Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at writing a fanfiction for Legend of Zelda so please forgive me if I make an error or two.

The storyline of Twilight Princess (Wii version) was so intriguing and addictive that I had to give this fiction a try (and yes I have actually played the game, not just watched the walkthroughs on Youtube). As a note, I've written this story so you can read this without having watched or played the game, but I believe you would appreciate it more if you take the time to at least watch the walkthrough.

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The Bow and Sword


"They're climbing o'er the walls!" a pikeman shouted as he readied himself to face the horde of blue bokoblins and green bulblins about to emerge from their climb.

Two swordsmen with shields flanked him before the enemy was able to pull themselves over. With a growl, three bokoblins came over and charged the three guardsmen. All three were so hard pressed to hold off the continuous waves of blue and green monsters that they didn't notice their impending doom.

A bokoblin holding a bomb triumphantly over its onion-like head and grinning down at the three guards. Just as it was about to throw the plant-like bomb and send all the combatants into oblivion, an arrow sprouted out of its throat. Almost in the same instant, an arrow speared through the stem of the bomb, sending it back over the wall, and another arrow firmly implanted itself right between the monster's eyes.

The poor creature was dead before it even fell backwards over the wall and was incinerated along with many of its once companions by the exploding bomb. The blast frightened the remaining goblins drastically and they turned tail and ran, ignoring the angry, incomprehensible shouts from their leader riding atop a red-eyed bullbos.

The guards looked at each other in amazement before turning around and looking at Hyrule Castle, across the fairly large town within the castle's outer walls. Up in the highest tower and on one of the balconies of the castle, stood two people. One was garbed in the royal armor and robes of the current Hyrule sovereign and the other, in stark contrast, wore a forest green jerkin underneath leather archer's armor.

The archer lowered their bow and bowed to the monarch before striding back into the castle. The royally garbed figure stepped out further onto the balcony, revealing herself as Princess Zelda. The guards were still in shock from the archer and nearly missed the rousing chorus of cheers from their fellow guardsmen.

Loon, the pikeman of the trio, joined in the cheers half-heartily before slowly making his way back to the barracks. He changed his mind halfway there and strode purposefully down to the southern part of Castle Town and straight into a small, backwater bar. It was here that you could get any information you needed, as long as you stayed on the barkeep's sweet side.

Telma, the large woman barkeeper, gave Loon a nod as he walked in and placed his pike against the wall before joining Telma at the bar.

"What can I get ya, honey?" she asked in a fake maidenly-sounding voice.

"Some ale, if'n you please, and some information."

"The ale I can get you right enough, but the information might cost you, hon."

She filled a tankard of ale and slid it down to Loon's waiting hands before placing one hand on the counter and looming over Loon. "Now, what sort of information are you lookin' for?"

"Do you have any information on an archer who wears a forest green jerkin and leather archer's armor? This archer would have to be extremely skilled at their craft."

Telma looked up to the rafters, as if the answer was hidden somewhere up in the mix of wooden beams and stone blocks. "There are two archers that I know of who fit that description but only one of them commonly wears leather armor. Her name is Diane Tutela."

"THE Diane Tutela?" Loon exclaimed, nearly spewing half of his ale in Telma's face but managing to stop himself.

"Yes, there's only the one unless some looby is making a false claim."

"Did she really help the chosen hero save Hyrule only a few years ago?"

"Aye, though she was thrust into the role reluctantly."

"Huh? But the stories say-"

"The stories have an unfortunately common habit of twisting the truth. Now, if you want the true story, talk to Shad and the others in the back room. They were the ones who were in direct contact with the girl at the time.

"Oh, and before I forget," she said as she handed Loon a slip of paper and smiled deviously. "Here's your bill."

Distracted, Loon took the slip of paper and headed to the back room as quickly as he could without spilling his drink. Only one man was sitting in the back room at the time. He had brown hair, the tapered ears common with many Hyruleans, and wore an almost scholarly set of adventures clothes with round glasses covering his dark blue eyes.

Loon almost had to put his hand in front of the man's face to draw away his attention from the brown-covered book he held in his hands. "Ah, sorry Guardsman, did you need something?"

"Telma said that a man named Shad and his companions could tell me about Diane Tutela."

"Ah, yes! The infamous wandering archer turned guardian of the honorable Princess Zelda! I'm Shad, historian and keeper of legends. So are you looking for any specific information or just general facts?"

"I was hoping you could give me an accurate telling of how she came to be the Princess' guardian."

"I can do one better than that friend!" Shad leaned towards a leather satchel and pulled out a rather wore book. "This, Guardsman, is the actual account of Diane Tutela during that time period, written in her own words! It took me two years to find it within the ruins of a temple deep within Faron Forest, not including the months it took to remove it from its hiding place.

"Now let's see… Here it is! 'I do not claim to be a hero chosen by the gods…'"

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