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The Disappearing Act
Chapter 3
The Science of Deduction

The moment Sherlock and John left the agency, Conan had gone into his room to call Haibara. These two were ... different, if there was a word to put to them at all. Holmes and Watson. He'd been a long time reader of John's blog, finding all the cases they solved interesting, and it just made him want to return to London more. Maybe he'd have an opportunity soon enough, but for now, he concentrated on the task at hand.

"Kudo-kun?" Haibara's voice could be heard on the other end, sounding only slightly puzzled.

"Haibara, we might have a problem..."

The shrunken scientist was quiet as Shinichi went on to explain what had happened over the past few hours. She only grew especially wary when he said John was onto his secret.

"I've seen his blog before," Haibara commented. "They're famous in London, and if what I read about Holmes-san on his website is true, then they could already know you're Shinichi."

"/His/ website?"

"The Science of Deduction. He almost sounds like you."

He wrote down the name, intent on looking it up later. He sat on the edge of his futon, the door shut as he talked to her. It was nearing sunset when the detective and his partner had finally left, but Conan had yet to relax. Before Ran could see how tense he was and start worrying, he'd called Haibara. They needed to think up something.

"So, what do we do if they find out? Or if they already know?" Conan asked after a moments pause.

"I suppose it.. couldn't hurt if someone like him knew," Haibara said almost thoughtfully after a moment.


"Think about it. If we had Sherlock Holmes on our side, we'd be one step closer to bringing them down," she said. "He's caught big criminals in London, Kudo-kun, this could be our only chance!"

"...I-I guess you have a point there," he said, a little reluctantly. He just didn't want any one else involved and possibly get hurt.

"As long as they know to keep it a secret, it should be fine," Haibara said calmly, knowing he was wary of the whole thing, and he had every reason to be. But while they now knew more about the Black Organization, they still weren't any closer to stopping them.

"Okay," he said finally, lying back on the futon. "I'll see if they know, then we'll talk."

"Good. Call me back the moment you can, okay Kudo-kun?" Haibara asked, and Conan could swear he heard the spark of hope in her voice. It made him smile, if only a little.

"I will. Thanks, Haibara."

The Science of Deduction was actually an interesting website, though it appeared not many checked it out when comparing it to John's blog, that had nearly 2000 hits. He spent a good hour looking over case files and the hidden messages. The forum was a bit interesting too - a case about a glow in the dark rabbit? - Sherlock didn't appear to care too much however. He supposed it wasn't interesting enough for him, and he could see why, after looking through other cases. There were some strange anonymous messages left for the detective that made him curious, but maybe he could ask the detective more about this later. After a few moments of hesitation, he left a message of his own on the forum.

'I hear you're looking for me. While I have no doubt you'll find me eventually, Mr. Holmes, coming to this address would be quicker. I'll see you there tomorrow night.

K. S.'

With that done, he shut off the laptop, and made his way out of the room, hearing Ran calling him for dinner. Today had been a rather interesting day, to say the least.

'I hear you're looking for me. While I have no doubt you'll find me eventually, Mr. Holmes, coming to this address would be quicker. I'll see you there tomorrow night.

K. S.'

Sherlock smirked as he read the message on his website, John curiously looking over his shoulder. They sat in a small hotel room not too far away from the Mouri Detective Agency, just a few blocks down. There were two beds (John had denied it when he was asked 'Would a bedroom with one bed be alright?') "Someone interested in your tobacco ash?"

"No." He sounded only slightly irritated. "Looks like our little detective friend is coming out of hiding."

He marked down the address given quickly, before shutting down the laptop. It was going to be an interesting day tomorrow.

The next day, when the sun had gone donwn, Conan told Ran he'd be hanging out with the Detective Boys at Agasa-hakase's for the night. It was half the truth. He was going to the Hakase's, but without the Detective Boys. He called the two just to let them in on the plan so they could cover up for him, then left for his old home. Once he saw that Sherlock had seen his message, he deleted the address, though his home was well known already, he didn't want anyone to know of the meeting place, just to be safe.

Dressed in his usual school uniform, bow tie and all, he stood in front of the gates to his old home, the mansion looking almost creepy at night. He looked around warily for any signs of something suspicious, but relaxed a little upon finding none. He tensed up once again, when he heard a voice.

"So, our suspicions were correct. Hello, Kudo Shinichi."

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