"How the hell are you going to play Second Life?" My little sister all but screamed, outraged that I could even dream of this possibility. "You are blind, Anna. A game isn't going to give you your sight back!"

"I didn't expect it too!" I screamed back. "But I know for a fact that I will be able to see for the duration of time I am in the game. I called the game developers and asked. They have a special program."

"So you want to only be able to see in a game? You want the first thing you have ever seen be a GAME?" She was confused.

I reached up and felt my face, I ran my fingers over my lips and nose and ran them over my dead, useless eyes. "I would rather have at least seen SOMETHING. How can you try to keep this from me Arabella?"

My sister was silent for a moment, I heard her breathing go slower, a sure sign that she was thinking hard.

"I just don't want you to be disappointed. I don't want your life to get harder! It was hard enough for you to learn Brail in America but once we moved to Korea…" I heard her hair ruffle, which meant she was shaking her head.

"I am willing to take that risk. Now, will you help me put on this helmet?" I held out the box in what I hoped was her direction.

"Of course." She seemed to have given up.

I felt my way back to my bed, the game was played as we slept, and laid down. Closing my useless eyes, I listened to the sounds of Arabella wrestling with the packaging. I smiled. I heard her grunt of triumph as I assume she freed the helmet from the box, and she walked over to me. She fitted the helmet over my eyes, and before she turned it on said "I will meet you there alright sis? My name is "Rosered" Alright?"

"Yep. Turn it on." I was excited. Ideas of what would be the first things I saw flashed through my mind.

All of a sudden I was blinded by this light. Oh my god! Light!

"Welcome to Second Life," A voice said from up above "Are you the girl I was told about? The blind girl?"

I looked up to see… a girl? A boy? I couldn't tell. From the voice, I assumed female.

"Yes, I am sorry but I have no idea what I am seeing…" I started, helplessly waving my arms around.

"I know. My superiors told me. I am to help you at first, to teach you so that you do not go into second life unprepared."

"Before we start my lesson or whatever… Can I see what I look like? I have absolutely no idea. And people telling me that I have red hair means nothing when I don't even know what red looks like."

"Of course!" The girl/boy snapped her/his fingers and a large thing appeared in front of me. The light was reflecting of it… 'A mirror I guess…' I concluded.

I looked it in to see a creature similar to the person I had talked to. I have no idea how to explain how I look. 'Oh my god' I said closing my eyes and grabbing my forehead.

"I am so confused." I said out loud.

So... I am very sorry. But I cannot continue writing fanfiction. Everything in my life has added up and I cannot continue this. I will be taking down all chapters except this one. One of my friends has expressed interest in finishing/refurbishing my stories. Whether or not she does is up to her. I'm very sorry... I hope you can all forgive me. But I would rather take this down then have it float around unfinished.