Chapter 17: Lair of REX

The snowfield's quietness hasn't been disturb since the last shot of Snake's pistol, there lies the body of a warrior, a strong, stone cold female sniper whoes life long existence was waiting to be kill by a hero. Sniper Wolf was her name, her life was a complete nightmare created from the cycle of the Iran-Iraq war. Now that her story has finally been told and her soul has been free, there were signs of hope of a hero who shall set those who face him in battle free from their fate. But the hero that was foretold by Psycho Gigan and Sniper Wolf is still in question of his own existence. Will their vision, prophercies, become reality? For now, this hero must stop his twin brother from taking the lives of innocent. Snake Eater was how they call him, he headed into a what appears to be a storage shed, but inside was cramped with cargo, crates and boxes of all kind. Snake saw a stairwell down to what appears to be an underground tunnel. He gave a quick smirk, realizing that this is the entrance into the walking nuclear armed tank lies in waiting. Snake came down to a casting facility, it was boiling hot down there with hot magma to burn down unwanted or unrecycable weapons and equipments. He take a quick survey of what and where are the guards. He quickly ran forward to a ledge, he carefully press himself against the wall behind and shimming along the small and cold metallic ledge. But in all of a sudden a crane come by his way, it was so big that it could knock him into the hot magma below, he quickly ducked down and wait for the crane to pass by, he then contineus to make his way through the ledge and reaches the catwalk. "Remind me to get a spa after this." He said to himself, a breath of relief escapes his mouth as he was taking a few seconds to recover his strength from all the intense pressure of certain death.

He then ran down the catwalk, but a guard came up the stairs, forced to take a detour, Snake jumped down to ground, rolling upon landing then ran into the the room behind the huge blastdoor. As quick as he could, he climbed on an elevator. He press a button and the lift slowly came down to the lower level, he heard his worst fear in a mission...footsteps! And they were closing in fast. "There he is!" shouted a FOXHOUND soldier as he and two of his comrades jumped down on the elevator in an attemp to stop Snake. "Damn!" Snake cursed, quickly, he grab the barrel of a soldier's gun and pull it forward. Taken completely by surprise, the soldier was drag off his feet, Snake ran behind the soldier and use his left hand and lock up his human shield's neck. Snake taken control of the soldier's right arm which was armed with an FAMAS assault rifle, Snake pull it up and inned his finger down on the trigger and kill the other two with a full barrage of bullets. After killed the two, Snake quickly snapped the neck of his human shield and let go. The "Thud" sound that occurred in front of him didn't even caught his attention one bit. He was cold and heartless to care for other's lives even for his enemies. After come down to the lower floor, SNake immediately ran down to another elevator and go lower to the underground base. He stands on the lift, waiting for it to complete its job, suddenly he has a call from his old mentor.

"Snake, i have some information about Katsura Yumigami." Said Master Miller, "Yeah what about her?" Asked Snake, "Is this conversation secured?" Remarked by his master, "Yep, the monitor is off." Answered Snake. "I did some digging on her background. Her story about her background, her grandfather was a scientist in Japanese Imperial Army during the second world war and went on convincing Dr Serizawa on keeping the secret of the Oxygent Destroyer away from the world was a big lie." Reply his master. "What did you say?" Confused by what he heard, Snake quickly asked again trying to assure that it was a lie like the ones that he listen to all his life. "It was really bothering me. Why would she lie about it?" Miller quickly confirmed that Katsura was lying about her life. "She might be a spy." Miller quickly pointed a suspicious possibility to Snake, "Ridiculous." It was all Snake could think, "Ridiculous" was the only word that can describe his opinion on the matter. "C'mon. Even a high school student could see pass it. Anybody who has access to the Imperial Army of Japan's reccord could see that professor Daisuke Serizawa discover the Oxygent Destroyer alone, no one helped him. When he died in 1954, the only one else who know about his work were two persons. But they're dead now." Miller rant down the detail to Snake, it was frighteningly true, Snake started loosing trust in his own mission support staff.

"The chief and the president are both dead, the ninja too. There's too many strange thing happening around here. When i found out anything more, i'll call. In the meantime, be careful. Oh and before i forget, if she calls you, try to ask some questions about her past life, real hard on her. Force her to tell you what she knew. Good luck." Snake's mentor ended the chat, leaving Snake coming down to a cold storage room. Around him, ravens and crows mantling on the ledges of the lift. Snake has a bad feeling about what will happen next when he gets down. The elevator docks with the 5th basement unload bay, it was freezing down there with liquid Nitrogen leaking all over the floor, created a dense fog like appearance of the warehouse. Snake carefully approached the security door in front of the icy hallway. He flatten himself on the wall, slowly and methodicly leaned his head out, trying to get an eye on the security level inside the warehouse. At first it seems that the warehouse is clear, nobody was patroling, not a single soul was wondering around the stacked containers inside th warehouse.

Snake decided to come into the warehouse, he carefully walk to the door at the end of the hall, in his mind, there was a chilling feeling that this is a trap for him. And that feeling confirmed with the voice of an Alaskan Shaman, "This is the end of the road for you. Right, my friends?" Vulcan Raven, the hulking Voodoo Shaman, now he packed himself a Vulcan 20mm canon, teared off from an F16 shot down by Liquid. He was standing on a container, his head nearly touches the ceiling of the warehouse, surrounded him were flocks of ravens all come to see his duel with the legendary soldier. Snake takes a good long look at the raven, the fight that will follow between him and the man of the ravens. "How dare you kill my friends...Ravens aren't scavengers like most people think they are. They're just simply returning to the natural world what is no longer needed. Sometimes they even attack wounded foxes." Raven taunted his opponent, lecturing Snake about the raven's role in the natural world, but Snake didn't take any notice to those chit chat moments.

"So you're the one in the M1. Musta been a tight squeeze for a big boy like you?" Raven chuckled by the what Snake said, but Raven was thirsting a second battle with this worth while enemy, "But that was no true battle. The raven and i were testing to see what kind of man you are. The judgment is decided, you are a true warrior." Suddenly, Snake can't move his body, he saw a raven flying out of Vulcan's head and landed on Snake's shoulder, he can't move until it fly away, he felt like Death was in front of his two mortal eyes. "Blood from the east flows within your veins. Ah...your ancestors were raised on the barren plain of Mongolia. Japanese and Inuit are cousins. We shared many ancestor you and i. I'm not fond of snakes, but you are family. But in this battle there will be no holding back. You ready?" Raven immediately open fire on Snake after he finished his sentence, Snake quickly run around the containers to dodge the bullets. Snake flatten himself against a container, listening to the sounds of foot steps, predicting where will Raven look at. Snake selected the Nikita rocket launcher, Snake fires a missile and tracked its flight path, the missile hit Raven on the left arm. Raven quickly retaliates with another hail of bullets, but he was slow and hunkered down by the machine gun on his back. While then Snake was faster, and more stealthier than his opponent, as a result, Raven tramps on one claymore mine to the next.

Snake fires another Nikita missile, the missile was guided by a complex flight path around the containers, the missile detonated on Raven's back, sending him flying across the room, crashing into the wall. The duel was over, Snake comes to his defeated enemy, Raven was bleeding and exhausted by the battle that he was craving for. Raven kneeled down, letting the ravens flying to him and do their works. "Snake, take this security card, it will open that door for you." strangely for Snake, his enemy was giving him a security card, willingly. There was something else that Raven knew, and he was beginning to tell the naive, cold hearted super soldier. "Snake, the DARPA chief that you saw, it wasn't him." Raven said, it shooked Snake after all the confusing things that was happening around the base. "It was Ilusion Octopus. The master of disguises, he didn't just copy faces, but he also copy the target down to the blood. But he was unable to deceive the Angel of Death."

"Angel of Death?" Snake asked, but Raven didn't reveal anything else, leaving Snake to find out what is the "Angel of Death" that killed Octopus and the ArmsTech president. "Snake, you and the boss are snakes which wasn't created by the natural world. YOu and the boss are from another realm, one that i dare not to find out. In the natural world there is no such thing as boundless slaughter, but you're different. The path that you walk on has no end, the killing for you will not end. Snake, hear me, my soul will be watching you from above." The ravens began to pecked away Vulcan Raven's flesh, but after mere seconds, the body was disappeared. There was nothing left of him but a raven's feather. Snake turns away from the warehouse and move on with his mission.