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Ch. 10 Saying Goodbye

Bruce had stayed in the other dimension for a whole week hoping that Dick would wake up, but he never did. Bruce was starting to lose hope. Gordon was released about three days ago and stopped by every day to see how Dick was doing along with Barbra and the Dick Grayson from this dimension. In fact, they should be arriving any time now.

The door opened and Gordon, Barbra, and Dick walked in. "Good morning, Bruce," Gordon said.

Bruce didn't even look at them as they walked over and found a few seats. "How's he doing?" Barbra asked.

"Nothing," Bruce replied. "Not one movement or any signs that he'll wake up."

They all looked sadly at Dick. "I'm sorry, Bruce," Barbra said sadly.

Gordon looked at Bruce and realized how tired he looked. "When was the last time you slept?"

"It doesn't matter," Bruce said not looking away from Dick.

"Bruce, it doesn't help him if you don't take care of yourself." Bruce just ignored him. Gordon sighed. "And I bet you haven't eaten in a while either have you?"

Bruce's silence was enough of an answer for everyone. "Bruce, you need to eat," the Dick from this dimension said. "Come on, we'll go down to the cafeteria and grab something then come back."

"After you get a few hours of sleep," Gordon added.

"No, I need to be here when he wakes up," Bruce said stubbornly.

"Have you ever thought that he might think you're the Bruce from this dimension if he wakes up and sees you standing over him?" Dick asked.

Bruce looked up at him wide eyed. "No, he'd know it was me."

"Bruce, please," Gordon pleaded placing a hand on Bruce's shoulder.

Bruce looked at his son sadly then sighed. "Fine, but just long enough to get something to eat."

"And get some sleep," Gordon said. Bruce just glared at him. "You can use the empty bed over there," he said as he pointed to the empty bed on the other side of the room.

"Fine," Bruce said reluctantly. He then stood up and placed a hand on his son's hand. "I'll be back, Dick." He then turned and all four of them went down to the cafeteria.


It had been two and a half hours since they got Bruce to eat and lay down for a while. Gordon had taken Dick and Barbra back to his house then came back to sit with Bruce. He felt horrible because he was responsible for Dick and he got hurt.

He sat watching Dick sleep. "Please, Dick, you need to wake up. Your Bruce is running himself down. He hadn't eaten or slept in probably a week, if not more. He needs you." He then sighed and looked down.

It was completely dead for the next few minutes before Gordon heard a shift on the bed, and it wasn't Bruce. He looked up at Dick hopeful. "Dick?" He stood up and got closer. "Dick, come on." Gordon saw Dick's eyes twitch. He immediately pushed the call button to get a doctor in here then went over to Bruce. "Bruce. Bruce, wake up. Dick moved," he said excitedly.

Bruce was awake in an instant and over by Dick's side. "Dick?" He grabbed Dick's hand and squeezed it gently. He smiled when he got a small squeeze back. "He's waking up," Bruce said happily as he turned to Gordon.

The door swung open and a doctor and nurse came in. "What's wrong?" the doctor asked.

"He's waking up," Bruce said.

The doctor walked over and checked Dick over. "Dick, if you can hear me, I need you to open your eyes." He then looked up to Bruce. "If he can't hear me, it's possible that it may just be a reaction."

"No, I know he's waking up," Bruce told the doctor then looked back down at Dick. "Come on, Dick, show him."

Dick moved his head a little then his eyes burst open and he took in a deep breath. The doctor turned to the nurse and then pointed to the other side of the bed telling her to take Bruce's place.

After that, the room went crazy. The doctor and nurse were checking vitals and talking to Dick, asking him questions. Dick just laid there a bit overwhelmed. "Son, do you know who you are?" Dick nodded. "What's your name?"

Dick opened his mouth to answer but ended up coughing instead. "I'll go get him a glass of water," the nurse said then left the room.

"Ok, son, I want you to just lay there until the nurse gets back. Your throat is dry from not drinking anything for the past week." Dick eyes went wide. The doctor just chuckled. "Yes, it's been a week since your accident."

The nurse came back in with the water then went over to the bed and helped Dick drink it. "Not so fast, sweetie."

"Ok, now can you tell me your name?" the doctor asked after Dick finished drinking.

"D… Dick," Dick got out weakly.

"Good, and when's your birthday?"

"March 21st."

"Good," the doctor said smiling. "And who is your guardian?"

"Bruce. Where is he?"

"I'm right here, Dick," Bruce said stepping forward smiling.

The doctor turned to Bruce. "I'd like to keep him here one more night, but if there's nothing else wrong, I think he can go home."

"Thank you, doctor," Bruce said relieved.

The doctor smiled and nodded then he and the nurse walked out. "Was I really out for a week?" Dick asked barely above a whisper.

"Your voice doesn't give you the answer?" Bruce asked jokingly.

"I guess so," Dick said with a smile.

"I'm glad you're okay, Dick, but I've got to get home. I've got two kids home alone. I just hope they haven't trashed the place," he said as he walked toward the door.

"Can we go home?" Dick asked hopefully.

Bruce sat back down in the chair next to the bed. "The doctor wants to keep you one more night, but after that, yeah, we can go home. I'm sure Alfred…" Dick eyes went wide. "What?" Bruce asked concerned.


Bruce understood where he was going with this. "He's gone. The gash was too deep and it took too long for the ambulances to get there."

Dick looked down sadly. "And Bruce?"

"He's gone too. The police took care of him."

Dick sighed, leaned back on the pillow, and closed his eyes. "Good."

Bruce chuckled a bit. "Get some sleep, Dick."

"You too," Dick said back with a smile.

"I promise. I'll see you in the morning."

"Night, Bruce."

"Good night, Dick."


The next morning, the doctor checked Dick's vitals once more. When he didn't find anything wrong, he gave the go ahead to leave. "Just take care of yourself, ok?"

"I will," Dick said his voice now normal.

The doctor left the room and Gordon, Barbra, and the Dick from this dimension walked in. "Heard you've been released," Gordon said.

"Yep," Dick said cheerfully.

The other Dick walked, the best he could anyway, toward the bed. "Well, take care of yourself, and don't let Bruce go mad."

Dick smiled. "I'll try my best, and you take care of yourself too." He then looked over to Gordon. "Take care of him."

"I will. He'll be staying with me and Barbra," Gordon replied.


Bruce pulled out the Portal Gun and pointed it at the other side of the room and a portal appeared. "Ready?" Bruce said turning back to his son.

"So that's how that thing's suppose to work," Dick said smiling.

Bruce chuckled and went over and carefully picked Dick up. "Thanks, Bruce," the Dick from this dimension said. Bruce just smiled and nodded then walked through the portal. The portal then closed behind them leaving the three standing there. "Thanks for saving my life." Gordon placed a hand on Dick's shoulder. "And for giving me a new family, a real one this time."

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