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Because I control your fate.

Saso: …sometimes…I seriously…don't like you.

Yeah, yeah. And then I make you seme and you love me again.

Saso: …touché…

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Kyoki no Mado

Deidara looked out the window of the ship that was taking him to his destination. Staring out at the ocean, his thoughts wandered to his past. "Insanity always has a source…" he whispered in the darkness, "And it will always end in death." As he stared out, his sapphire eyes seemed to take on a broken look, "Now it only depends on who the curse will choose…"

~In Moscow~

Sasori sighed in frustration as he looked at the picture that Konan had brought him once more. There, clear as day, was Deidara. He was seated on a park bench behind the scene of a murder. "Damnit, damnit, DAMNIT!" exclaimed the redheaded detective before he slammed a fist down on the table he was seated at.

Placing a hand on his shoulder, Konan sighed, "It's all right Sasori…you'll find him." Sasori scoffed, "Every time I get to a place I think he's at, he's already moved on! I don't know if I'll ever catch up to him!" he looked down at the picture once more and glared.

Deidara had on a look that just screamed come and find me! He was literally mocking the red head now!

Presently, Detective Akasuna no Sasori was in Russia, trying to pinpoint his ex-partner's location. And Deidara was mocking him by murdering people and coming out in the background of the picture of the crime scene.

How the hell was that teen moving so damn fast?

Sasori thought and thought, staying up for the second night in a row, trying to find out where Deidara would head next.

And it suddenly hit him.

In fact, he and I both came from Japan un.

Deidara's home country…how could he have not thought of that sooner? Deidara had gone from London to Paris to Berlin to Moscow. He was headed back home…

~A few days later~

Deidara stepped off of the ship and onto Japanese soil. A rush of bitter memories filled him as he glanced around. Yokohama…his home town. His jaw clenched as he noticed just how peaceful the city that he despised seemed.

A gentle hand was placed onto Deidara's shoulder, "Artist…are you all right? This is the first time I've been to Yokohama…but by the look on your face…" "Ty byl zdes' ran'she moi drug?" asked Hidan. (You've been here before my friend?) Deidara nodded as he started down the street. He didn't look up from the ground as he walked, his two friends trailing behind.

Neither Itachi nor Hidan knew what had happened to make Deidara the way he was. They knew that the blonde had been consumed by insanity after a horrible incident, but that was it.

They were highly curios as to what that incident was.

"Artist…where exactly are we headed? Unlike you and Weasel, I was not born in Japan. I don't even know where we are located." Asked Hidan. Deidara stopped walking and looked up at a shrine to his left. "…Chichi no ie…" he whispered uncharacteristically. Deidara was never one to sound so…broken. Hidan glanced at Itachi, for he did not understand what the blonde had said. Itachi on the other hand…

"Your father's house?" he asked. Deidara flinched at the words your father and Itachi regretted saying the phrase. "Artist." The blonde glanced back at Hidan, "Will you not tell us what happened in this city?"

Deidara just turned and headed down the street again. As he walked, he saw a small sushi restaurant that he and his parents had gone on the day they had…

Deidara giggled as his father put him on his shoulders. The older blonde smiled and turned to his wife as they left the restaurant. "Wasn't that fun Kanari? I think Deidei enjoyed it as much as we did!" Kanari, Deidara's silver haired mother, laughed at her husband's childishness. "Yes. It was very fun. Honestly Kiro, you're more childish than Deidara!" she said before she reached up and ran a hand through Deidara's neck length hair.

With a giggle, Deidara asked in a cheerful voice, "What will we do now Haha, Chichi?" He looked up at the clear blue sky with an adorable smile. Kiro grinned, "We have a surprise for you Deidei." He said as he glanced at Kanari. The silver haired, blue eyed woman smiled gently at the two while Deidara seemed to grow impatient on his father's shoulders.

"We're taking you to see the ships over at the docks. A circus is coming to Yokohama and they will let the people look at the animals while they unload the ships!" she explained. Deidara cheered, excited to see animals that were not from his homeland. The trio headed for the dock…

"IIE!" Deidara was pulled back by an adult when he tried to run over to where his parents were. He had wandered off to see what was called a wolf in a country called Britain. There had been a crashing sound and when the blonde had looked, he saw a large creature with sharp fangs and claws headed for his parents.

And it seemed furious.

"CALM THE BEAR DOWN! GET HIM AWAY FROM THEM!" called one of the workers.


The black furred creature stood on its hind legs, standing much taller than Deidara's father, and let out an angry roar. The small blonde boy let out a cry before the woman holding him back covered his eyes…

But she could not block out the sound of his mother's screams of agony…


Deidara was brought back from his horrifying memory by the sound of Itachi's monotone voice. He turned and met the other's onyx eyes. "How much farther? We need to plan our next move." Deidara nodded and continued walking, "The house is a mere ten minutes walk from our current location un.


How Deidara had hated those creatures as a child.

But now…they were just another kind of animal. He no longer felt hatred for them.

For that had just been the beginning of his horrible childhood…


The red head looked out the window of the ship that was taking him to Tokyo. "Japan…but where exactly in Japan? Where exactly was Deidara born?" he asked no one in particular. He knew Deidara was headed for Japan…but it was still a wide area of where the blonde would end up…

"Deidara? Katsu Deidara? The young man known around Japan as the Death Artist?"

Sasori blinked and looked up at the entrance to the room he was in and saw an elderly woman with long graying hair. Her eyes looked at the redhead sadly as she stepped into the room.

"Ah…yes…do you know him?" asked Sasori, not sure if he was comfortable with someone speaking of the blonde. Were they pure? Or were they like Hidan and Itachi; cursed by insanity?"

The woman's sad eyes looked with Sasori's before she nodded, "Yes…I met the poor boy when he was merely seven years old…poor thing."

Ok, now Sasori was interested.

"Poor boy?"

The woman nodded, "He had once been such a happy, innocent child. And then the horrible incident happened." "Incident?" "Why, when the rabid bear mauled his parents to death. I remember holding the boy back…" Sasori's eyes widened. Mauled? Bear? "So…he's an orphan…"

The woman sighed with deep sorrow, "Indeed…though…he would've probably been better off staying at the orphanage that he had been taken too after the incident…rather than…Kyofu adopting him. Had that man not walked into Deidara-kun's life…he may not have become the murderer he is today…After the horrible ordeal with that man, I couldn't bear to stay in Yokohama anymore. I moved to Moscow and became a florist."

Sasori's curiosity got the better of him, "What exactly was the horrible ordeal that made you leave…Yokohama was it?" At least he now knew where Deidara was headed…


The walls shook as Deidara punched a hole into one of them.

Both Itachi and Hidan were highly worried about their younger friend. Ever since they had set foot in Yokohama, he had been acting very strange. It was as if he couldn't control his own insanity.

As if he wanted to kill everyone in this city.

"We'll be staying in this house for now un." said the blonde as he walked over to a different room and slammed the door shut. He glared around the room at the bloodstained walls as more memories flooded his mind…

Deidara bit back a cry of pain as his foster father thrust into him one last time before he finished. Kyofu looked down at the nine year old with a malicious smirk. "That's a good boy. You didn't scream tonight." he whispered before kissing the blonde's cheek.

Deidara wished the man would just die.

He had adopted the blonde two years earlier, about a month after his parents had been killed. Deidara had not wanted to go with the man…he had seen how horrible he was from the start. But the greedy son of a bitch that owned the orphanage hadn't listened.

It only took Kyofu six weeks to start abusing the blonde.

Or as he liked to call it, "love".

Deidara hated him. He had lost count how many times the man had raped him. All he knew was that he wanted him dead.

Kyofu rain a hand through Deidara's shoulder length hair, "How about I take you to the park tomorrow as a reward for being quiet? How do you like that idea Dei-chan?" Deidara just remained silent. He had lost his smile too long before. "Aww, come on Dei-chan, no smile for me?" whined Kyofu before he kissed down the blonde's jaw.

Deidara hated how disgusting he felt because of this man. Two years…and the police never helped. They never saw what Deidara saw. They only thought he was rebelling. "Well, it's time to sleep anyway Dei-chan. You have sweet dreams~."

And that's when Deidara felt himself break.

He had to do it.

No one else would save him from this monster.

But to do so…


Deidara turned to Hidan, his face twisted into a mask of pure hatred. Hidan was taken aback. He had never seen Deidara so angry before…and it frightened him. "Are you all right?" he asked. Deidara turned back to the bloodstained walls, "Just get out of the room Hidan. Or you will be my next work of art un."

Hidan was about to say something, but then he saw the blonde shaking violently. He decided that he valued his life too much to question the blonde's anger and exited the room. He walked over to Itachi, "Artist is completely lost in his own mind. He even threatened to kill me." He told the raven.

Itachi took a sip from the tea he had made and sighed. "This place must be the source of the insanity." He stated. Hidan raised a brow and Itachi explained, "Insanity always has a source…and it always ends in death. It all depends on who the curse chooses." Hidan blinked, still not understanding, but looked over at the closed door that separated Deidara from them.

On the other side of said door, Deidara stared at the bloody and burnt silhouette on the wall…

Nine year old Deidara had waited for Kyofu to be asleep before slipping out of the bed. The boy pulled on one of the older male's shirts as a form of caution and slipped out into the dark hall of the house. He made his way back to his room and walked over to his closet. He pulled out a wooden baseball bat and grinned eerily.

Next, the blonde walked out into the kitchen and grabbed a case of matches. He grabbed a bottle of liquor from the counter and poured some onto the bat before lighting the object on fire.

He was going to make the bastard suffer.

He quickly and silently made his way back to Kyofu's room. Once inside, he raised the bat and brought it down on his foster father's back with extreme force.

The man let out a pain-filled cry before jumping up and looking over at the boy with the flaming bat. "What the hell are you doing?" he asked in a harsh whisper. Deidara merely grinned and lunged at the man.

Kyofu tried to grab the bat, but the flames kept him from doing so. Soon, Deidara had slammed the bat into his left knee, causing him to fall to the ground. From there, Deidara merely continued to beat the man with the bat until he remained motionless.

Panting, Deidara looked down at the man dead at his feet. He felt his face and arms covered in blood and that his hands had been burned slightly by the flames…but those had gone out while he had beat Kyofu.

For a few silent minutes, Deidara merely stared at the corpse, still letting the thought sink in.

He had killed the monster.

Once his mind had processed that, he started to laugh.

And laugh.

And laugh.

Deidara was soon laughing maniacally as the bat slipped from his grip. He clutched his side and laughed even more.

That had felt so…


If he had known that getting rid of Kyofu in such a creative way would feel so liberating, he would have done it far earlier. And he would've ended his suffering.


Deidara finally calmed down and thought a minute. He couldn't stay in Yokohama. The police would find out, and he would just be thrown back into the orphanage. No…he needed to run. He went and cleaned up quickly and packed some clothes in a bag. Grabbing another bag, he threw as much food as he could carry and took money from the stash Kyofu had hidden in the ice-box. He grabbed a knife and slipped it into his pants. He looked back at the house one last time before slipping on his shoes and going outside to his bike. Hoping on, he rode full speed off into the city.

He looked around and scowled.

It was all so peaceful.

No…he couldn't leave it like this…he had to show the police that he was not going to let them remain so oblivious to him. He remembered the matches. He had slipped them into his pocket when he had changed.

The eerie grin slipped onto his face once more and he decided he'd get back at, not only the police, but at the greedy bastard that had let Kyofu adopt him…Yoku.

Yoku lived in a home a few blocks away from the orphanage. Deidara stopped in front of the large house and grinned…

Around ten minutes later, the sun was starting to rise. Deidara had finished arranging the matches and lit the last one. "Goodbye Yoku. Have fun in hell un." he said as he tossed the match onto the others. He hopped onto his bike once more and took off at full speed.

This time…he didn't stop until he reached Tokyo. On his tenth birthday, which was a week later, Deidara found Uchiha Itachi and had stopped him from jumping in front of a train…

Deidara had finally calmed down. The memories were beginning to slip back into the dark corner that Deidara had shoved them into long ago and he was starting to think about his game once more. He looked around the room and let his psychotic smile slip onto his face.

"All right Sasori-no-danna…let's continue our little game un."


The red head was prepared this time. He was not leaving until he was sure Deidara was captured. And he would be the one to bring him in. He looked up at the house that the woman on the boat had said once belonged to Deidara's foster father, Kyofu, and took a deep breath.

Deidara was in there. He was sure of it.

The blonde had yet to have murder someone in this city…so Sasori was sure he was still here. Deidara didn't leave until someone was dead.

He kicked the door open and kept his gun steady.

There stood Hidan, completely shocked. "Detective…Akasuna!" he exclaimed before he grabbed a scythe that was lying next to him. Sasori pulled the trigger, but Hidan moved out of the way.

"Detective…Deidara isn't here at the moment…but we'll keep you entertained."

Sasori jumped back as a katana went by. He had taken time to go through very old newspapers and found out about Itachi. A master with a blade with speed to match. But Sasori was not going to lose to him. Hidan he had read about in Moscow. The Reaper, infamous for killing his victims with a scythe…

Itachi went for him again, but Sasori side-stepped the attack and aimed at the raven's head. Before he could pull the trigger, Hidan swung his scythe at him. The object got stuck in the wall behind the red head as Sasori ducked. He kicked out Hidan's feet from under him and quickly took aim at the Uchiha headed at him.

The gunshot rang.

Itachi slowed to a stop and stared blankly at the redhead….before falling to the ground. "YEBAT!" Hidan swung the scythe at Sasori again. Sasori dropped to the ground and rolled onto his back. Before Hidan could react, Sasori aimed at his head and fired his gun.

By the force of the blast, Hidan was thrown into the opposite wall.

Sasori got back to his feet and kept his guard. He waited a few seconds before lowering his weapon and looking from Itachi to Hidan. Itachi was face down in a pool of his own blood, Sasori having successfully shot him in the heart. Hidan…had gotten a bullet right between the eyes.

After catching his breath, Sasori looked around for any clue as to where Deidara had gone.

He hadn't cared for bringing those two alive…but…he needed to be careful with the blonde. Itachi had been turned into a killing machine by his own father. He was better put out of his misery. Hidan just killed for the fun of it. The world was better off without him.

But…Deidara was just a broken child. He hadn't asked for any of this.

And that was what his eyes had said back in that room in London.

Help me.

Sasori had taken Deidara as an apprentice because the boy was alone. No one deserved that. As time went by…Deidara actually seemed to open up to him more. He wondered if he had started to mend his broken sanity. If he could catch the blonde…he'd personally take him in again. It was dangerous to put Deidara with other criminals. The blonde needed to be in a controlled environment where he could relax and see that there were other ways to let out his creativity. Like the drawings Sasori had found in the desk he had set apart for the blonde.

If Deidara's parents hadn't been killed…Sasori had a feeling that Deidara would have become one hell of an artist. His future had been ripped away from him…poor kid.

The red head found a note left on the table.

Weasel, Reaper,

Off to Jisatsu no Tana. Need to clear my head.


Sasori turned to the door and walked around.

After asking someone where Jisatsu no Tana was, he headed out of town to a cliff that stood over a dangerous ocean. The fall alone was enough to kill a man, and if not…the waves would crush him into the face of the cliff.

From a distance, he could see Deidara's long, golden locks. He held his gun ready…but made sure it wasn't at a dangerous aim. He cautiously walked over to where the blonde was at.

"Hello Sasori-no-danna."

Sasori's eyes widened as Deidara turned to face him.

There it was again. Those eyes.

"I see you've taken my Knight and my Bishop then un?"

But there was also that smile. That eerie smile.

"Deidara…I don't want to kill you. I want to take you back to London." Explained Sasori.

"I don't think so Danna. I can't go back there. I'll just be sent to prison. I won't be imprisoned again un." replied the blonde as he pulled out a pair of knives. Sasori lowered his gun, "I'm not here to arrest you either Deidara. I want to help you. Come back and I'll help you regain your sanity."

Deidara flinched at the word sanity. "No un…" he whispered as his grip on the knives tightened. Sasori nodded, "Yes Deidara. I know that it started to come back during the two years you worked alongside me. Come home Deidara."

The blonde's jaw clenched, "You…don't know anything un."

"Deidei. I know that your parents were mauled by a rabid bear when you were seven. I know that a horrible man named Kyofu adopted you and sexually abused you for two years. I know that the only reason you started killing…was because the police wouldn't believe you when you told them the truth about Kyofu." Sasori saw that Deidara had started shaking.

"Deidara…I know what happened to you. And I wish I could've been there to help you…to save you from the insanity. But I can help you now. Just come home." The red headed detective held out his hand to the blonde. Deidara looked at the hand for a minute before he started to laugh.

And laugh.

And laugh.

He suddenly dropped the knives and clutched his side as he laughed. Sasori didn't understand what was wrong with him, but he hoped it was a good thing.

Soon, the blonde calmed himself, "I haven't laughed like that in ten years un…you really are way too interesting to kill Danna." He said as he smiled eerily at Sasori. Sasori just kept his hand held out to the blonde, "Come home Dei."

Deidara's smile suddenly changed. Sasori was taken aback by the innocent, adorable smile that had appeared on the blonde's face. "Sasori-no-danna…thank you…and…goodbye un." Sasori blinked, not understanding what the blonde meant, but Deidara said, "Insanity always has a source…and it always ends in death. It all depends on who the curse chooses un. And I pass this curse…"

Deidara suddenly let himself fall off the edge of the cliff.

"To you Akasuna no Sasori."

Sasori ran to the edge in time to see Deidara fall into angry ocean below…

~Months later~

Sasori sat in a tea shop back in London. He…just wondered what he would do now. Without Deidara…everything was quiet. He still hadn't gotten used to it.

But it was finally over…he had buried the blonde himself. He felt that Deidara had deserved to have that at least.

Or so he thought.

Lately, he had been seeing him. Everywhere. It was highly unnerving. He knew it wasn't the blonde, for when he would look a second time, it would be someone else…but…it…freaked him out to say the least.

Today…he was just going to head over to see Konan and then head home to rest.

He finished his tea and headed out the door.

As he walked, it happened again. He looked again and froze.

Deidara was walking down the street with Hidan and Itachi. That wasn't possible. Sasori started to tremble as he looked. He rubbed his eyes, but they were still there.

No…he couldn't…this was way too much…

Sasori pulled his gun out and walked over to the blonde.

The sapphire eyes male looked up and paled when he saw the gun. "Wha-" "You won't get me this time…its game over." Said the redhead as he pulled the gun to his own head, "I quit." He said before he pulled the trigger.

The silver haired male pulled the blonde away, "David, are you ok?" he asked. The raven looked down at the insane redhead that had come up to them, "Who the hell was that Harry?" he asked. The silver hair, Harry, shrugged, "Some maniac? How should I know Ian? Do you know him David?" The blonde shook his head, "Not in the slightest…but he seemed to think he knew ME…" David kneeled down to look at the red head, his long golden hair hiding his face from view.

He smirked eerily suddenly, "Like I said Sasori-no-danna…Insanity always has a source…and it always ends in death. It only depends on who the curse chooses. I'm finally free…I wonder…are you?"

"Huh? What did you say David?" asked Ian. David blinked and frowned, not remembering, "Nothing…I don't know him." He got back to his feet, "Sam is waiting for us at the shop. We shouldn't keep him waiting."

He spared one last glance at Sasori, "He's very impatient you know." He said before walking off with his friends…

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