After Jake and I reburied my father's so called grave he drove me back to Diana's house. It was a silent drive with neither of us talking, we both had alot on our minds.

When he dropped me off all I said was thanks and he nodded. I feel a little bad that I wasn't telling him my feelings about him but I can't get over everything I've learned about my dad. Hes alive and lied about his death, hes part of the Balcoin bloodline, I get my Dark Magic from him. My thoughts are consumed by all this and not the feelings I have for Jake and Adam.

I was walking up Diana's walkway when her front door opened. "Cassie I'm so glad your back I was starting to worry."

I smiled. "I'm fine Diana."

Diana was probably always the nicest to me, she helped me understand the magic stuff better, she took me under her wing when I was new and she let me stay over her house while my grandma was away.

"Well come inside it starting to get late," she said.

I followed her in. "Your dad isn't freaking out or anything that I was gone?" I asked. I was a guest in their house and I didn't want Mr. Meade feeling bad for letting something happen to me.

"I told him you were out with someone and be back soon, hes kinda in a mood or something right now so I just left him alone," Diana said

I nodded. Diana and I went upstairs to her room.

"I already showered and stuff so bathrooms all yours," she smiled.

"Alright," I said looking for some pajama bottoms and a shirt.

"Cassie are you okay?" Diana asked.

I stopped what I was doing. Something was wrong but I just didn't want to talk about it right now. "I'm fine just worn out after today."

"I could see why. Going into Jake's memory and learning everything about our parents, its alot," Diana said

"Yea," was all I said. I sat down on a chair in her room and took off my boots and jacket and then headed to her bathroom.

Once I got out Diana was already asleep so I went on the other side of the bed and laid down.

Even though I told Diana nothing is wrong something is bothering me and its one of the things I can't stop thinking about it. I can't stop thinking about Jake's memory. The horrors he saw that day and then having to repeat them again has to be alot on him.

It killed me though that he watched his mom die. I saw how Jake felt when his mom came up to that door yelling for help and he couldn't do anything, it just shattered him.

Losing your parents is one thing, watching one of them die is a whole other level. I didn't tell Jake either that I saw a Witch Hunter kill his father, after seeing his mom and realizing the truth it probably wouldn't be the best to tell him now.

It just so wrong about the things Jake and Nick went through. Having no parents, not having a great relationship with your brother, being lied to about what happened to your parents, losing the last person in your family and then watching one of your parents die. Life just wasn't fair to them.

I pulled the blankets off me and got out of the bed. My mind was just to awake to be sleeping.

I went over to a chair that was by Diana's window and sat there looking outside getting lost in the thought of how much Jake has been through.


I woke up when I started to feel the bed shift. I sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. I saw a figure sitting by the window.

"Cassie?" I asked

She turned her head. "Yea?"

"What are you doing?" I asked her

"I couldn't sleep," she said

I woke up a little more. I was really starting to worry about Cassie, she was going through alot and she seen so much today after being in Jake's memory.

"Are you okay, do you wanna talk?" I asked.

Cassie sat there as if she was deciding if she should saying anything or not. It did make me wonder if she trusted me or not, I know she does but I feel she does keep some things from me.

"I'm worried about Jake," she said

I perked up at this. "What do you mean?"

"When Jake came back to his memory and helped me get out of the burning room, we saw his mom," Cassie said with soft voice as if what she was saying made her sad.

It was quiet after that, Cassie didn't really elaborate on what she was talking about.

"What happened Cassie?" I asked

She looked down and took in a slow breath. "He couldn't save her. After Jake got me out, the door closed and his mom came up to it screaming for help and Jake couldn't get the door to open. He watched his mom die, Diana."

I sat there taking in the infromation that Cassie just gave me. Jake watched his mom die? Thats horrible and something no one should see happen to either of their parents.

"I also saw Jake's father get killed by a Witch Hunter," she said

"Does Jake know?" I asked

She shook her head. "I didn't think it was good time to tell him after he saw his mom."

I got off my bed and stood up and paced around. "I can't believe Jake had to witness something like that."

Even though I was a bit iffy about Jake I still felt bad that he lost his family and then watched one of them die.

"I'm worried about him Diana," Cassie said

I looked over at her Cassie looked worn out but did have worry showing all over her face.

"Did you guys talk about it or anything?"

"No, its hard to ask someone how their feeling after witnessing something like that," Cassie said

I sighed and rubbed my hand over my face just feeling so tired and stressed.

"Its late Cassie we should get some sleep, you should talk to Jake tomarrow though, make sure hes okay," I told her

"You go ahead and sleep I'm still a little wound up."

"Alright but try and get some sleep, you'll be restless if you keep overthinking things," I said getting back into bed.

Cassie smiled. "I will."

I smiled back and before I could say goodnight Cassie spoke.

"Diana I think tomarrow I'm gonna hang out at home."

I looked at her. "You mean your not gonna stay over?"

"No I am I just need to be around something familiar," she told me

I could respect that. After finding out so much about your family you'd need a place to feel comfortable.

"Alright but please call me if you need anything."

She nodded.

"Goodnight Cassie," I said and pulled the blanket over me.