Rick and Daryl strolled into a ghost town eyes fixed ahead, alert for any danger.

"How we're going to find them here?"

Daryl immediately took the lead, scanning the ground street by street eyes darting side to side in search of something. Rick followed curiously trying to find what the hunter was looking for. Several minuets pasted before Daryl stopped and pointed to the ground.

"It's a good thing it rained, got ourselves a trail."

"I don't see anything, just mud."

Daryl huffed in annoyance, bending down to point at the ground.

"It ain't just mud, its their foot prints, a little messed up but it works, looks like they headed up towards that apartment building over there."

The two made their way into the building, slaying the few walkers who were wondering along the lobby mindlessly.

"There's a trail of bodies up those stairs."

The hunter and cop flew up the several flights of stairs following the little bread crumb trail of bodies to the top of the building. A gang of walkers stood at the door, slumping and bumping into it aimlessly. The pair dispatched them quickly and ran to the locked door.

"Glen! Glen you in there?"

"Red open up!"

Glen and Evy looked towards the door to the familiar voices, both of them rushed to unlock the door for the welcome rescue. Daryl sprang through crossbow in hand, Rick followed close behind gun drawn.

"Woah woah guys hey."

Hands up Glen approached the armed men. Rick met Glen half way clasping his arm with a smile. Evy walked up to Daryl who was looking her up and down with a concentrated look on his face.

"Hey… you came after us?"

Chuckling Evy nudged his arm.

"My knight in shining armor, well… maybe more like my own Clint Eastwood, you have that whole broody thing going on, and ponchos."

Daryl let out a light huff of a laugh, Evy had heard it several times before whenever she let her mouth run off in front of Daryl.

"You hurt?"

"No I'm fine."

"Alright then lets get our asses moving, losing the light."

Lifting one eyebrow and shaking her head with a smile Evy passed the hunter.

"As always, such a way with words."

The four made their way back to camp, coming across a couple walkers which they took care of easily.

"Hey Rick, I just wanted to thank you for you know coming to get us, you risked a lot."

"You two are a part of the group we couldn't just leave you there, but don't make a habit of this you hear me?"

The cop gave Evy a stern look from under his hat making sure the red head understood. Nodding Evy let Glen and Rick take the lead and talk while she fell in next to Daryl.

"How come you froze up?"

It took Evy a couple seconds to realize what Daryl was talking about. Yesterday's events seemed far away.

"Glen told you."

"He's worried I guess, couldn't keep it to himself."

The small woman looked down at the club in her hands, watching the sun glimmer off the blood when a question of her own popped in her head.

"Can I ask you something too?"

Daryl looked over and nodded slightly.

"Who did you share your tent with? Those extra blankets looked like they belonged to someone."

The hunter blinked longer than usual in the way he did when something caught him off guard. Evy noticed this sometime after first meeting him. It's not obvious at first but after a while Evy caught on.

"Pffft that ain't no secret, my brother… Merle."

Evy looked up at Daryl in surprise.

"I'm sorry."

"It is how it is, your turn shortstop."

Evy retold the story she told only hours before. This time no reassurances came, only silence from the man next to her, and somehow that made her feel better. She didn't want to be told it would be ok, because it wasn't going to be while they were still dead. She just had to set it aside some how and move past it.

"I didn't tell any of you because… I didn't want to be treated like a broken thing to be looked after. I should have, it all came rushing back and I almost got Glen and me killed. It could happen again…"

"Damn straight you should of."

Daryl stopped and looked Evy in the eye.

"You don't just-"

The hunter looked past Evy and froze. Slowly he reached out and grabbed Evy's arm roughly pulling her back while trying to get Rick's attention.


Evy looked behind and saw a mass of zombies, the rest of the town it seems was limping this way.

"Oh shit."

Immediately the group took off, taking down as many walkers as they could while keeping a safe distance away from the mass of the horde. But when one was killed another took its place. Daryl and Evy stayed close together up ahead with Glen and Rick in the back.

"This isn't working!"

Glen yelled as he swung his bat.

"We need to split them up! Glen, Rick see that alley way?"

Evy pointed up ahead making sure they understood.

"Run towards it, then at the last minute run to the right, we will run the left, it might confuse the horde, some might follow but its better then all of them."

Glen nodded alongside Rick.

"You people crazy?! How the hell is that supposed to work?"

Evy grabbed Daryl's arm before he could flinch away, the hunter tensed up at the unfamiliar contact but looked her in the eye.

"Daryl! You just need to trust me."

Daryl had only seen this look one other time, the night she saved his life. She had stood next to him soaking wet, blood and rain running down her, his knife in her hand, green eyes blazing with that look. Remembering that the redneck nodded, taking his arm back roughly.

"Alright then Eastwood, follow me."