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"Yay! I am going to make more friends today! I am going to have the most number of friends in the world!" An energetic boy punched the air. He black hair swayed around as he jumped in joy. His parents looked at him and smiled. Their child had never looked depressed and was always cheerful. A "born leader" was what he was called by his parents. He had the ability to convince kids around his age to follow him and play with him. He was never alone, never depressed.

"My my, who are you, little boy?" The boy's mother asked. She was a beautiful woman and had a charming smile. Her dress swayed with the gentle breeze. Her brown hair was neat and tidy.

"Don't you know?" The little boy asked. "I am Jinta." The boy then continued with the air of supremacy around him.

"I am Jinta Yadomi, the man that will help people and make friends with everyone!"

"Haha, my boy. You are too young to be a man. Aren't you just cute?" The boy's father embraced him.

"Dad, I'll be a man when I grow up. I am already 7 years old!" Jinta declared.

"You will be a man, a wonderful and cute young man." His father answered.

"Thank you, Dad! Off I go!" Jinta ran out of the house and towards the nearby park to meet his friends.

"Jinta, be careful! Don't fall!" His mother called out after him.

"No worries, Mom!"

"Is my hair messy, is there anything on my face?" a curly haired girl asked her mother for the very last time as she looked in the mirror. "Please tell me!"

"No, dear. You look like an angel. You have beautiful curly brown hair and there is nothing on your face." He mother replied patiently. She was wondering why her daughter was so uptight about her looks.

"Really? I am meeting Jintan today. I can't look terrible." The little girl adjusted her spectacles. She was very nervous. She had always tried to look good in front of Jinta. I can't look bad in front of him. I just can't!

"You really look fine. You are my daughter. You are Naruko Anjo."

"Aww, Mom. You don't have to tell me that."

"Hm. Done. Well, looks like you are ready to go out."

"Thank you, Mom!" Anjo thanked as she put on her favourite shoes.

"Take care and have fun!"

"Yes, Mom!"

Anjo ran out of her house, running towards the park where she was meeting Jinta.

"This is amazing! He is just so cool!" A short boy with a crew cut shouted in joy.

"We are going to do some cool things again! Anything he does is just amazing!" The boy couldn't stop his excitement from overflowing.

"Tetsudo Hisakawa, please contain your excitement. You might fall and hurt yourself!" His mother scolded.

"No problem! I'll pick myself up if I do fall. I am going to meeting my amazing friend today!

"Yes, I know. You better go now before you are late."

"I'm going!" Tetsudo announced and he ran out to the nearby park to meeting his amazing friend, Jinta.

"Going out, Atsumu?"

"Yes, Mom." A boy with light brown hair replied.

"I am going to meet my friends in the park.

"Together with the girl next door?"

"Yes. Her name is Chiriko."

"Have fun! Be back home for lunch!"

"Yes, Mom!"

Atsumu walked out of his house and saw a girl with short dark blue hair, holding a small green file waiting for him.

"Well, let's go. They are waiting." Chiriko said.

"Yes, let's go." Atsumu put his hands into his pockets and walked towards to the park with Chiriko beside him.

"Hey! Over here!"Jinta shouted and waved. Tetsudo saw his amazing friend with his other 3 friends waiting for him.

"That was cool, Jintan! Getting here so fast." Tetsudo commented.

"Poppo, you should be punctual, everyone had to wait for you." Anjo scolded, tapping Tetsudo on his head.

"Heh heh, I'm sorry, Anaru." Tetsudo apologised to Anjo.

"Poppo, glad that you can come." Chiriko said.

"Of course I'm allowed to come, Tusuruko. Kids are supposed to play, am I right, Yukiatsu?" Tetsudo asked.

"Yes, but we can't be kids forever." Atsumu replied coldly.

"Enough of this talk, let's go to the playground!" Jinta shouted.

"Hai!" His little group shouted. "Let's go!"

They ran towards the playground as fast as their legs could allowed them. They were not going to let this beautiful Saturday morning go to waste. They would never allow that. Kids were supposed to play.

Jinta was in the lead shouting, "Let's go! Let's go!" Tetsudo was catching up to his speed and shouting, "This is so amazing, Jintan!" Behind them, Anjo was shouting, "Wait up, Jintan!" Atsumu and Chiriko ran closely behind.

"Let's play the slide!" Jinta suggested. The group of friends ran to the playground and dashed towards the slide. Jinta went first. He always was.

They ran around playing catch and with the playground's equipment. They were enjoying themselves there. At a corner, a girl was watching them play. She wore a plain white dress with a blue string ribbon tied near her collar. She had long beautiful white hair and was very shy. After watching them play, she decided to muster every ounce of her courage to ask from a request from them. Yes, she should do that.

"H-hello, m-my name i-is Meiko Honma. You m-may call m-me Men-menma. M-may I play w-with y-you?" She asked as she approached the boy with black hair.

"Heh?" The boy gave a surprise look at her.

The girl was paralyzed with shock.

A group of 4 kids stopped running and walked towards the boy.

The boy then smiled at Mieko and said. "Hello, my name Jinta Yadomi. You may call me Jintan. Yes, you may play with us!"

Mieko was stunned. She didn't expect anyone to play with her. She then relaxed and blushed.

"Thank you!" She exclaimed and smiled brightly at her newly found friend.

Well, Menma have new friends! From the next chapters onwards, I shall use their nicknames. For example, Jintan instead of his real name Jinta. Hmm, what do you all readers think of this chapter? Please do drop in reviews! I will love to read your reviews!