This is the latest story of Metal Gear Godzilla series, its story lines took place one year after Godzilla Tokyo SOS. Enjoy it chiga2011

Chapter 1: Uprising.

Shadow Moses Island, Alaska, USA.

"Sir, the drill is going as plan sir!" An officer informs his superior, "Excellent, are the FOXHOUND ready for combat operation?" The superior asked back. "Uh, no sir, they reported that they still need sometimes preparing, sir." The officer replied in an unsure tone. "What? What do you mean by that, that's it i'm going down to..." Then an explosion erupts through the base, follow up by an assault of FOXHOUND special forces, led by their team leader, Liquid Snake. In a split seconds, all the CO at the base are all dead, then Liquid make his debut to The White House.

A few hours later, A US Marines V-22 Osprey flew ground hogging to the island's coast. Onboard is an elite supersoldier of the CIA, a product of fearsome training and endless battle experience, he is agent Snake Eater (voice actor by David Hayter). "Suneku, a few hours ago, the secret US Army's Spec ops unit name FOXHOUND has stage an uprising against the White House. They are demanding that if the White House won't surrender two billion dollars along with the soldier genes of Mamba Boss, they will nuke DC along with everybody in it. We think that it's just a bluff that they made, however president George W Bush is already heart attack by their demands. We've an positive ID on the members of the uprising, Ilusion Octopus the master of disguises, Psycho Gigan a psyonic cyborg kaiju, Sniper Wolf the beautiful and deadly marksman, Revolver Black Panther a fearsome gunmen and fighter, Vulcan Raven the hulking shaman and weapons specialist. Finally is Rikita Suneku." Prime minister Igarashi (Voice actor by Akira Nakao) briefing Snake on the situation on the island, "Liquid Snake?" Snake asked. "The one who have the same codename as your." Igarashi answered.

Then Snake jumps down into the deep dark water of the Alaskan sea and swim his way into the base undetected by sonar detection. He then arrives at the underground storage facility of the island, he saw a man taking the elevator up to the surface. "This is Snake. I'm inside now what?" Snake asked Hayato. "Good work Snake, your primary objectives are to rescue the DARPA chief Donald Anderson and the president of ArmsTech security Kenneth Baker. Your secondary objective is to find whether or not the terrorists has the capability to launch a nuke into Washington DC. Remember that you're completely naked, all weapons and equipments are procure on-site only, so you mustn't let them spotted you or else the mission is a total failure." Hayato instructed Snake on his mission and objectives. "Got it, i'll do whatever i can to avoid detection." Snake replied to Hayato Igarashi. Then he steadily moves around the containers to the elevators, he sense a guard was headed his way, Snake then ran around to the main entrance to the elevator, he then continously roll to the elevator and press the button.

He duck around the container to hide until the elevator to arrive, when the elevator arrives, he quickly ran into the elevator and press the button inside to go up on the surface of the island.

Author: That's the opening of the new story, i hope you enjoy it chiga2011. This is gonna be a lot of blast from the past.

Katsura Yumigami: Saving the story progress, Snake?

Then Snake press the SAVE button.

Katsura Yumigami: Snake, have you ever heard about Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater?

Snake Eater: Nope, doesn't ring a bell.

Katsura Yumigami: Well, it's a video game on the PS2 the story is about a CIA black op elite soldier name Naked Snake who is in charge to recover a legacy that can help nations fight the second world war five times all over again, but his mission went horribly wrong as he finds out that his boss defect to the Soviet Union. That's when things turn to a lot more complicated.

Snake Eater: Sounds interesting, better get myself a PS2 while i still can. Is it good looking?

Katsura Yumigami: It's the most beautiful game on the PS2 so far. You'll see the wildlife in the game are so dynamic like in real life, with grasses are use to identified how well you're camoflage yourself into the area. And the gameplay is full of variety along with an enovative multiplayer you'll love it.