I loved the X-Men movies so I decided to write a fanfiction for it. It most likely won't be my best because, well, although I've seen the movies multiple times I will still end up screwing something up. This story is focused on Rogue and Logan and takes place 7 years after The Last Stand. I hope you like it and I wouldn't mind some reviews!

"Rogue?" A familiar voice sounded behind her. Rogue whipped around, the few bags she held rattled as she moved. It took a moment for her to pick out the source of the voice through the bustling of people throughout the parking lot.

"Logan? Bobby?" She squinted her eyes, unable to believe what she was seeing.

"Rogue!" Bobby practically tackled her. She was careful to keep her face from touching his. "Oh my God, I didn't recognize you," she breathed, stepping back to look again. His face had matured, all traces of boyhood had melted away into strong masculine features. His hair was slightly longer but still spiked upward. The only thing about him that has most definitely not changed were his blue eyes. However, it was not Bobby that she was focusing on, it was the man behind him. Logan hadn't changed a bit, though that wasn't a surprise. However, that didn't stop the shock from tingling through her. She hadn't seen him in years and even through older eyes he was still handsome.

"Hey kid," he nodded happily, chewing on the end of his cigar.

"Kid," She raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms. It had been nearly seven years since she had left the mansion. She was no longer a kid, far from it. Her body had taken on womanly curves and she had grown her hair out quite long. Her face had kept its softness but had also matured. She knew from Bobby's approving stare that she did not look like a kid anymore, though she had a feeling that small fact wouldn't keep him from using her nickname.

"You still look like a kid to me," he teased. He pulled her into a hug. Unlike Bobby, Logan like to hug her closer to her waist, making it more intimate. That type of embrace used to feel purely friendly and almost fatherly, but in that case, it caused her face to fill with blood. Rogue flinched as his bare arms brushed against hers. Why hadn't she decided to wear her longer gloves? She quickly pushed him back before her powers could take effect.

"Something wrong?" His brow furrowed in confusion and worry.

"Not exactly," she shifted her weight. It took Logan a moment before he realized that her hands were hidden by black silk gloves and a black scarf had been tied around her neck even though it was nearly eighty degrees.

"How?" The meaning behind that one word was apparent in his tone.

"Turns out the cure isn't permanent," she shrugged.

"But there are still mutants all over without powers," he pointed out.

"I did some research and I guess it has a different effect on everyone. For most it takes at least three years for it to wear off, it only took a year for me. Besides, there are still those desperate enough to purchase multiple injections of the cure. I almost bought some,"

"I'm glad you didn't" Bobby piped in, giving a crooked smile.

"I didn't have the money," she admitted.

"It's getting hot, why don't you come to lunch with us?" Logan suggested.

"Logan, shouldn't we get going?"

"I'll take it you aren't here for fun?" Rogue asked as she watched Bobby begin to glance at his watch impatiently.

"Storm wanted us to go see about a girl. Apparently she broke a few windows by accident while having an argument with her boyfriend," Logan explained. He didn't even need to add the fact that the windows hadn't been touched by the girl, not physically anyway.

"We were supposed to meet her almost an hour ago," Bobby said.

"Why don't you go ahead? Tell her that I got caught up, killed, I don't care. I'll catch up later," Logan shooed him off. He stood there for a few moments, eyeing Logan with confusion.

"You want me to go alone?"


"No," Bobby frowned.

"Good, now go,"

"Fine. I'll talk to you later Rogue," he smiled, leaning in for one more hug. For a brief moment their faces were close together and she thought he might actually try to kiss her. To her relief, however, he ran off.

"So where are we going?" Rogue finally asked, placing her shopping bags in the back of her black Volkswagon Bug.

"This is your car?" Logan snickered before answering her question, "I don't know. I just got in town so I don't know what's good,"

"Hope you like seafood," she muttered. After all, they were on the coast of California, almost everywhere sold some type of seafood. "And don't make fun of my car,"

They ended up at a buffet. Rogue figured that Logan would eat a lot and a buffet would be cheaper than buying several plates of food from a menu. She mostly filled her plate with shrimp dipped in garlic and butter, salmon, salad, and a piece of cake for dessert. She grabbed a table, sat down, and started nibbling at the cake, waiting for Logan. When he finally sat down he had three large plates overflowing with just about everything.

"A little hungry?" She raised her eyebrow. He shrugged.

"You know how I am,"

"Just the thought of trying to eat all of that makes me want to barf," she shook her head. Teasingly he picked up a big piece of battered cod and shoved it in his mouth, chewing loudly.

"Enough about my eating habits," he chuckled after swallowing, "How has life been treating you?"

"Boring," she lied. However, she didn't really feel comfortable telling him everything she did after she left the school.

"I don't believe that,"

"Didn't expect you do," she popped a shrimp in her mouth, chewing slowly as she thought about what to tell him. Part of her knew telling him certain things could end quite badly, but another part was anxious to see his reactions when he learned about the what she did for money.

"We're both adults aren't we? Nothing you did could be that shocking," He scoffed.

"Oh really?" Rogue smirked, "After I left I got a job as a stripper to make some money for a place to stay," Logan choked on a large bite of pizza.

"You what?"

"I'm not saying it again," she shook her head.

"Why?" He wondered, bewildered. He had thought her too innocent to even think of taking off any particle of clothing in front of a group of drooling males.

"Well, I needed money," she didn't feel like explaining.

"Please tell me you have found a much moreā€¦ Appropriate occupation,"

"I'm a school counselor," she gave a half-smile. This time he wasn't as shocked.

"So you went to college?" he guessed. She nodded. "That's good to hear. I'm glad you are doing well," within his smile she saw a flicker of something.

"Everything okay?"

"Why wouldn't it be?" He put on his best poker face, one she saw right through.

"You can't pull that shit with me,"

"You know me too well," he shook his head, "to be honest, I had hoped that if we ever found you again that would miss us enough to want to come back. However, hearing about how well everything it going I think it is probably a slim chance,"

"Oh," was all she said, quickly filling her mouth with food so that she wouldn't be expected to speak again for a few seconds.

"Don't worry about it, I'm happy for you," he patted her gloved hand. Her attention snapped to the sudden contact. Even through her gloves she could feel strength and heat of his hand. She couldn't hide her blush. Then again, neither could Logan. Wait, Logan, blush? That didn't make much sense, he never did that.

Well, there you have it, my first chapter of my first X-Men fanfiction. I hope it wasn't terrible, please Review!