My Fifth Fanfic! Terra not quite 'bashed'. Coz today I'm feeling kinda sad. So ON WITH THE STORY!

Terra was a stone statue, is a stone statue, and always will be one. Or so the titans thought. When Raven defeated Trigon, she turned all the stone statues back into human, including Terra.

Terra spend a few days trying to regain her memory. She remembered her betrayal, how she saved her fellow titans in the end, and most importantly, Beast Boy.

"He'll forgive me," she thought as she summoned a rock and flew her way to the Titans Tower.

As she reached the widow of the common room,she was surprised to see Beast Boy having a conversation with Raven. And Raven wasn't trying to murder the green changeling. Curiosity got the better of her and Terra inched closer towards the window, trying to hear their conversation.

"C'mon Rae, you know you want it," Beast Boy smirked. "Nope," Raven replied with her usual monotone.

"Awww... that's a shame. " "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, because I'm so attractive and unresistable," Beast Boy laughed.

Raven rolled her eyes. "You're an idiot," she sighed, but let a small smile escape her lips. Terra was surprised. Something was supposed to blow up, right? (A/N: Raven's bond with Trigon is gone so she can control her powers better.)

"Pleae, Rae?" "No." "Well, you can't stop me from giving you one, though."

Terra watched on, shocked as Beast Boy turned and faced Raven with a smirk. Raven gasped and turned away. "Oh no you don't," she blushed.

Terra blinked. "Things must've changed while I was away," she thought, not knowing the fact that she was about to receive the shock of her life.

Beast Boy stood directly in front of Raven, a mischievious glint in his eyes (A/N thanks to someone). He bent down slowely and gave Raven a small kiss on her lips. Raven could not take it anymore.

She pulled away, smiling. "You win," she said, before giving Beast Boy a passionate kiss right on his lips.

"Raven, Beast Boy, good bye and good luck for the both of you," Terra whispered as she flew away, into the distance, taking with her nothing but memories.