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Sue and Jack had moved into their own apartment, and were just getting to the end of the finishing touches with decorating. Jack had just finished putting up shelves in the spare room they were using for an office. Sue was putting the shower curtain, towels, and trinkets up in the master bath.

"Honey?" Sue called. There was no response. "Hon?" She called again. There was still nothing. Sue poked her head out the door and called once again. "JACK?"

"Yeah?" He answered, finally. Looking in her direction, down the hall.

"Can you come here for a minute?" Sue asked, as she ducked back into the bathroom.

"Can it wait for a bit?" He asked. He laughed at himself for forgetting she couldn't hear him. It was so easy to do that. He reached for his cell phone, and texted her what he'd just asked. He heard her phone vibrate off the coffee table.

"Levi, buddy... get Sue's phone." Levi looked curiously at him, raising his ears and tilting his head to make himself look absolutely adorable. Jack looked at him. "Buddy, those eyes don't work on me. Please? Get Sue's phone." Levi turned and retrieved the phone off the coffee table and brought it to him. "Good boy!" Jack said. "Bring it to Sue." Levi did as asked.

Levi scratched at the bathroom door to open it, and entered the bathroom.

"Hi Boy, what are you doing in here?" Jack heard Sue ask from the bathroom. "Oh... my phone?" Sue asked curiously. "Hmm, a text... from Jack..."

"Can it wait for a bit?" She read. She put the phone down and yelled out to him. "Umm, no, not really. I need your opinion, I can't hold this forever." Sue said.

"On my way…" Jack texted. He opened the door. "What's up?" He asked.

Sue turned to him , holding something in her hand. Jack squinted to see what it was. A smile began to cross Sue's lips as Jack walked closer.

"Wha…?" He began to ask what it was she was holding. He noticed she was holding a white stick in her hand that had a blue plus sign on it. His eyes got bigger the closer he got. A smile graced his face as well. "Is that what I think it is?" Jack asked. He walked quicker to his wife.

Sue bit her lip unable to hide her smile any longer. She shook her head yes.

"Are you…?" he asked. Sue shook her head yes. Jack lunged forward and pulled Sue into his arms. He pulled away from her and kissed her. "Wait? Are you sure? Are we talking about the same thing?"

"I'm as sure as a home test can be. We're going to have a baby." Sue said starting to tear up at those words.

"Wow! We're going to be parents." Jack said with a loud sigh of pride. "I'm going to be a dad."

"I'm going to be a mom." Sue said as a tear fell onto her cheek. Jack pulled her into his arms, kissing her passionately. Levi jumped up on the couple and nudged his nose in between them. "And you're going to be..." Sue said.

"A brother!" they both said laughing.

"I love you." They said to each other, as their hands rubbed Sue's belly.