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It was after school and I was putting books away in my locker. I didn't have homework this weekend and I was really happy because it won't keep me away from asking Cassie to hang out.

I haven't seen her since she told us about what she saw in Jake's memory. I don't know why but neither of us have talked since then, I saw her before school but before I could talk to her the bell rang for class and then since every Friday we take test in our classes I couldn't speak to her then so now was a perfect time.

I closed my locker and thought about meeting her by her car but lucky for me I spotted her. She ws walking a bit fast so I hurried to catch up with her but being in a high school hallway with a bunch of people blocking the way I got held back. "Cassie!" I called out.

She didn't stop or even turn around. I pulled out of the crowd and again tried to catch up with her. She was out of the building by the time I was just a bit behind her but before I could call her name again I noticed a figure.

Jake was standing a few feet away from the front doors Cassie and I came out of under a tree with his Truck parked in the lot. When he spotted Cassie his face brightened.

Cassie came up to him smiling. They stood there talking and smiling with each other, looking closer then usual. I looked on watching, confused about what was going on. Both then had faces on of admiration and Cassie slided her hand down Jake's arm and held his hand with hers, he looked at her with a loving smile and then kissed her forehead. Cassie had on such a happy smile.

He took her school bag and put it over his shoulder leading them to his truck with his hand in hers. He helped her in, gave her her bag, and then went on the other side of the truck and they drove off. It hit me then. Cassie chose Jake.

I didn't know what to feel or how to feel, I just knew that I wasn't the one Cassie wanted to be with. I headed back into the school not knowing where I was going but just looking for a place to calm down. I started to feel my anger rise and my pain begin to form.

How could Cassie chose him over me? Hes bad news for her, hes lied, stole, and hell probably even cheated. Jake has bad news written all over him and hes only going to hurt Cassie. He doesn't care about her the way I do and will never be able to give her the things I can. Security, love, happiness, safety, all he can give her is pain, confusion and heartbreak.

In my fit of anger I walked passed Diana. I still didn't know where I was going, I just wanted to get farther and farther away from the harsh reality of the girl I was falling in love with not chosing me.

"Adam!" I heard behind me.

As much as I didn't want to I turned around. It was Diana.

Sometimes I did ask myself how I could let an amazing girl like her go. Diana has given me so much and shes loved me with every ounce of her being, she has a smile that could brighten up anybodys day. Even if it was horrible she could fix it. I may be falling in love with Cassie but there will never be a girl like Diana.

"Yea?" I asked as she came up to me.

"Are you okay? I saw you walking by and you looked angry," she said concernd.

I looked away. How could I tell Diana I was mad that I saw Cassie with Jake pretty much saying she chose him? I already hurt her too much and I don't want to keep doing it.

"I saw Cassie with Jake," I said quietly. I didn't want to hurt her but I didn't want to lie to her either.

But unexpectdly Diana's face was surprised and she smiled a little bit. "Really?"

Now I was confused. "Yea?" I said looking curiously at Diana.

"Wow I didn't think she would do it," she said to herself.

"Do what?"

Diana looked at me. "Nothing, I just kinda knew Cassie wanted to give Jake a chance but I honestly didn't think she'd do it."

"Why wouldn't you think so?" I asked.

It was Diana's turn to look away. "Because of her feelings for you."

I didn't know how to respond to that. It went back to me not wanting to hurt Diana.

"Well it doesn't matter now, shes with Jake and there isn't anything I could do about it," I said.

Diana again surprised me, she grabbed onto my hand and looked at me sincere. "Don't worry Adam she still cares about you, she just has to make sure whats right for her."

I was surprised Diana said that to me. I've been putting her through so much pain and shes still here for me. I pulled her into a hug and I could smell the familiar scent of Diana's hair, to me she always smelled like spring. A warm sunny never ending perfect day. Diana was the living definition of perfect.

I also felt the familiar feeling of Diana's arms around me. The gesture that showed she was always there for you no matter what.

How could I let a girl like her go?


"So whats the plan?" I asked Jake as we drove away from the school. It was a friday so I had all night and weekend to spend with him. Right now we were taking things slow and getting to know each other alot better.

He looked at me and smiled. "Whatever you want."

I smiled back. What was something both of us could enjoy and get to know each other? I got the answer when noticed how hungry I was.

"Lets go eat." I said. It would be the perfect way to spend time together and get to know each other.

Jake just looked at me. "Do you really want to see Adam and Mr. Conant giving us dirty looks?"

I shut my mouth. I forgot the Boathouse was pretty much the only place in town that served food you'd actually want to eat.

Jake chuckled. "Relax, I know somewhere else we cold go."

"Where?" I asked confused. I didn't really know another place to go, I mean I've seen other smaller resturants in town but none were as popular as the Boathouse or Jake's style.

"A Bar&Grille I hung out at when I was living here. I didn't like doing what everyone else was doing so I found the Bar. It later became the place I went to when I wanted to get away from everyone."

I smiled a little to myself. We were already starting to learn more about each other and it just by having a casual conversation.

"So do the people who own it know you very well?" I asked.

"Yea, at first they wondered why a kid as young as me at the time was in there but as they got to know about me I became one of the regulars," he told me.

"Wow thats pretty cool," I said.

He smiled.

Jake and I sat in a comfortable silence the rest of the way. He drove into a pretty deserted looking part of the town, it seemed close to the end. He pulled into the parking lot and I saw the sign of the place.

Yukon Bar&Grill.

I looked over at Jake and he looked right at home. I shrugged and walked behind him, he opened the door and let me go in first. I smiled when I past by him. When both were inside I looked around and the place was really cool.

To the left of the door was a big table to sit at and a television on the wall. Next to the table was the bar which was pretty huge, across the bar was a sectioned area of booths that had a few stairs leading up to it. Looking more into the place I could see a jukebox, and some pool tables with a big screen tv in the back. I couldn't see if there was more because I heard a women's voice.

"Jake, is that you?"

Jake and I both turned to the girl standing next to the bar. She looked about Jake's age and she had a huge smile on her face. I looked up to see Jake smiling too.

"Tara, its been a long time," he said going over to where she was standing.

"Too long," she said giving him a hug. Something kinda itched at me when I saw them hugging, especially since the girl was really pretty.

"Cassie this is Tara, shes a friend of mine," Jake said when they broke apart.

"Nice to meet you Cassie," Tara said holding out her hand for me to shake.

"Nice to meet you too," I smiled shaking her hand.

"Did I just hear the name Jake?" came a man's voice. We all turned to see man who looked pretty old come out from the kitchen.

"Yea Eddie, look who stopped by," Tara said gesturing at Jake.

"Well look at that, Jake Armstrong, the kid who got into fights with all the drunks," the guy, Eddie, said.

"Nice to see you too old timer," Jake smiled going over to give him a man hug. I smiled, Jake seemed to be really close with the people who worked here, maybe this was a place he called home.

"How long has it been? A year or two?" Eddie asked.

"About," Jake shrugged.

Eddie laughed. "Well it doesn't matter, its nice to see you after so long. You need to come back home more often."

Jake looked back at me. "Well I found a reason to stay."

I smiled and moved a bit closer to Jake.

"Well it seems someone has stolen Mr. Armstrong's heart," Eddie said looking at me. "Its nice to mee you sweetheart, I'm Eddie."

"Cassie," I said smiling. I liked Tara and Eddie, they were really nice.

"Well how about you two go take a seat somewhere and I'll come over to take your orders," Tara said to us.

Jake nodded and looked over at Eddie again. "Its nice to see you again Ed."

Eddie smiled. "Its nice to see you too kid," he said patting a hand on Jake's shoulder.

Something passed between them, I could tell Jake really looked up to this guy or had a huge mount of respect for him.

Tara and Eddie went back to the bar and Jake grabbed my hand leading me farther into the place. Like I suspected there was more past the pool tables. There were pinball machines, a few arcade games and some more pool tables with some seats against the wall. Beyond that was about four rows of high tables that were next to another big screen tv and on the other side of the wall was a row of booths. Jake lead me over to the high tables and we sat down across from each other.

"This place is so cool, I can't believe I never noticed it before," I said looking around.

"Well its in the part of town nobody really likes, thats what makes it so cool," he said.

I chuckled. "How did you find it?"

"One day I was pretty pissed off so I took a walk and I was so lost in thought I didn't pay much attention where I was going and I found this place," he said.

"So did this place kinda become a home away from home?"

"Yea you could say that."

I smiled. "Well I'm glad you showed it to me. Its things like these that show me your not the bad guy."

Jake smiled at me and grabbed my hand from across the table and held it.

We sat there just looking at each other until we heard Tara's voice. "So what can I get you guys?" she asked.

"I'll take my usual," Jake told her.

"Figured," Tara said smiling and writing on her notepad. That feeling came back when I saw her smiling at him. What was it?

She turned to me still smiling. "What about you Cassie?"

"Uh chicken strips and fries with a Dr. Pepper," I told her. I caught a glimpse of the menu on the wall so I had an idea of what to order.

"Okay I'll be back with you guy's orders," Tara smiled and walked away.

Without thinking about it I let out a breathe I didn't know was holding. That caused Jake to look at me confused.

"Whats wrong?"

"Huh? Nothings wrong, why?"

Jake looked to where Tara was walking away and then smirked. "Are you jealous?"

I looked at him. "What gave you that idea?"

He laughed. "I can't believe your jealous!"

"I am not!" I said throwing napkins at him. That just made him laugh harder.

I sat there. "You done yet?"

"Yes I am. That had to be the best moment of my life," he smiled.

"I'm not jealous," I told him again. Was I?

"Then why do you tense up everytime she comes near me?" he asked still with that half smile on his face.

I looked away. How is it he notices things like that about me that I don't notcie about myself?

Jake chuckled and grabbed my hand across the table. "Relax I'm just messing with you, and don't worry about Tara, shes married."

I looked back at him. "Seriously?"

"You didn't see the ring on the chain around her neck?" he asked.

TThinking about it she did have a necklace on I just didn't pay attention to it. "Aren't things like those called promise rings?"

"Tara's husband promises 'that he will never for anything in the world leave her side', it was the vow he made to her and instead of putting it on her finger he made the promise ring instead," Jake told me.

My inner romantic couldn't help it. "Aww, that is so cute!"

Jake laughed.

"Come on, you have to admit that is sweet," I smiled.

"It is but I think promises should be made differently."

I looked at Jake, this was one of the times he showed me the more deeper side of him. The side not many people know about him. "How?"

Jake held my hand tighter. "By showing them there happiness means alot more then their own."

I held Jake's hand with both of mine and looked im straight in the eye. "I want you to be happy Jake."

Jake smiled. "I am Cassie, with you."

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