Hey there. I thought about this story when my teacher was talking about the Tale of Two Cities. I don't know if he was referring to the book or if he was just saying it because of what we were learning that day, but this story popped into my head as soon as he said tail of two cities. Now, I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out what to do for the next chap of my other story, Needed, but I promise I will get back to it as soon as I figure out where I want to go with it, for those of you who have been reading that story. Well, I hope you enjoy this story.

Also, I just wanted to say that I was thinking this was set in the "The Batman" show, so Robin is like nine or ten. Just thought I'd make that clear.

Disclaimer: Again just like i said on my other story, needed, i dont own anything and this is the only time im saying it

Tale of Two Gothams

Ch. 1 Portal Gun

Bruce sat at the Bat computer typing and searching for information. Robin walked out of the elevator and over to where Batman was.

"Hey, what's that?" Dick asked looking at a picture of some kind of gun on the screen.

"It's a new device created by a man named Tom Folder," Batman replied bringing up some more information.

"Ooook, but what is it?"

"It's called the Portal Gun," Bruce replied not even looking at him.

"Portal Gun? What he couldn't come up with anything better?"

Bruce chuckled. "I guess not."

"So why's this thing so important?"

"It was stolen earlier today by Black Mask."

"Oh, have any idea what he's gonna do with it?" Dick asked as he leaned up against the Bat computer's keyboard and crossing his arms over his chest.

"Not yet, but… Got it. Suit up, I think I might have found out where Black Mask is at," Bruce said as he started heading to the suits.

Alfred walked out of the elevator as soon as he got up from his chair. "Are you going to be out late, Master Bruce? You know you have that date with Alice at seven."

Bruce stopped and turned to Alfred. "Sorry, Alfred, Black Mask's got a potentially dangerous weapon and I can't just let him walk around Gotham with it."

Alfred sighed. "Very well, Sir. I'll call her and tell her that something came up," he said a bit disappointed.

Bruce smiled then turned and started heading to the suits again. "Tell her I'm sorry, Alfred."

Alfred turned to Dick, who was still standing by the computer, and Dick just shrugged and ran after Bruce.

When they were dressed and were getting into the Batmobile, Batman paused and yelled up to Alfred before closing the roof, "Call Barbra and tell her to meet us at the old abandoned observatory." He then closed the roof and sped off.

"The old observatory?"

"If you were going to use a dimensional portal gun on the city, where would be the best place to use it?"

"Dimensional portal, like another reality?"

"Yes, that's why I said it's a potentially dangerous weapon."

"Why potentially? It sounds to me like it's a very dangerous weapon," Robin asked a bit confused.

"It hasn't been tested yet. Dr. Folder just finished it yesterday, and he was planning on demonstrating it tomorrow, but if it does work, it could be the end of Gotham," Batman replied as he dodged a few cars.

"Oh," was all Robin could say.

They got to the observatory and saw Batgirl land a few feet away. Batman and Robin jumped out and headed over to her.

"Hey, what's going on?" Batgirl asked trying to figure out why they were here.

"Black Mask has his hands on a potentially dangerous weapon and we might need your help," Batman replied as they started heading into the observatory. There were only a few guards at the front door, but there was a window off to the side that they used.

"Oh, ok," Batgirl replied simply.

They got in without being notice and were on the top level that went half way around the large room. Black Mask was looking through the old telescope then turned to face a man sitting in a chair with his hands tied behind the chair.

"Dad," Batgirl cried out, but not loud enough for anyone but Batman and Robin to hear her.

"So you see my dear Commissioner, Gotham will be ripped apart if you don't order your men to bring me five hundred million dollars by midnight," Black Mask threatened holding up the Portal Gun to Gordon's head.

Gordon gulped, but remained calm. "You're never gonna get away with this. Batman will stop you before…"

"Yes, Batman will try to stop me, but I have a plan that will make him think twice," Black Mask said interrupting Gordon's statement and turned away to walk back to the telescope.

Batman narrowed his eyes then turned to Robin and Batgirl. "Be careful. Who knows what he's got planned."

Robin and Batgirl nodded then got up and Robin went left and to the end of the level and Batgirl went to the right. When Batman saw they were in position he stood up and jumped down to the lower level.

"Batman, I was wondering when you was going to show," Black Mask said calmly as he turned around to face him.

Black Mask's goons started coming toward Batman, but Robin and Batgirl jumped down and knocked a few of them down. The others charged after Robin and Batgirl, giving Batman a chance to go after Black Mask.

"Stay back, Batman, or I'll send all of Gotham into another reality," Black Mask threatened as he pointed the Portal Gun at the end of the telescope.

Batman stopped and just stood there. "You don't even know if the gun works."

"Oh, I know it will. The scientist that created it was going to demonstrate it tomorrow morning. Why would he demonstrate it if it didn't work?"

Batman didn't hear any fighting behind him, so he figured Robin and Batgirl had defeated Black Mask's goons. Batman took another step forward, but stopped when Black Mask laughed.

"I wouldn't come any closer, unless you want to say good bye to your partner."

Batman's eyes went wide then turned around to see Batgirl unconscious on the ground and Robin struggling, each of his arms being held by two of the goons.

Batman turned back to Black Mask very angry. "Let. Him. Go," Batman said in a very angry, soft voice.

Black Mask just laughed, lowered the gun, and charged at Batman. Black Mask threw a punch and Batman ducked and did a few back flips. They threw punches and kicks at each other for about five minutes. Robin continued to struggle, but not having much success of getting free.

Robin heard Batman yell out and then saw him fall to the ground. "Batman!" He started struggling harder, but he still couldn't get free.

Black Mask walked over to Robin, pulled out the gun that he put in an inside pocket, and pointed it at him. Robin's eyes went wide and he stopped struggling.

Batman was recovering from the blow, grabbing his head as he got on his hand and knees. His eyes went wide when he saw Black Mask pointing the Portal Gun at Robin.

"I don't know what this will do to you, but I'll be glad to figure it out," Black Mask said as he pulled the trigger.

Batman leaped forward to stop Black Mask, but he was too late. The beam from the Portal Gun shot out and hit Robin square in the chest, making Robin scream in pain.

Ok, that's it. Cliffhanger. Mwahahahahahaha. I love being evil to my favorite character. I know it's a bit short but I promise, the others will be longer. Well, what did you think? Please let me know, or something bad mite happen to Robin.


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