The Guardian

My Story on what could have happen five years after the events of Hades and Halo and after Bethany and Xavier had blissfully wedded and lived happily ever after. It's a Molly centric fic. And I also thought it'd be cool for Gabriel to have a rival for her affections. So it's kinda like a love triangle between Molly and two incredible men/beings.


When I was seventeen, I had fallen in love. He was the most enigmatic, beautiful man I had ever seen. He was strong, powerful, elegant, self assured and so confident. He was older than me of course, being the music teacher in my school. I guess I was just too young for him. Too immatured, too girly. Too human. Because he wasn't human. No. He was a higher being. I had fallen in love with an Archangel. The Archangel Gabriel and that changed my life forever.

Five years later.

Atlanta Georgia.

Molly Parker's life had been quite ordinary the past five years since she left Venus Cove, Georgia. She went up north to Chicago and attended Northwestern where she graduated with honors. It was surprising to all of her friends and family members when she had chosen Theology as a major. Molly had never been religious. If anyone knew Molly as a teenager, they would know her as a typical girly girl. One who loved to shop, flip through Seventeen magazine and wanted to be as cool and desirable as any celebrity in the magazine, and one who was rather boy crazy. Everyone in Bryce Hamilton knew that Molly had the biggest crush on Mr Church, the young handsome music teacher. She made it quite obvious then. But it all changed, Molly grew up.

She wasn't the giddy teenager anymore, one who so desperately wanted to be in love and have it requited. Especially the love of an unattainable star. That of Gabriel Church. Sometimes she still thought of him, it was hard not to. She'd be reminded of the sandy blonde hair of his when it was a sunny day and she was jogging on the beach and when it rains and the clouds were dark, Molly would think of his slate grey eyes and how stormy it looked. As if underneath that self assured, confident, fathomless exterior hid something passionate. That maybe he could feel too like she did. Molly shook her head. Of course he couldn't. He wasn't like her. He wasn't human. And that was her weakness. She was human and Gabriel resented that. He told her himself and Molly hated him for it. Now she would berate herself for being so stupid to ever think that someone like Gabriel could ever feel for her.

It was humiliating but it was a lesson she had learned, the scars healed but the wound never left her. Still Molly was determined to move on. After graduation and after Bethany and Xavier's wedding, she made her mind up and decided to leave Venus Cove for good. Gabriel left too, last Molly heard, Mr Church had resigned, taking some indeterminant time off. He had probably flew back to where he came from, Molly had thought when she heard the news from an old school friend she ran into in Chicago. Back to Heaven... She smiled to herself and looked up at the sky. She wondered if he could see her. He said that he would always watch over her. Molly doubted it. Gabriel probably had many things on his hand. He was an instrument of God afterall, that was what Bethany had said. That Gabriel was important, he was one of the Covenant of Seven and it was a pretty big deal. It was made up of the seven bigwigs, the seven Archangels.

Falling in love with an angel, an Archangel even...It was just too much for any mere mortal. Maybe it was a good thing that she left. She could finally move on.

It was an ordinary Monday and Molly didn't think much of it. She worked in downtown Atlanta, being a PA to the Vice President of a large conglomerate that only recently had been acquired by the the billionaire Luc De Filvier. Everyone had been walkingon egg shells but Molly wasn't too worried. She had grown to be quite calm and composed as the years progressed. Maybe it was the daily morning yogas and meditations or the vegetarian diet she had been on since her freshman year in college but she wasn't the same easily excitable girl from Bryce Hamilton anymore. She smiled as she walked into the building.

"Morning Miss Parker," The smiling security guard greeted her.

"Morning to you too Earl," Molly smiled back.

"You're looking good today," Earl complimented her. Molly laughed. "Don't I always?" She said with a wink as she twirled around in her cream tweed suit, her titian red hair tied in a neat ponytail. Earl shook his head and smiled.

Molly went inside the elevator and there was a man there, dressed in a dark blue suit. He was tall at over 6 foot 3, with broad shoulders and profile that looked like it was chiseled from marble. He had such a perfect jawline with a cleft on his chin and his nose so defined and sculptured like a Renaissance David. His hair was black, thick and shiny and his skin had this glow.

He must really use a good moisturizer, Molly thought to herself seeing his flawless cheeks and cheekbones. Molly was awestruck by him as she looked up. It was his eyes. They were so blue and she found herself staring at him. The man realized that she was looking and coughed and Molly had to looked away, suddenly embarassed that she had been staring intently at him. She decided to look at at her feet again. She was wearing her favorite pair of Louboutin black pumps.

"So you work here?" The man asked. His voice sounded so deep yet warm with a husky timbre that wasn't creepy or trying to be seductive. Molly looked up and saw that he had smiled at her, the crinkle at his eyes made it seemed more liquid. Like deep pools of sapphire. She smiled sweetly back at him.

"I do actually..." She replied.

"Guess you're not too happy about the takeover then..." He commented.

"Well it has happened. There's nothing anyone can do...I just hope they let us down easy." She said in a resigned tone. The man looked at her and Molly suddenly realized that he looked rather familiar to her. She had seen him somehow, somwhere before. She just couldn't recall where it was.

"I'm Michael by the way..." The man introduced himself. He took out his hand and Molly stared at it. She didn't know why but she suddenly had a flash. A vision appeared in her mind. The man was holding a sword. A long gleaming silver sword in his hand. She shook her head lightly and the sword was gone.

"Michael Archer..." The man spoke. Molly looked at him and she found herself transfixed again by his gaze. The blue pools just seemed to mesmerize her.

"Molly Parker..." She said absently and gave him her hand. He smiled and shook it. "It's nice to meet you Molly."

"Nice to meet you too..." She said to him. The elevator reached the fortieth floor and Molly walked out. She turned and looked at the elevator. Michael was still inside. He then flashed a bright smile on his too handsome face.

"Maybe I'll see you again." He said. "Have a good day Molly."

"You too..." She whispered when the door closed and the screen showed that the elevator was heading up. Molly then headed to the office but she stopped and turned. Going up? How could the elevator go any further? She knew for a fact the the fortieth floor was the last one in the building.

The day didn't went well for almost 60 percent of employees in Forrester Corporation. They were given the pink slip and a package, one that will explain to them in detail about the transitioning phase they were going through. Molly was getting more and more depressed as she looked on, seeing her former colleagues packing their things. Some were crying. Hugs were given out and pats on the shoulder as they tried to console each other. Many of them looking so hopeless and dejected and she felt angry that there was nothing she could do. She felt powerless and helpless and she hated it. She was grateful that she still had her job but she wished there was something she could do.

She went home late that night. She had to help clear her boss' office and boxed up his personal effects. The Vice President, Milton Hayes was fired and starting the next day Molly had to report to a new boss, the billionaire, Luc De Filvier himself. Molly wasn't sure if she'd like working under Mr De Filvier. She didn't know that much about him. Luc De Filvier was a very private man. He didn't even have a Wikipedia page. A venture capitalist born in France but brought up and educated in the States. He had inherited billions from his family fortune but multiplied it by investing in many start up companies that grew strong and soon so did De Filvier's wealth and influence.

"So what do you know about the new boss?" Adriane one of the accountants asked her during lunch.

"I think he's French," Molly answered. "His name sounds French."

"Marian from Sales said that he's quite a looker. Handsome in an older man sort of way..." Adriane spoke.

"How old is he?" Molly asked. She was suddenly curious of the mogul.

"Near forty or something...Thirty five I think." Adriane shrugged. Molly laughed softly. "That's not old."

Molly took the boxes and walked towards her car. She put them in the trunk and went in. It was almost ten at night and she had a half hour drive out of the city to the leafy suburbs where she lived in a lovely two bedroom cottage she called home. It was a small, cozy property that Molly purchased a year ago. She liked how homely it was. It was just perfect for her.

She was driving down the road from the highway when there was blinding light that came out of nowhere and then the car hit something. Molly was too shocked but managed to hit the brakes. She immediately got out of the car and rushed to the front. Molly gasped seeing a man wearing a black trenchcoat lying motionless on the road. The man was groaning in pain and Molly rushed to him.

"Oh My God!" She cried. "Are you alright?" She asked as bent to touch him. The man groaned more and Molly slowly turned him over.

"I'm going to call an ambulance..." She told him, hoping she could reassure him somehow. "You're going to be alright. I promise you"

Molly was trembling. She was afraid. Afraid that the man would not make it. She didn't what she would do, She gently laid him on his back after she turned him over and was shocked beyond belief when she found herself staring into his vivid blue eyes. "Michael?" She gasped when she recognized him.

It was the same man she had only recently met this morning. What was he even doing on the deserted road this late at night? Molly immediately took out her phone and dialed 911. She looked at Michael who had closed his eyes and fell unconscious. Don't die on me. Don't you dare die on me...

"So you have no idea how he got there?" The police officer asked her again as he recorded it down. Molly gave a nod. She was in Mercy Grace Hospital and Michael had been taken into surgery.

"Like I said there was some bright light and then I hit someone..." Molly recalled the events.

"It's weird..." The cop said and shook his head. "He didn't have a car or anything and the road is some distance away from the nearest neighborhood."

"Yeah...weird..." Molly muttered absently.

"But you know the guy?" The cop asked her.

"His name is Michael Archer. I just met him at work today..." Molly replied.

"And where is that?" The cop asked.

"Forrester Corporation," Molly answered. "Down Marietta Drive."

"You don't think he might be stalking you Miss Parker?" The cop looked at her. He seemed concerned.

"I don't think so..." Molly said with a slight wince. "He doesn't look the type." Michael Archer seemed too gorgeous to be stalking someone like her. He probably had a hot model girlfriend somewhere.

"Well you never know..." The cop shrugged. "Anyway you don't need to worry. We'll do a check on him. This Michael Archer. He didn't have his wallet or any ID on him. But we can run his name through the system and see if he is who he says he is."

"Maybe he's been mugged and someone just left him on the road..." Molly spoke and looked at the police officer. "It could explain why he had no wallet or ID on him."

"Maybe..." he nodded in agreement. "Seems strange for some guy to appear out of nowhere...Well..." The cop looked pensive.

"Unless he dropped down from the sky or something..." He suddenly laughed at the foolish thought and Molly smiled. That was not possible of course. People just don't drop from the sky.

The cop made his leave and Molly gave him her number in case anything propped up. She sat at the waiting lounge drinking her coffee until the surgeon came out.

"You're the patient's family?" The middle aged surgeon in his blue scrubs asked her.

"No. I was the one who had hit him..." Molly said and bit her lip.

"Oh..." The surgeon spoke, almost surprised.

"It's an accident..." Molly tried to explain herself. She didn't want the surgeon to think badly of her. "I didn't even see him..."

"But he's alright right?" Molly asked, she couldn't hide the worry and anxiety that was in her voice.

"He's fine." The surgeon smiled. "It's a miracle actually. We thought there might be internal bleeding but he's alright. Just superficial scratches."

Molly sighed, relieved that Michael was okay. She wouldn't know what to tell his family if he didn't survive. She looked at the surgeon seeing the smile had left his face. The surgeon looked at her rather gravely. "There is a problem though..."

"What is it?" Molly asked. She wondered what it could be.

"He doesn't remember who he is..."