I just want to make a couple of clarifications for those that might be confused.

1. Both Bella and Edward are 17 years old and are seniors in high school.

2. Chapter 2 was a flashback. If it makes it easier, I'll put it in the beginning of the chapter what is a flashback.

3. This whole drabble will be in BPOV.

It's been a long day.

Paying attention to my classes doesn't seem a priority anymore.

Instead, I focus a lot more on trying to figure out ways to get over you. Some would think it's easy considering that we only went out for a month and a half.

It's not.

Especially when deep feelings are involved on my end.

Exiting my study hall, I survey the hallway, hoping to see someone I know.

I stop when my eyes meet yours.

You mirror a position similar to mine.

We're frozen in time.

The intense gaze we have does nothing but remind me of how things will never be the same.

I look away, almost feeling embarrassed because I know you can see my emotions in my features; how my facial features seem to soften under your gaze.

You control my emotions.

I soon notice your hands.

They're holding someone else's.

A tremendous amount of jealousy and possessiveness surges through me, but I do nothing.

I can't do anything.

You walk by my frozen state with the girl in tow.

I shortly follow behind because I have no choice; my class is in the same direction as yours again.

Gotta love a schedule that has me running into you at several times of the day...

I keep my distance, but my eyes stay locked at your joined hands.

How your large hand cradles her small one.

It kills me.

That should be me, holding your hand.

That should be me, making you laugh.

That should be me, this is so sad.

Remember when the hand you held was mine?

I do.

Note the Justin Bieber reference. (;

Take care ~asana-marie