But It's For A Good Cause…

Written by: Rebanut

SUMMARY: It's charity time again, and Sue and Jack get volunteered by the rest of the gang to "go for the gold". Good mix of a couple country songs and LOTS of fluff!

I don't own anything but the idea! Let me know what you think!


The bullpen was oddly quiet. The team worked on their respective cases. Some sought out new leads, others finished up paperwork. The computers within the office hummed, and printers pushed out the requested information. An occasional phone ringing broke the silence. It was almost too quiet. Even Levi seemed to notice as he slept sprawled out at Sue's feet.

Suddenly D's booming voice rang out, almost scaring people out of the doldrums they'd fallen into.

"Listen up people" D said as he walked to the middle of the office. All eyes quickly looked up at him.

"New case, D?" Jack asked.

"Nope, something better" He answered.

"Oh great fearless leader, what bad guys shall we hunt down this week?" Myles sarcastically called out.

"None. But it IS THAT time. It's charity time again…" D glared back at Myles, smirking.

"Oh, NOOO!" all 3 very handsome, eligible bachelors begged in unison.

"Not another charity auction, PLEASE" Jacked whined. "I don't like being the cut of the day at the butcher shop" he continued. Bobby and Myles groaned similar comments.

"I bet Myles is still paying off the credit card bill from the last time!" Jack joked.

"Don't remind me!" Myles said with a great deal of distaste.

"Oh, come on guys, you were all very handsome and some, more than others, were willing to go above and beyond to help last year." Lucy noted with an obvious tilt of her head in Myles' direction.

"And remember, it's for a good cause." Sue said.

"No worries, this is more of a competition that requires skill and endurance…" D stated with a smile.

"You have NO idea, the endurance it took for me to put up with Eleanor and her constant passes last year!" Jack complained.

"Or the skill to avoid her!" Bobby added with a chuckle.

"And in the end, Jack, it wasn't your avoidance skill that kept you from the lioness. It was our credit cards that bought you for Sue. We saved your tail from the fire." Lucy teased. Jack just smiled. Sue slightly blushed at the memory of the two of them out on the dance floor together.

"So, you're saying they'll need more than a hot bod to get by in this charity?" Tara teased.

"Afraid so" D started. "This year, it's a couples skating contest. It can be mixed or same sex couples, either works." He continued.

"I nominate Myles and Bobby!" Jack encouraged.

"This actually calls for ice skaters. I need 2 people who can ACTUALLY skate." D said. The bullpen all commented at once. The excitement began to show in their voices as they all began to nominate team members.

"What's this year's event supporting?" Tara asked.

"It's a triple pair's competition to support children's cancer research." He answered. The members commented on what a great charity it was. D passed out the flyer and explained that the agencies were teaming up with each other, in a friendly competition. It was a pairs contest. AND, the skaters would be paired up with some country music superstars who would provide the music for them.

"What a great idea!" Lucy said.

"It really is" Tara agreed with Sue chiming in as well.

"How can WE help?" Myles asked. The group looked at him curiously. "What? I care about kids too ya know!"

"I need 2 team members who can actually skate to volunteer their time. This is going to be time consuming, but you'll be given some leeway as long as our case load stays slow. Do I see any hands?" D asked, hopefully.

"I can barely stand up on skates" Bobby said.

"I USED TO skate (mumbling) when I was 10" Myles added.

The mumble began to get louder as again, the team began throwing out names. The only ones that D heard were Sue and Jack.

"Jack can skate, he used to play hockey" Bobby offered.

"And Sue competed when she was younger." Lucy suggested.

"Wha..what was that?" Sue asked.

"Good, two qualified, 'volunteers' "D smiled as he turned back to his office.

"Whoa, don't we get a say?" Jack protested.

"Jack- and Sue- the team needs a good pair… of skaters, you're what we got" D finished.

"Jack, it IS for a good cause" Sue said, caving into the peer pressure.

"I don't ice dance" Jack protested again. "I skate on my ankles!" Jack whispered.

"We'll work on it together" Sue offered. Jack groaned loudly.

"And think, you guys can do this instead of work, get paid, and you get to spend all that time together!" Lucy added, being the ever match maker.

As lunch rolled around, Sue glanced in Jack's direction. He sensed her stare and looked at her. She smiled. He signed "Hungry?" She shook her head yes. They grabbed their coats and headed out.

They sat in a corner booth at the local lunch diner. They placed their orders and began to plan a strategy.

"OK, so how do we get out of this?" Jack asked.

"Jack!" Sue exclaimed. "We agreed to do this."

"No, we got volunteered to do this" Jack protested. "I could fake a sprained ankle." He offered hopefully.

"Come on, be serious." Sue pouted.

"Uggg!" Jack groaned. "OK, fine! Well, since YOU'RE the expert- how do we do this?"

"First- NO expert here, just more experienced. We'll need to find out the guide lines, rules, expectations and most importantly the music." Sue explained. As if almost on key, Sue's Black Berry vibrated.

"Lucy… Hi Luce, what's up?"

Jack tried to not pay attention, but watched Sue's every move. The sparkle in her eye, the way her lips curved up when she laughs. He found himself smiling at the thought, and Sue's hand waving in front of his face.

"Earth to Jack" Sue said, for the 3rd time.

"Sorry… lost in thought" he said, hoping the lame excuse would be enough to cover.

"So I see. And, one of these days, I'll be brave enough to ask about those thoughts" Sue smirked.

"What did Lucy want?" Jack asked blushing.

"To tell us that Randy has thrown his hat into the rink" Sue replied with an arched eyebrow.

"Randy?" Jack asked shocked. "Randy, Randy?" Sue shook her head. "I didn't know he could even skate!"

"Apparently, he can…"

"How do we go about this whole thing anyway?" Jack added.

"Not sure" Sue said while she took a bite of her BLT.

"Didn't you do this before? Jack asked as he did the same.

"Yes, but Jack, I was 10. It was all decided for me. I worked with a coach on my foot work, she would pick the music, and decide on a routine…"

"How are we supposed to do all that?" Jack asked exasperated.

"We have a meeting at 2 with the coordinator- she will give us all the details then." Sue answered.

"And, we know this, how?" Jack asked.

Sue picked up her Blackberry "Lucy". They finished their lunch and headed out to their meeting.