Who would you choose? Someone you can live happily with or someone you can't live without? The perfect, caring boyfriend who is the rock in your life or that strong, silent mysterious man you had always loved? The sweet, clean cut guy or his broody, bad boy brother? The shimmering vampire or that manly werewolf... Okay definitely gone off the tracks there.

Molly shook her head while she was in the kitchen and rubbed her pregnant bump. She smiled when she felt the soft stirrings of life inside her. It won't be long before the baby comes. Molly heard laughter and giggles. The twins were playing in the garden. Molly then heard loud shrieking and she shook her head again, wondering what had happened. The twins were always arguing.

"Mommy..." Anna came running into the kitchen, dressed in her pink tutu, rushing to hug her.

"What is it Sweetie?" She smiled at her five year old daughter. Anna looked like a mini Molly with her long wavy red gold hair, milky porcelain skin and blue eyes. She was a precocious girl, wise beyond her years. Sometimes Molly felt that Anna was older than her.

"Daniel killed me..." Anna cried in frustration.

"No... he didn't." Molly eyes went wide and stared at her daughter. Anna only nodded, still clinging to her mother.

"Daniel!" Molly called her son. The rambunctious five year old boy came dashing in, dressed in plastic armour and a plastic silver sword in his hand.

"Get thee behind me Satan!" Daniel roared as he poked his twin sister.

"I'm not the Devil..." Anna pouted and folded her arms.

"No you're not Sweetheart." Molly smiled and kissed her cheeks. "You're Mommy's little angel..."

"Are the cookies ready?" Daniel asked, his eyes inherited from his father shone brilliantly. His copper brown hair short and straight. He was a handsome boy, everybody had always said that about him. A bit hyperactive but very intelligent.

Molly nodded and showed him the cooling tray, where the soft chocolate chip cookies she had just baked were.

"Yes!" Daniel cheered and grabbed a few of them before rushing back out to the garden.

"Don't gobble them up Honey..." Molly called to her son. Daniel ignored her and continued playing with his sword, imagining he was battling demons in the garden.

Anna only frowned and sighed, seeing her twin's antics. "Why can't I have a twin sister instead?"

"Because God wants you to have a twin brother," Molly explained. Anna pouted more and gave a loud, resigned sigh. "Guess I have to put up with him..."

"Yes you do." Molly nodded."He'll protect you one day Muffin, trust me. That's what brothers do."

Anna smiled at her mother and looked at the burgeoning bump her mother was carrying. "But I can still pray for a little sister right?"

Molly looked at her daughter and smiled. "Mommy...will I fly like Daddy one day?" Anna asked her.

"Of course you will Anna..." Molly smiled. She patted her daughter's back and rest her hand on Anna's shoulder blades. Anna smiled at her mother and Molly saw the bright halo that shone above the little girl's head. The whirring sound was heard and wings unfurled behind.

Anna seemed satisfied and happily that her wings were free. She stretched out her hands and grinned at her mother. Molly looked at her daughter with awe. Anna's wings were purest white with pink tips and a dusting of silver and gold speckles.

"Why is it that you don't have wings Mommy?" Anna asked as she sat on the bar stool.

"Because I'm not as special as you." Molly smiled sweetly. She pushed the plate of cookies to Anna and poured three glasses of milk. Molly then shook her head when she realized what day it was and took out another glass.

Anna chewed her cookie and shook her head. "But Daddy says you're very special. The most special woman that he has ever known..."

"He did?" Molly asked her daughter and looked at Anna who nodded.

"Daddy told me that..."

"And how did he?" Molly asked, suddenly curious.

"In my head Mommy. He talks to me sometimes and to Daniel too. He keeps telling Daniel not to bully me and be a good boy and sometimes he'll read stories to us." Anna smiled

"Daddy says you're the most special lady in the whole world because he fell in love with you..." Anna said and sighed romantically.

"And because he fell in love with you, you and Daddy had me and Daniel...and we're his special Miracles," Anna continued. She drank her milk and Molly smiled seeing the white milk moustache on Anna's beautiful, perfect face. Molly took the paper towel and gently wiped the milk from Anna's lips.

"When is Daddy coming home?" Daniel asked, panting as he ran in. He saw that his sister had her wings out and he let his wings unsheathed as well. White wings with blue tips. Daniel took his glass of milk and gulped it down.

"Soon..." Molly smiled at her son as she looked at the calendar. They had been counting down the days.

"What are we having for dinner?" Daniel asked.

"Vege burgers..." Molly exclaimed excitedly which made Daniel frowned.

"Why can't we have normal hamburgers like other kids?" Daniel asked his mother.

"Because you are different, my precious baby boy," Molly said and kissed his forehead before ruffling his copper brown hair. "You're not normal. You're more than that Daniel. You're my special Angel."

Daniel only shrugged and suddenly a smile lit up on his face. "Daddy's here!" He announced happily. Anna grinned brightly too.

The twins turned and rushed to the sliding door, where their father stood. Molly smiled, all the love in her eyes, seeing her husband standing there. He scooped the children up in his arms and rained kisses on their cheeks.

"I miss you Daddy!" Anna said, weeping into her father's chest, clinging to him.

"I miss you more!" Daniel retorted and stuck his tongue out at his twin.

"I miss both of you very much too..." The Archangel said and hugged them close to him. He stared at his wife standing there. She looked beautiful, it never cease to amaze him and seeing that six month bump on her made him smile. They were going to have their third child.

"Let me hug and kiss Mommy first," Gabriel said to his twins.

"Alright..." They said happily and jumped off him. He walked towards Molly in a few strides and wrapped her in his arms kissing her passionately. It had been a long time.

"Yucks..." Daniel groaned seeing that which made Anna elbowed him in the ribs. "No it's not." Anna scowled. "I think it's romantic," She sighed dreamily seeing her parents kiss.

"I'm never gonna kiss a girl..." Daniel whispered to his twin. "My friend tells me girls have cooties..."

Daniel then giggled at his sister. "That means you have cooties too Anna! Ha! Ha! Ha! Anna has cooties!"

"I do not!" Anna shrieked and pushed her brother. Daniel only teased his sister more while Anna chased him in circles around the kitchen island. "I do not have cooties! Take that back Daniel Church!"

Gabriel pulled his lips from Molly's and looked at his squabbling children. "Are you sure they're ours?" He asked her and lifted a golden eyebrow in amusement.

"Yeah..." Molly snickered back. "I think so...you were there during the wedding night and if I recall Mr Church, so was I..." She grinned.

Gabriel rolled his eyes and kissed her more. "I missed you Mrs Church," He said softly, his nose nuzzling hers. He breathed and let his hand touched her bump where their child was, sleeping inside her, safe and sound.

"I know Gabriel..." Molly smiled at her beloved husband. "I missed you too..."

Six years ago.

"So how did he take it?" Gabriel asked Molly.

Molly was lying in her bed, crying softly to herself. She had just met with Michael and had a long talk with him in the garden. She had made her decision but telling him was the hardest thing Molly ever had to do. She felt as if one of her limbs was being ripped out.

"I think he's going to be fine." Molly said and brushed her tears away. "He said that somehow he knew...he knew I'd choose you. He just hoped it'd be him instead. Michael thinks its in God's plan for him to love me and then let me go."

"He'll take a while to get over it. Get over you..." Gabriel said and gave a small sigh.

"Why would you say that?" Molly asked him, stray tears still falling from her eyes.

"Because it's you Molly..." He replied. Molly looked at him and she felt her tears welling up again. Gabriel walked straight to her and got into the bed. He pulled her to him and just let her snuggled close.

"God..." Molly cried again. "I didn't mean to hurt him or break his heart..."

"Michael will understand Molly," Gabriel said and hugged her close.

"I'm a horrible person..." Molly sobbed. "I was stringing him along and giving him hope. Wasting his time. I'm the most horrible person ever."

"You're not..." Gabriel told her and tilted her chin up so he could gaze into her wet blue eyes. "You're not horrible because I love you and because you are big hearted enough to love a stony coldhearted, insensitive angel like me..."

"Don't be silly..." Molly pouted. "You're not that coldheared. Just too serious for your own good..."

Gabriel grinned and kissed her lips. He ran his finger through her hair and looked around her bedroom. He then saw the framed poster on the wall with the paragraph from Corinthians. His heart swelled seeing that.

"So why did you choose me?" Gabriel asked her quietly.

"Because I don't think I can live without you Gabriel..." Molly replied and looked at him. She looked so vulnerable that he hugged her again.

"I mean you've always been there in my life whether I realized it or not and the thought of not having you here...and you're going again." She started to tear up at the thought of not having him by her side when he had to depart for Hell.

"It's only six months Molly..." Gabriel said, his tone had softened.

"Six months without you..." Molly told him, tears running down her cheeks.

"We're going to get through this Molly..." Gabriel whispered, leaning his forehead onto hers. "I promise you."

"And you always keep your promises..." Molly said solemnly and Gabriel nodded. She lied there in his arms and stared up at the ceiling.

"Michael and I...We never..." She fumbled awkwardly.

"I know..." Gabriel murmured.

"Just thought I should let it out..." Molly said and bit her lip. Talk about awkward situations. "Gabriel have you ever..."

"No." He answered briskly.

"Oh kay..." Molly said and gave a slight nod. She started twiddling his fingers that were entwined with hers. She then looked at Gabriel and gave a sheepish smile. "So you never...Not even once?"

"No...Molly..." Gabriel shook his head and gave a tired sigh. She was relentless to the point exhaustion but he smiled at that.

"What if you don't like it?" Molly asked and let out a strangled sigh. She looked at Gabriel and gave a wince.

"I'm sure...That once we are lawfully married in My Father's eyes that I will like it...In fact I think I will like it a lot." Gabriel stuttered and cleared his throat.

"Because it's with you..." He quietly added.

"Oh God..." Molly uttered. Too weird...The Archangel Gabriel is a virgin... She thought to herself.

Molly stop it... Gabriel warned her telepathically and she only giggled.

"So we're getting married?" Molly asked him, suddenly realizing that there was an actual possibility that she would be Mrs Gabriel Church.

"Of course Molly..." Gabriel sighed, almost resigned by her tireless efforts. "What is the point of being together and not be together?"

"Gabriel you do know that I'm only twenty three?" Molly said and frowned at him. "I barely accomplish anything yet and right now I want to focus on my career. I don't think marriage is what I want. Not right now."

Gabriel gave her a sort of cocky smirk and bent to kiss her lips. It was a hot, wet kiss that made her insides churn and Molly felt it the desire that he had for her. She pulled away. "No amount of kissing will change my mind Gabriel..."

Marry me... Gabriel asked her telepathically in an urgent tone. Molly only gave a mischievous grin. "I might have to think about it.

"Marry me Molly..." He whispered, hotly, sexily in her ear and she felt him nibbling her earlobe which made her tingle all over, especially when his hands were caressing her tummy.

"Gabriel..." Molly blushed to the reds of her roots. "You can't seduce me into marrying you..."

"Do you want me to beg?" Gabriel asked her, his gray eyes smouldering.

"No!" Molly cried.

Marry me Molly...You'll make me feel the happiest I will ever feel... Gabriel spoke to her thoughts.

You're blackmailing me... Molly said with a small frown that turned into a smile. Gabriel only swoop in and kiss her lips.

Molly moaned softly as she wrapped her arms around him and Gabriel kissed her more deeply. It felt nice just snuggling in bed, making out. Gabriel smiled to himself. He didn't undestand why parents were so horrified upon learning that their children did such activities. Being a teacher in Bryce Hamilton, he caught many kids making out in the library and had to deal with their parents. It seemed innocent enough to him, just kissing and touching and he suddenly felt it, a strange feeling that came over him. Gabriel felt it before and it always happened when he was with Molly.

"Maybe we should stop..." Molly suddenly said and pulled her lips away.

"Uh.." Gabriel stuttered. "Why?" He asked her. He was really enjoying it. The whole kissing endlessly was a new thing to him.

"Because you know..." Molly paused and looked at him strangely. How do I tell him?

"Tell me what Molly?" Gabriel asked her, his golden brows knitted.

She only pointed down and Gabriel looked down seeing his jeans seemed a little tighter than usual and then there was the bulge. Gabriel sighed almost in frustration and moved away from her as he lied down on the bed. Molly later snuggled closer in his chest and he idly let his fingers touched her hair.

"So this is what the big deal is all about?" Gabriel uttered. He shook his head. "All those screaming parents and the kids I caught making out in the library..."

"Yup..." Molly said and gave a nod.

"Guess I must have really wanted you..." Gabriel said and looked at her.

"I want you too," Molly smiled at him.

"It's strange," Gabriel said absently. "I've always observed, never think that one day there was a possibility that I could participate..."

"So you observe as in actually..."

"Yes Molly. I watch people having intercourse." He said wryly. "It's part of my job..."

"A Voyeur angel..." Molly couldn't stop the giggles and Gabriel frowned.

"Nice that you find it amusing..." He commented dryly.

"Oh Gabriel..." She sighed and moved to kiss his lips. "Stop taking yourself so seriously..."

He smiled and kissed her more, enjoying the feel of her lips, the sweet taste of her. Gabriel pulled her close to him and let Molly straddle him. She looked down and smiled at him as she bend and kiss him more. Gabriel let out a growl, and suddenly got up and pulled her under him kissing her desperately. Molly was surprised by the sudden burst of passion in him. It seemed sexy to her. Cold and calm Gabriel Church had an inner fire.

I think I can kiss you forever....Molly said. She closed her eyes and just feel his lips on her, his lean, muscular body enveloping hers.

Good. Cause I think I can kiss you forever too... Gabriel spoke back That's why you have to marry me Miss Parker, because I don't think I can stop at just kissing you.

Molly gasped when she saw in her mind what Gabriel wanted to do to her and she moaned as well and bit her lip.

"Marry me..." Gabriel said and Molly opened her eyes and smiled happily at him. "Yes...I will," She replied. He was looking deeply at her and then Molly felt him sliding the ring through her finger.

"Oh.." She exclaimed when she saw the simple diamond on her finger set in white gold. It was beautiful. It was unexpected to Molly that Gabriel had the ring with him all the time.

"It was once a piece of coal that I found in hell," Gabriel said and nuzzled her cheeks. "See what happens when you believe and have hope Molly...I held with me all the time. I guess all the pressure that it build ejecting me out of there, when I came back here the chunk of coal in my hand turned into this..."

Gabriel then looked at the diamond, seeing it on her finger never made him felt that happy in his entire existence as if he had accomplished something so wonderful and miraculous. "This is the symbol of our love Molly...how strong it is and how strong it will always be...nothing will come between that, not even the fires of Hell..."

It was the most poignant, romantic thing she had ever heard and Gabriel was saying it to her. Molly looked at him and she felt her tears welling up and it started falling from her cheeks. Strange that she remembered what Taylah had told her before.

"If two people are really meant for each other, they'll eventually be together. Nothing can change that. It's like Fate or Kismet. It's epic love Molly. Soulmates."

"Oh Molly..." Gabriel said softly when he saw that she was crying again. He immediately pulled her to him. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you cry."

Gabriel kissed her tears away and kissed her lips deepening it as he pulled her close. Molly then pulled her lips away.

"You knew somehow it'd be you...that I would choose you..." Molly spoke and stared at him suspiciously. "How did you know?"

Just close your eyes... Gabriel told her. She looked at him. He wasn't moving his lips but talking to her through her thoughts. Molly nodded and closed her eyes. She smiled. She felt Gabriel kissing her and then they were somewhere else.

Can you see it Molly? Gabriel asked her.

Molly saw that they were on the beach back in Venus Cove. It was a bright, beautiful summer's day. Laughter was heard and then she saw the two children playing on the beach. One girl who looked like her, pale, milky skin, with long wavy red gold hair and blue eyes and a handsome boy with copper brown hair and grey eyes. She then looked down and saw the big bump on her. She was pregnant, wearing a blue sundress and then she felt him hugging her from behind.

This is what I saw when I was down there... Gabriel whispered to her. My Holy Father let me have a glimpse of the future. And then I knew.

"What did you know?" Molly fluttered her eyes open. They were back in her room again. She looked at Gabriel who was still cuddling her close.

"I knew what my purpose was. My true destiny. Why I was sent to Venus Cove..." Gabriel replied. He leaned and kissed her sweet,soft, languid kisses that were brimming with passion and love.

It's you Molly...It was always you...It has always been you...He told her through his thoughts.

You know we should start communicating the normal way couples do... Molly giggled and shook her head. Gabriel laughed and kissed her more.

And seriously it took you so long to realize that?... Molly sighed, rolling her eyes and pulled her lips away as she stared at his gorgeous face and piercing grey eyes.

"Because Mr Church, I sort of knew that the first time I met you...That somehow you'll be mine one day." Molly snickered confidently and kissed Gabriel Church fiercely with everything in her. She could hear Coldplay playing on her Ipod dock in the background and Molly smiled.

For you I'd wait 'til kingdom come
Until my days, my days are done
And say you'll come and set me free
Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me
Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me
Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me

Coldplay. Til Kingdom come

The End

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