Hey Everyone! I've had this drabble in my head for a while now, debating whether or not I should just share it. So depending on your response to this chapter, I'll either continue it or pull it.

This won't be beta'd so if there are mess-ups forgive me, I'm human.

Full Summary: A decision and a bad break-up left Bella with nothing but memories of what used to be. She hopes graduating will finally help her get over Edward. And it does. But that's only temporary because a couple years later, he shows up in her life again... and this time he wants to stay. Old feelings come back and even though she tries to maintain a distance, she still feels drawn to him. The biggest issue? She's getting married in a couple of weeks.

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I walk a few feet behind you as we both walk in the direction of our next class.

You're stature looks bulkier from this angle with your varsity jacket.

I've always loved when you wore that jacket.

I look at your back and smile when I look at your book bag.

Cookie monster.

You're adorable, you know that?

I internally laugh in adoration at your innocence.

It's something I've always adored about you, even though it contradicts the status that you have to hold up in this school.

Senior? Captain of the football team? Mr. Popular?

No, innocence shouldn't even fit in there, but it does for you.

You turn the corner, into a different hallway, and I soon follow.

It's funny how close our classes are.

I still stare at your back, and I'm tempted to come up and wrap my arms around your torso.

But I don't and I probably will never have the balls to fall through with that plan.

Instead, I watch you turn into your class. My eyes stop following after that; they stay straight as I make my way to the breezeway.

One day, I hope.

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