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"Jinta, wake up or you will be late for school." Jinta's mother called out.

"Haaiiii." Jintan replied sleepily. It is Monday morning already. Yes, Monday, the start of the school week.

"It is Monday again." Jintan moaned. "I should suggest that the school allow us to have more days to play." Jintan went and brushed his teeth.

"But I know that it is impossible."

Jintan had dressed and had their breakfast. He left the house with his parents waving him goodbye. Normally, parents will bring their 7 year-old child to school. Well, unless their child had strongly objected the idea. A normal 7 year-old kid will logically not object. Unfortunately, 'logical' isn't a word that will appear and apply to Jintan. He had rejected his parent's wishes to bring him to school. "It's not very cool to let people know that a 7 year-old is not mature enough to walk to school by himself." Was what Jintan had said. His parents had tried to reason to him that it has nothing to do about being cool and that a 7 year-old kid may not be very mature. Jintan had ignored it all. Well, he just walked to school alone and had never met any trouble at all. His parents gave him credit and praise for that.

"Hey, Jintan!" A familiar voice rang out.

"Huh? Oh, it is you, Anaru." Jintan looked behind as he stopped. The curly haired girl ran forward and caught up with him.

"Finally... Please do not go off without me. You do know that my parents had left for work early in the morning. You are so mean, Jintan." Anaru panted.

"Well, it is all right since you had caught up with me!" The black haired boy replied. His hair swayed as he turned and face Anaru.

"It is not all right! Not all right!" Anaru shouted as she shook her head in disagreement. "Wait for me next time, will you?" Anaru looked at Jintan with her ever-so cute eyes.

"I-I... Um, all right then. Come on. We are going to be late if we don't run." Jintan blushed after seeing Anaru and dashed forward.

"Hey, wait up! There is still half an hour more till school starts! Hey! I said wait up!" Anaru yelled and ran after Jintan. Why in the world am I always running after him?

"Not late for school. But late for our meeting with the Poppo, Tsuruko and Yukiatsu! Don't you remember?" Jintan replied, trying to hide his embarrassment.

"Oh, that." Anaru realised. "Just wait up! You are running too fast!"

"Just run, don't talk!" Jintan suggested as he continued running.

Anaru simply ran.


"Aww, aren't Jintan and Anaru late?" Poppo commented.

"Let's just wait for them. This isn't the first time they are late. Together." Yukiatsu said. He yawned and sat down on his chair.

The trio were in their classroom, waiting for the other 2 members of their group to show up. They were used to waiting for them. Waiting for them together, waiting for both Jintan and Anaru to show up together. It was normal for both of them to reach school together. Jintan and Anaru were like a pair that they could never separate, though it was known that Anaru was the one that refused to let anyone near Jintan, thus Jintan was always teased by other students. Jintan had ignored them. Much to Anaru's dismay, Jintan had always tried to avoid her, or rather, her bone crushing hugs.

"Sorry that we, no, I mean, sorry that I am late!" Jintan dashed into the classroom, flustered.

"Wait up, Jintan!" a bespectacled girl entered the room after Jintan. "Ah, good morning everyone!"

"Stop fooling around and come here. Remember, we are going to discuss the place where we will use as our common meeting and playing place today!" Yukiatsu scolded. "We do not have time for both you to play around."

"Haha, cool down." Jintan ran jumped over a desk, did a flip and landed on his seat, which was beside Yukiasu.

"That was amazing, Jintan!" Poppo exclaimed. "How did you do that?"

"It was nothing," Jintan replied and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "You flatter me. I'll teach you how to do a flip safely someday."

"You are so cool, Jintan! Thank you!" Poppo thanked.

"No problem, let's us think about a place to meet up and play." Jintan sat down and made himself comfortable.

"I don't see why we should have a fixed place of meeting up." Anaru spoke up as she went towards them. "Isn't it all right if we just meet up at the playground?"

"We can't just keep on playing. Remember, we will grow up and there will be a lot more responsibility, not to say that there will be much more homework to do." Yukiatsu said.

"Let's just deal with it later on! We are just 7 year old kids. We ought to have fun." Jintan pointed out.

"That's why I said that we will grow up." Yukiatsu replied.

"Shall we build a tree house or something?" Poppo suggested.

"That shall be it!" Jintan exclaimed.

"We just need some plants of wood, some nails and a tree." Anaeru thought aloud. "What do you think about the idea to build a tree house, Tsuruko?"

"It is fine." Tsuruko answered.

"Let's do it then!" Jintan roared with enthusiasm.

"Right class, get ready for homeroom now." The teacher entered the classroom.

"Stand." The class president commanded. The whole class stood up.

"Bow." The class president bowed, followed by the whole class.

"Class, you may sit." The teacher smiled.

"From today onwards, there will be a new student in our class. Please introduce yourself."

A shy girl that was hiding behind the teacher came out and blushed. She had beautiful long white hair.

"That is..." Jintan couldn't believe his eyes.

"H-hello, e-everyone. M-my name i-is M-meiko Honma. Y-you can call be M-menma. Nice to meet all of you!" The girl introduced herself, and her light blue eyes looked timidly at the whole class.

And saw Jintan.

Menma blushed even more.

There were mummers of, "She is so cute!", "What beautiful eyes she have." and "I wish she will sit beside me."

"Okay, Menma, you may pick a sit." The teacher gestured.

Menma walked forward past the rows and sat right beside Jintan.

"What?" Anaru was shocked. How in the world did she lose Jintan to a new girl that had just joined their class?

When did she get so close to Jintan? Anaru was bewildered. How did she even manage to do it?

"Ehh, Anaru, is there something wrong?" The teacher asked. "Do you feel sick? Do you need to rest for a bit?"

There were snickers of, "Oh, that is Jintan's wife.", "Oh, look how lovely dovey they are." and "Anaru is jealous."

Anaru blushed, ignored the mummers of her classmates and said, "Nothing, Sawada- sensei."

"Really?" Her teacher asked.

"No, really, I feel fine." Anaru replied. She rubbed her hands in embarrassment, embarrassed by her sudden outburst.

"All right then. If you do not feel fine then please inform sensei." Sawada-sensei told Anaru. "All right! Let's take attendance now!"

Anaru was getting nervous. What shall I do? Someone please tell me how!

Jintan looked at Anaru. Why is she feeling so sad? Did we do anything wrong? Hey, I remembered that no one offended her. I guess I'll buy her an ice cream to cheer her up later. Jintan smiled at his own thought of making Anaru smile.

Poppo, Yukiatsu and Tsuruko thought, I am not sure what will Anaru do next. Will she fly into a rage? Jintan, you had better be prepared!

Menma just smiled at them, I am glad that I have friends here! I'm so excited! It was the right decision to choose this school then!

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