Night had fallen and Daryl knelt by the fire he had been tending to for the last couple of minutes. He was attempting to find the balance between a hot fire and low burning embers so there would be no unwanted attention. The group had split up, cohabitating in different parts of the camp. Lori and Carol were getting the little ones ready for bed, Shane and Rick were discussing where to go next; very loudly, and Dale and T-dog were trying to get Andrea to say more than two words. It had been hours since Glen had gone out scouting for food. Not that Daryl cared all that much but it was unlike the kid to be so late. After being satisfied with the fire Daryl started to pace. It was the only way he could get himself to think clearly when he was agitated; he had to keep himself moving. After a while he just couldn't take it anymore, he had to go out and move around. The hunter snatched up his pack, crossbow, and stalked past the others who were busy with their own lives and drama.

The group had stopped at an old camping ground near the woods a little off the road. After the explosion at the CDC, and the threat of walkers, Rick had wanted to get as far from the city as possible. Some of the survivors couldn't help but feel it might be in vain. The explosion was so loud and so big the sound could be bouncing around all over Georgia. Walkers could very well be heading towards the CDC, or they could be at their camp right now searching for that explosion.

After no more than ten minutes out of camp and back on the main road, Daryl spotted Glen.

"Short Round! What took so long?"

The kid seemed to be struggling with something in his arms. Daryl craned his neck up over the cars to see what Glen was carrying. He soon saw that in Glen's arms was a young woman no older than the kid; she seemed to be unconscious.

"Who the hell is that?"

Glen glared up from under his baseball hat, sweat over all over his face,

"You know Daryl; you could not be a dick and help me out here."

After a few seconds of Daryl looking over the women suspiciously, Glen added with exasperation.

"She's not bit."

Daryl snorted "Whatever."

Obviously relieved Daryl strode over to relieve Glen, lifting the woman easily into his firm arms and began to walk back to camp.

"Jesus kid, she doesn't weigh a thing."

Glen stretched his back as he glared at Daryl again.

"You try carrying someone when you've been out running in this fucking heat for hours."

Daryl stopped to let the kid catch up.

"Bet you I could."

When Glen took the lead Daryl glanced down at the woman he was carrying. She had short red hair, her bangs were parted several different ways from sweat. The woman was pretty short for someone her age; she was wearing some waitress uniform which was filthy and frayed.

"Where did you find her?"

Glen looked back before answering.

"When I was looking through all the cars I came across this old RV, sort of like ours, with a whole bunch of walkers around it."

Glen took his hat off to sweep his hair back before continuing.

"So I figured there must be someone or something alive in it."

The kid didn't miss much Daryl gave him that.

"So I distracted them by hot wiring a car far enough down the road and playing a CD left in it to distract them. When I snuck in she was in there with this golf club."

Glen twirled it so Daryl could see.

"She almost got me a couple of times, probably would have if she hadn't been half starved and sick."

Looking down Daryl could tell just how starved the girl was. Her cheeks were hallowed and Daryl could almost see the outline of her ribs through her white shirt.

Glen and Daryl made it back to camp. All the adults minus Carol were around the fire speaking hurriedly to one another.

"Glen should have been back by now." Dale's head was hung with his hands on his hips looking anxious.

"Daryl went after him didn't he? Isn't he with Glen?" Lori stepped in looking around at the rest of the group.

"Jesus, who knows where he is, son of a bitch could have just left."

Glen heard the hunter grumble something under his breath at Shane's remark.

"Guys, guys we're here." Glen rushed up to the survivors.

"Sorry, got our hands… a little full."

The kid motioned towards Daryl's arms. One by one the group looked over at the redneck and the small woman who lay in his arms. Rick walked up to the two rapidly and spoke in a hushed and serious tone.

"Is she bit? What's wrong with her?"

Sighing heavily Glen looked at Rick and Daryl in frustration.

"What is it with you two? Why the hell would I pick up a complete stranger who was surprise bitten by a walker?"

Forcefully brushing off the old and worn baseball cap the kid stalked off towards the rest of curious survivors. Rick and Daryl looked at each other for a moment before Daryl shrugged and handed the woman off to Rick.

"Here, need to sleep." The hunter walked off towards the RV, briskly shutting the door behind him and laid down on the floor.

Through the rest of the night Glen watch at the fire as Rick and Lori tried to wake up the stranger long enough to get some food in her. Only succeeding a couple times that night Rick decided to let her rest and placed her in the bed in the RV. The survivors stayed at the camp for a couple days slowly nursing the woman back to health. When she would wake up the woman was delirious and kept babbling the name Bill, telling him to run


Early one day Daryl got roped into watching over the girl for later that evening by Rick. The hunter now sat on the floor next to where she slept, silently cleaning his remaining arrows and crossbow. Pleased, Daryl moved on to cleaning his impressively sized hunting knife.

One more hour then you can go back to the fire, and get some supper.

Trying to quell his growing boredom and hunger Daryl began to bite his nails and stared out the window of the RV.


The girl yelled out and sprung to a sitting positiongasping for air causing Daryl to fly back and raising his knife.

Son of a bitch!

Looking around to see if any danger was present Daryl returned his gaze to the stranger. The woman began to look around blinking trying to regain her sight. Her eyes landed on Daryl the light hitting them just right so the color changed them to a golden green.

Unsure of what to do Daryl just stared back into those unsettling green eyes which were now looking from him, to his still raised knife, and then to the golf club that now sat next to the pile of guns across the RV.


She had a clear southern accent which Daryl didn't recognize. Daryl grunted in reply, and then promptly left to go get the old man and the kid.

Screw this crazy ass jumping shit.