn't get into trouble…and He and Deidara continued to look around for clues for another ten minutes.

Unfortunately, Sasori and Deidara found nothing. It was as if the murderer had been very careful with how he had committed his crime…

With a sigh, Sasori turned for the door. "Come on Deidara. Let's go speak with each of them separately. Maybe we'll find something out." The blonde nodded and followed his mentor out of the room and down the hall. Sasori walked over to Hidan and Kakuzu's room first. Though…as he reached the door, the candles that were keeping the halls a lit went out and he and Deidara were engulfed in darkness. "Brat?" "I'm here Sasori-no-danna." Sasori nodded and felt around for the door.

After a couple of minutes, he found it and knocked…


After a very interesting session between the four, Sasori and Deidara walked out highly annoyed at how Hidan had spoken to them. "He sure was very pleasant." Muttered the blonde sarcastically. Sasori grunted in response. Suddenly, Deidara tripped over something and fell to the ground.

"Ow…" he muttered as Sasori helped him up. Both looked down as Itachi and Kisame stepped out of their room with a candle, "What's wrong?" asked the shark. Deidara looked down and his face went emotionless. "Danna…" he whispered. Sasori looked down and froze.

There was Sakura, dead at their feet.

Kisame came closer, bringing the glow of the candlelight. Sasori sighed as he saw he wide eyes and gaping mouth…what disgusted him the most was the knife sticking out of her head. Sasori turned to his back on the sight, thinking of who it could be. Deidara had been right next to him the whole time so there was no way he could've killed the girl…he had been talking to Hidan and Kakuzu so there was no possible way it could've been them…

He turned to look at the disgusted and shocked faces of Kisame and Itachi. You couldn't fake those looks…they didn't do it…Tobi and Zetsu? He shook his head. Zetsu maybe, but Tobi seemed to be such a coward…Pein had the resources to commit such a crime without getting caught…but he didn't have the motive for killing the two victims…

Sasori ran a hand through his messy red locks as others came over. "Oh my!" exclaimed Konan as she saw the girl on the ground. "Tobi's scared…" whimpered Tobi as he clung to Zetsu. "Told you fuckers it wasn't me." Muttered Hidan as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Is…she…dead?" asked Naruto, shock the main thing in his eyes. Deidara nodded, "Yup. She's dead. No longer among the living, out of life, a corpse un." "Deidara enough. Now is not the time for that." Growled Sasori as he narrowed his eyes at Deidara. "I'm sorry Danna. I was only trying to lighten the mood here un."

Sasori rolled his eyes before turning back to the others and stating, "Change of plans. I want everyone to go into the parlor. We're all going to stay there until the storm clears up and I can contact some help. Understood?" All of them nodded and they all headed down to the parlor…

~An hour passes. Time: 3am~

The remaining people were all present in the parlor, trying to keep their minds occupied as to not think of the events that had happened. So far, it seemed as if no one else needed to die…

"Ugh, I'm hungry un…If I'm gonna be staying up all night, I need food." Whispered Deidara to Sasori. Sasori sighed. Of course the brat would say something like that. "Deidara and I are going to go get some food." Everyone looked at them suspiciously. "Oh come on, you can't believe WE did it?" asked Sasori. The room remained silent…until Pein broke it. "I'll go with them. I barely know the two, so it won't matter." Sasori shrugged, "Fine with me.

Deidara got to his feet, "I just want food un." Sasori sighed, "Shut up brat."

And so the three headed to the kitchen.

Sasori first noticed Pein's uneasiness. As if he knew something Sasori didn't. "Is something wrong Pein?" he asked. The auburn haired man shook his head, "Not at all detective. Just thinking is all." Ok…

The second thing Sasori noticed was that Pein kept glancing at Deidara. What did that mean? "You seem highly uneasy. Are you sure?" "Yes detective. I'm fine." Sasori stepped in front of Pein, "You could tell me. If you know something about this, it would help to know." Pein thought a moment…

Deidara leaned on the wall behind him with a sigh of frustration…and the wall opened up. He fell into it and it closed right up again. Sasori and Pein turned to the wall, both confused as to what happened. The red head stepped forward, touching the wall and trying to get it open. "Deidara? Deidara if you can hear me answer me!" he exclaimed. The blonde could be a pain, but Sasori didn't want him to die! That was his partner!

Pein backed up in fear. "What's going-" his back hit a point on the wall and the floor opened up and he fell through. Sasori turned and frowned. Trap doors…this was bad. If the murderer had managed to sneak away…

He had to find them both and fast. He took a step forward and felt something sink under his foot. He stepped to the side to avoid whatever it was, only to have the opposite wall of where Deidara had fallen open and let him fall through. He fell onto his side with a grunt as the wall closed once more.

Fucking Orochimaru and his traps…Sasori got to his feet and dusted himself off while he looked around the pitch black space….or not. He saw a torch up a few stairs…might as well follow the stairs. He doubted the secret passage would open from this side…

He walked up a spiral staircase for a few minutes before reaching a door. Opening it, he found himself in what looked like an attic. Wow…from the first floor, to the attic on the third? What for? Not that it mattered…He exited and headed down. He found himself back at the parlor, where Deidara was now at as well. "Sasori-no-danna! You're all right!" stated the blonde. Sasori nodded, "You too Deidara…" he muttered before glancing around, "Where's...Pein?" Konan walked over, "You don't know?" she asked in a worried tone. Sasori shook his head before turning and heading back.

He heard Deidara and the others follow and tried to calm his nerves. Who had something against Pein? Not many people even KNEW him. Or did he know something? Sasori froze as he entered the sitting room. Pein was on the floor, bleeding from some sort of head wound.

Moving quickly, Sasori went over to check his pulse. He shook his head and heard Konan gasp in shock before sobbing. Kakashi took a step back. "Sasori was the last one to come back." He stated. Naruto nodded, "That's right. Who knows why he took so long?" Sasori's eyes widened, "What? No! I would never take a person's life like this!"

Deidara stood in front of Sasori, "Now, now, there's no reason to act like savage animals un." Hidan laughed, "You could have been helping him!" "I was on the second floor un. There was no way I could've gotten here and back to the parlor so fast un." "I was on the third floor. It's impossible for me to have moved so fast as well."

Silence shrouded the room for a bit before Deidara suggested that they all go back to the parlor and wait until the sun came up…

~A few hours later~

The sun was out and back up had arrived. The chief of the police had told Sasori and Deidara to go and get some actual rest before coming back to help with the case. After the two agreed, they had gone back to collect their few belongings.

After a long silence, Deidara asked, "Who do you think killed them un?"

Sasori shrugged. He still needed to think about it more when his brain was recharged. "It could be Tobi…but he's such a coward….Itachi? Nah, Kisame is a good person, he would be involved …" "Then….who is the culprit?" asked the blonde. Sasori thought some more, "Well…the way they froze in seeing Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi couldn't. they loved the girl like family…" he thought some more, "Konan loved Pein. She's hysterical to the fact that her husband is dead. Zetsu doesn't like problems…he wouldn't do something like this…Kisame and Itachi were around everyone the whole time in the parlor…"

"They are most likely gonna question you too un…" mused the blonde. Sasori frowned. "I didn't do it." "You see, you have a pretty big collection of knives at home un…" "It wasn't me." "And then the way you got to the parlor room last." "I didn't do it!" Deidara laughed at Sasori's anger. "I KNOW you didn't un." Sasori raised a blow as he lightened his glare. "You KNOW I didn't? I mean, I didn't but how can you sound so sure? You and I are two different people…" he asked.

"You were fast asleep when Orochimaru was murdered; nothing woke you up until you woke me up. As for the pinkette, you were so preoccupied with finding the culprit, there was no way you had the mentality to kill her un." explained Deidara. Sasori's eyes widened as he questioned Deidara's knowledge in his mind. Deidara chuckled and continued, "And then there's Pein. He was on the first floor un. After we all fell through those traps, you ended up on the third floor. There was no possible way for you to have been that fast."

The red head took a step back as a solution came into his head. No…there was no way! It couldn't be! "Deidara….who…do you know who?" he asked as he wondered if his solution was correct, "It can't be can it? You have enough sanity to know how wrong this is…"

Deidara laughed as he looked up at the ceiling, "Sanity? What is that?" he said before looking Sasori in the eye, "It couldn't have been you, because it was me." Sasori felt a chill go down his spine. Deidara? Deidara was the murderer? But…how? How could Sasori have not notice? He had been working with Deidara for over two years! "Why? Why would you-"

They both heard footsteps.

Deidara moved fast. He pulled a knife from his pocket and slashed his own shoulder deeply, making sure to bloody the knife. Then he threw the knife straight into the wall behind him.

He cried out in pain and fell to his knees as the police barged into the room. "What's going on in here?" they asked. The scene before them shocked them. The great detective Akasuna standing before his wounded partner, a knife driven into the wall behind the young blonde as he looked up at the red head with fear on his face. "Looks like we've found our culprit. Take him in!" exclaimed one of the cops. Sasori panicked, "No! You don't understand! I didn't do this! He's framing me!"

"We'll see what the judge thinks. Especially about this situation where he was INJURED." Stated the cop as he and his partners dragged the red head out the door. As they pushed him into the carriage, Sasori looked at the windows and saw Deidara smiling down at him. The blonde waved at him with a wild look in his eyes.

Sasori swore that he would find a way to clear his name…

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