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Last of the Time Lords



Rose looked down at the little bundle in her arms. The other little bundle was in the Doctor's arms. He looked so adorable, cuddling the little boy and talking away to him, giving him a finger to play with. There was such an amazing, soft look on his face, and a light in his eyes. He was looking at the boy in complete adoration. The sight was so beautiful it took her breath away.

"Hello, Jack," he cooed.

"Jack?"she said, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, you called him that before," he shrugged. "I am completely okay if you want to change it. I mean, honestly, Jack Mickey. Poor boy was doomed with a name like that."

"Hey! Jack Mickey is a great name!"

"All right, have it your way." He grinned cheekily at her and she shook her head, holding back a smile of her own.

"What did I call I call her? This little one?" She looked back to her daughter. "I have so many names in my head. Margaret, Gwyneth, Cassandra, Harriet, Rita, Scooti, Chloe..."

"Margaret and Cassandra? Good god, Rose, what were you thinking?!" he cried aghast, she could tell that at least part of it was mocking.

"I don't know! I just have names in my head. I can't even remember where I know them from! The only one I can place is Shareen. She was my friend when I was a kid. Before all my memories get completely messed up. What's wrong with those names?"

"Well, Margaret was an alien that tried to kill us... repeatedly. And Cassandra was the 'Last Human' and was a down right-"

"Doctor, there are children in this room!" Sarah Jane interrupted him.

"Oh, that's right. The bitchy trampoline..." She said. Jack laughed, causing her to join in, but it slowly faded out. They looked up at her in time to see her gazing out into the distance, her eyes going glassy once more. Her hold on Freya slackened, although she did not let her go. It was a good thing she was still lying down.


"Huh?" She looked at them, suddenly awake again. She looked down at the little girl in her arms, as if just remembering that she was there. A look of pure joy and love came over her face. "Oh! Hello, sweetheart," she grinned. She looked back up at the Doctor. "What did I call her?"

The Doctor swallowed and tried to hold back the sadness in his voice. "Freya. You called her Freya. Well, Freya is actually for short. You called her Gallifreya. Gallifrey Aria Tyler."

Once again, everyone in the room had strained smiles on their faces. Trying to be happy for Rose, but their concern tainted it too much.

Martha, who didn't feel she knew her well enough to deserve to comfort her as the others did, stared at her in pity. She had heard so much about this Rose when she was travelling with him. He never gave away much detail, but he always spoke of her so highly, so reverently. Some times it seemed like she was some perfect goddess that she could never live up to. And she was sure that Rose was brilliant. Really, really brilliant... But all she saw was a broken girl. And it was wrong. She could see that this girl - not much younger than herself - should have been strong and fierce.

"Isn't there something we can do, Doctor?" she asked. "To help her with her..." She motioned her hands around her head to indicate what she meant. "All this futuristic stuff in here, there's got to be something."

"Last time, Rose started to get some of her memories back very slowly. It happened naturally..." Sarah Jane told them.

"Yeah, but it would be nice to speed up the process, right, Doc? We want our Rosie back to her usual self."

"Gee, thanks, Jack," Rose rolled her eyes. "And by the way, guys, she is in this room. Maybe wanna include her in this?" They all looked at her sheepishly. "So, tell me. I agree. I want to sort this mess I've got going on upstairs. So what's the deal?"

"Okay," the Doctor said. He handed baby Jack to older Jack and pulled up a chair beside her. "You were on a drug that scrambled your memories. It basically confused the signals to and from the hippocampus. Messed with your long term memory, cut out most of your short term memory while you were still on it. Thing is, I was with you last time when the drug fully cleared your system. Yes, you got memories back in small bursts, either as actual flashbacks, or just subconsciously remembering things. But that was just like... a trickle of the information your brain held. It was like a there was a dam blocking it. And at first it leaked, and then it broke. It broke completely, and that was terrifying. It was a painful process that had you on the ground crying out in pain. I want to avoid that if we can. But if I use any device or medicine we have here, it would have the same result. Accelerating the flow of memories would cause you physical pain from the onslaught of information. And if it was that bad letting it happen naturally, finding a way to do it now could put you into shock."

"So, what are we going to do?" Jack said. "Just let it happen?" The idea didn't appeal to him all that much.

"Well, there is... one thing I could do. Actually, not only would control the flow of the memories, it would help her in other ways."

"What is it?" she said.

"Well, that message Mickey sent over with you. It says that your brain has been bruised, as if by a lack of contact. You also said that you could feel the TARIDS, and you mentioned that you were able to feel me."

"So, she's telepathic?" Sarah Jane said.

"Exactly. I have a theory or two that point towards one event. And if it's true, Rose may not entirely be human anymore."

"Brilliant," she said, rolling her eyes. Martha looked at her, taken aback. That was her only reaction to being told she probably wasn't human?

"But Doctor, aren't Time Lords telepathic too?"

"Yep!" he said, popping the P. "I'm able to access the mind, even of a human. But in a way it's easier if they are telepathic too. There's just one thing."

"What's that?"

"I'd need your permission. And I don't just mean you saying yes because you want to. Permission has to be meant with heart and soul. You can say yes all you want, but your body can still reject me."

"But... You've done it to someone before. I saw you. The woman from the past, the one with blonde hair. You went into her mind. You even said. You were looking for something."

"Reinette," he said quietly. "She was human. It's different with them. Their minds aren't as strong and can't force me out. A telepath, however..."

"It requires you to fully give yourself over," Jack finished. He'd done enough training to know that.

"I don't understand. How would you going into her head be able to help her in other ways?" Martha asked.

"Well, her brain is bruised. Mostly likely from lack of contact. Rose said she could feel me and that it hurt without me there. So we can only assume that without either of us realizing, some sort of connection would have been formed. If I can go into her mind, I may be able to heal some of it. And concerning the memories, I can clear her mind and system of the drug, help put them back in order and control them so it won't be painful."

"So... what exactly are we waiting for?" the blonde asked.

"Are you sure, Rose? You did hear what Jack said. You basically have to trust me completely. No fault, just absolute trust. You have to fully give yourself over to me."

He looked at her, waiting for the rejection. Waiting for her to tell him she couldn't do that. After all, she could barely trust herself, how could she trust him. And with her head all over the place, he wasn't even sure if she quite understood what was happening at any given moment. And indeed, she was looking at him as if she didn't understand. Her brow was furrowed as she looked up at him in confusion.

"I thought I already had," she said.

At first his mouth dropped open as his massive brain tried to comprehend the words he had just heard. When it did, the soft smile that spread across his face was almost instantaneous. He shuffled the chair closer to her and took her free hand in his, stroking it with his thumb. "Sarah, would you mind grabbing Freya? Oh, um, this will probably take a while, you don't have to stick around."

"I'll stay," Jack said. "Don't want the little ones missing mummy and daddy."

"Mmm, me too," Sarah Jane smiled. "Besides, someone has to look after you."

Martha looked about at them all awkwardly. She didn't quite seem to fit in with this little family here. She loved everyone in the room, even the one's she barely knew. But part of her felt so left out. So out of touch. She felt like she didn't quite... belong here anymore. "I'm -I'm going to go check on my family. They've been through a lot. I should see if they're okay."

The Doctor nodded at her gratefully, and she left. He gave Rose a smile, a genuine one, and the smile she returned was radiant. "Ready?" he asked quietly. She nodded and he placed the tips of his fingers on her temples. "Okay, now, open up your mind. Let me in."

Rose closed her eyes and bit her lip. She wasn't exactly sure how she was supposed to do that. She had no idea about how any of this worked. Was she supposed to concentrate on something? Was she supposed to let him in as if there was a door? Then again, they said she had to trust him completely. And she did. She trust him more than she could ever say or know. She would do anything for this man, and she new it just by looking at him. Just by closing her eyes and feeling him beside her. She may not have all her memories, but she had her emotions. Nothing had changed there and it was all she knew as she reached out towards the presence beside her.

And that was what the Doctor entered into. When he entered Rose's mind he was led by a familiar hand and instantly enveloped in unconditional love. He could feel everything Rose felt for him as if it were at the forefront of her mind. For what could have been ages, he just stopped in shock. He just felt. He knew these feelings well, having them himself. Sometimes he felt this so much to the point it was painful. But it was astonishing to feel those emotions reflected back at him just as strongly. He had a feeling that back in his body, he had stopped breathing and his respiratory bypass had kicked in.

Just as he imagined himself with a physical form here, he could see Rose beside him. Smiling at him, her and clasping his. "Alright," he said softly. "Allons-y!"

Together they made their way through her mind. Most of it seemed fine, but soon, as they neared her memories, things became murky. It was a sad truth. You could have the most brilliant mind imaginable, but without memories it was all virtually useless. Everything used some form of memory, information recall, muscle memory, all of it. How could people see how brilliant you truly were when it was erased by the inability to recall. He couldn't stand to see anything like that happen to Rose. Because she... she was utterly brilliant!

Determinedly, he began to clear away the fog. Bit by little bit, he cleared her mind and put things straight. They watched each memory unfold, they laughed and they sat in silence as they passed by. They both shared in the memories, making small comments about them. They even discovered memories she normally wouldn't remember. Most things from before she was three were gone for good, the brain not developed enough to store memories at that age, but still she remembered things from when she was so young she had forgotten it. They both watched with red cheeks as the memory of the 'Splash Planet Fiasco' was uncovered. The one time they were both totally unable to control their reactions and desires. The day they had conceived the twins. Then, after her mind was back in order, he shared some of his memories with her. He gave her his view of the memories she'd lost coming over. She would never remember her first time coming back through to this world and giving birth. But she would have what he gave her. And even though the memories were horrible and tainted with fear, she was grateful for them.

It seemed like it had been years that they were inside her head. It seemed like that had taken her entire life time. And indeed, seeing as they had just seen all of it, it really did. When they opened their eyes, they found their hands entwined, and their heads pressed together. Smiles played on their lips and they looked at each other in pure happiness, a familiar light in their eyes.

"Doctor," she grinned. He grinned back at her, then planted a kiss on her nose, then her cheeks. Rose was giggling and squirming so much he wasn't able to land his final blow, but he was sure he could get her again later. A small humming giggle escaped his lips and he drew back. Slowly becoming aware of the room around them, they noticed it was empty. "Where is everyone?" she asked. "How long did we take?"

"Erm... about five hours," he replied after checking his time sense.

"Only that long?"

"Time works differently in the mind. A thousand thoughts can cross your mind in a second. Telepathy can be no different sometimes."

"Should we go see the others now?"

The Doctor looked down at her, still dressed in one of the TARDIS's medbay gowns. She wasn't exactly all that clean either. "How about we get you a shower and in some proper clothes, first," he said. "I really would like to get some tests done considering your genetics and other things, but that can wait for a day or so. You've been through a lot."

She smiled and reached up, cupping his face in her hand. "So have you. You've had an entire-"

"Shh, it's alright," he told her. "Come on. Let's get you sorted." He grabbed a robe from a cupboard and brought it over to her. She sat up and he draped it over her, then helped her to her feet, holding her up as she wobbled.

"You know," she said. "I'm probably going to need some help with that shower."

She laughed as he stammered and turned bright red.


Not long after, Rose walked into the console room fresh and clean, the Doctor's hand in hers. They were greeted warmly by everyone in there. Martha's mother even went to her and gave her a hug, along with Jack and Sarah Jane. But there was one thing she noticed immediately.

"Where's Jack and Freya?"

"Oh, they needed a sleep, so the TARDIS made a nursery for them," Jack said. "We chucked them in there about an hour ago. Little runts have a lot of energy for newborns."

"I'll have to go check on them," she said, part of her being anxious separated from them.

"They'll be okay for now," Sarah Jane assured her. "For now, I think we have some guest who would probably like to go home." They looked up at the Jones family sitting and standing about the room.

"Ah! Right, yes! Good idea!" he said. "Jack, mind giving me a hand?" He began to dash around the console, pushing buttons. Jack followed suit, and even Rose jumped in to do a few things here and there. The memories of the Doctor teaching her still fresh in her head. She missed the times like these. Part of her hopped they would stay this way.


A few trips later, and it seemed like Rose's hopes weren't entirely true. They had dropped the Jones family off first, filled with tearful partings and many hugs. The Doctor had gotten close to them over the last year... or whatever that had been.

Next they had dropped off the Captain, who had a team of his own that he insisted he needed to look after. It was sad to see him leave again, seeing how she had missed him so much. But she had promised that they would pop in for visits quite often.

Sarah Jane had also made the Doctor promise to visit. She had given them lots of hugs and said tearful goodbyes before she mentioned something about her son and dashed off... It was a little weird, Rose thought she didn't have any kids.

The last stop had been a surprise. Martha had gone back to say goodbye to her family, and to check up on some people she'd met on her travels. When she had walked back in, she had said that she was going to stay behind. The Doctor seemed a little upset, but accepted the reasoning she gave. She had then turned to Rose and apologised for how she'd thought of her before meeting her. Then they exchanged numbers and hugged before she departed.

And now it was just the two of them. Them and their children.

They looked down at the two bundles, still sleeping peacefully in the cot. Rose had gasped in awe when she first laid eyes on the nursery. It was absolutely huge and filled with everything imaginable. The amount of toys and books was astounding. And to make things better, it was attached to a room she had never seen before, but it had some of her old things in there. Nervously rubbing the back of his head, the Doctor had explained that it was his room, and that the TARDIS seemed to have taken it upon herself to move Rose in with him. Rose had just laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

She smiled softly as she brushed the already rather long hair away from her daughters face. She could hardly believe that all this had happened. That she was here. She was back with the Doctor. She was back travelling with him in the beloved TARDIS. And here they were, watching their children sleep. A family... A sigh escaped her lips.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just a little sad I don't get those memories from that other time. I mean, I know they weren't all that nice, and that this time went better... But still, it would have been nice to remember."

"I tried to bring them back. I really did," he told her. "Thing is, you brain doesn't even store those memories, because technically, you never had them. When the time reversed you went with it, since you weren't there to being with. The spatial ramifications tried to fix themselves when the time-lines reset resulting in a multi-"

Suddenly he was forced into silence as Rose pressed her lips to his. "Alright, you. Shush now," she giggled. "I'm already confused."




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