AN: This story is dedicated to Liz (NCISSVU ) who gave me the courage to upload it and also served as a beta.

This is an AU Judgement Day . Inspired by the song "I'm Going To Love You Through It" by Martina Mcbride and the true life struggle of Gabby Giffords , I don't own NCIS. Just playing with it :)

She could feel the bullet enter her body, on a war path of destruction. Being the daughter of an Army colonel meant that Jennifer Shepherd wasn't easily frightened. Her father, Jasper, instilled in Jenny a since of determination. Not to give up. Not to give in. To fight to the end.

As she lay on the floor, she, Jenny remembered the ambush. Paris had finally caught up with her. She would go down fighting, just as her father had told her to—to protect the one she loved. Every breath took effort. Her surroundings were growing dim. Her head was throbbing and she felt dizzy.

After several rounds of gunfire , Mike Franks came in from his place outside the diner. As he entered, he saw a few stragglers and shot them before they could retaliate. Moving towards the end of diner, Mike gasped as he saw Jenny lying on the floor- limp, motionless. Kneeling down, he reached out for her hand, relieved when he felt a weak pulse.

"Director Lady, you better not die on me! You hang in there, you hear? I don't think Probie could take anymore heartache in his life. He needs you. . You're young, you have so much time. Hang in there, fight damn it!"

Mike took out his phone, dialing for help. It seemed like an eternity before the ambulance and law enforcement showed up. Mike flashed his badge, explaining the situation before turning his attention to the EMTs. "You take care of her. She has a lot of people expecting her to pull through."

The EMTs nodded understandably towards the agent. "Is it okay if I ride with you? I don't want to leave her alone".

The EMT nodded again. Climbing in the back of the ambulance, Mike grabbed Jenny's hand with one hand and his cell phone in the other. Taking a deep breath, he dialed Gibb's number.

"Yeah, Gibbs."

"Before you kill me Probie, I need you to meet me in Los Angeles . Cedar Sinai. Jenny's life depends on it."


"No time to explain. See you soon."