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Nb. Same deal. Roughly 700 words, about Gale's perspective at all the major parts of the Hunger Games.


The 74th Annual Hunger Games


Gale almost considers not watching the rest of the games. Images of Katniss's reaction to Mellark's declaration of love are still burned into his retinas. Surely, if Gale had said the same thing to her, then he would have had the same reaction. Her eyes had widened in pure shock as it had dawned on her what the boy was saying. Then the blush had crept up onto her cheeks and Gale had seen it. In her eyes.

He'd begged her not to buy into it. To ignore the blonde haired bakers son and run fom the stage. To keep those mental barriers that she loved to haul high, tall and strong—and not believe the kid's words. It was a ploy.

It had to be.

But he didn't see that in her eyes when he looked. Instead, he saw something far more terrifying.


Now, he didn't know what had gone on behind closed doors—before or after Mellark's announcement to Panem, but it didn't matter. She'd accepted it—that Mellark loved her and now it's all that Gale can think about.

If he'd said it to her, would he have seen the same look in her eyes? If he'd said it to her, would she had accepted him?

He didn't want to look at her eyes again—he didn't want to see how she would look at him now. So he thinks about not watching the Games any more. About running off to their spot in the forest and waiting it out.

But then the call is made, and the district is being told to gather in front of the screens. And Gale doesn't even think about it. Because could he really have her running into what would surely be the hardest task of her entire life—without him there, egging her on, wishing her luck and being the voice she needed to have in her head?

No. That was the answer, and there was no way that he would abandon her. Not the way that Mellark would as soon as the stakes got high. When choosing between himself and Katniss, Gale knew who the boy would chose.

Love only went so far, you know.

He watches as each contestant is raised into the arena, and makes the quick judgements that everyone is making about this year's terrain. A forest—good. Katniss was good with trees, and if she made it there quickly enough, then she'd be safe for at least the first day.

He then checks cornucopia. It's probably easier for the audience to know what is there, than it is for the tributes. There is a long, zoomed glance at the contents and Gale has gotten a good look at the bow and arrow by the time the screen finally back out.

Then it shows the tributes. Obviously the camera's have managed to get an angle where you can were both Peeta and Katniss. It was hard to do—the two of them have been placed pretty far away from each other—but it works for the cameras. On one side, there is Katniss, who is scanning the area just as Gale has been doing. She's looking at all her options, and Gale can see the clogs turning in her head as she thinks about the decisions she has to make in the next few minutes.

At the other end there is Peeta. He is doing the same thing, only looking far more nervous that Katniss. His gaze is pulled to Katniss every couple of seconds, and for a moment, Gale is indescribably glad that Katniss isn't looking back.

Until, of course, she does.

It's a wide shot, so people who weren't looking closely wouldn't have noticed. But Gale could. He watched as they caught each other's attention, and then stared at each other for a moment. Silence—the tributes don't talk at this point—and then he watches as he realises that Mellark has been watching her behaviour as much as he has (only without the benefit of the screen to help).

Its a shake of the head that drives it home to Gale. It's the same advice that Gale would have given her—don't go for the bow, go for the trees. You won't make it. You know the smart decision.

But that fact that he's here, stuck behind a screen, thousands of miles away, and Mellark is there is like a driving force that punches him in the gut.

He punches a wall. He knows that the people around him will know what he's thinking—it was as if the only one in the district who didn't know that he had feelings for Katniss was Katniss herself. They look at him with pity—and disappointment, from his mother, who has to take him to Katniss's mother to make sure that his fingers aren't too badly hurt.

Katniss's mother and Prim watch him wearily, as though worried he might explode.

To be honest, he's a little worried too.


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