Here I Am

Here I am without you

Watching you slip away into the darkness

That consumes you

Sweet memories of us

Haunt me as I cry a river

That I'm drowning in

Don't you know my heart is breaking?

Why won't you come back to me?

Call me a liar, but I still love you

Though I'm losing my breath

Unable to breathe

As I try to hold your hand through it all

I'm losing grip

Unable to let you lead me

Away from all the good we've worked for

When I fall into nothingness

Just like the memories I've become a ghost

Forever by your side

Wishing you would let me lead you back into the light

Suddenly I listen and enter into your dreams

It is then when you close your eyes

And hear my comforting words to you

Before you too are falling into nothingness

That you're running into my awaiting arms

Where everything between us is forgiven and forgotten

And my heart is whole again

Here I am with you.