This first Fanfic So REVIEW and tell me what you guys think…. Takes place exactly after Ninja Convention episode…..MIKANDA 4eva


Owen, Mike, and Amanda each say which villain they enjoyed the most to which they said, Owen, Dollhouse because of Amanda and Kelly's pillow fight, Amanda, X because she had a ton of nerds treating her like a princess, and Mike, Katara because he and Amanda kissed. Amanda then says, "Katara, huh?" smiling while she and Mike smile at each other at the memory. Owen thinks the reason is because of Katara's tight outfit but then realizes that Amanda and Mike are staring at each other. He then says, "There's something different isn't there?" and then trys to get Amanda and Mike to do the breathing treatment again to try to figure it but they refuse.

No one POV

"Come on guys tell me" said Owen

"Its nothing" said Mike and Amanda at the same time

"Fine don't tell me now but I will find out" said Owen as he left

Mike POV

Did Amanda and I just have a moment together? I think we just did. Awesome!

Amanda POV

Did Mike and I just have a moment together? I've started having feelings for Mike ever since Quake. But there is one problem he with Julie. Don't get me wrong I like Julie and all, but I don't get what Mike sees in her. I guess I miss my chance….