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Chapter Seven

Theo made his way to library; almost certain she was going to be there. He was desperate to finish their conversation and he definitely didn't like the fact that Draco had had the last word. He had come back this morning from one of his old estates in France after spending nearly two months signing paperwork and visiting each residence his father had owned. His father had died shortly after being imprisoned in Azkaban for being one of Voldemort's death eaters. He was relieved, to say the least when he died, finally he had his freedom. So when he saw Hermione he realized that nothing was going to stop him this time from getting what he wanted. Not even Draco Malfoy.

He always suspected that Draco had a thing for the girl, but showed it by insulting her. Maybe it was the only way he could interact with her now. He didn't understand what had changed since the last time they had spoken. Draco had been in the same boat Theo was in now. Freedom. Both their father's controlled their lives, down to who they could, or couldn't, be friends with. Lucius Malfoy had beaten Draco on several occasions when the Granger girl had excelled in his classes. Theo was almost positive that Draco's actions towards the girl (and other muggleborns) were the sole fault of his father. But now that he was out of the picture, why didn't he show people how he really was? Over the years only his closest friends saw that side, so maybe he didn't want people thinking he'd gone soft? I don't know. Theo thought. Not my problem, I guess.

He finally saw her curled up in a chair by the fireplace. He slowly walked over and sat on the ottoman in front of her. She didn't look up from her book, but even in the dim light Theo could see wet tracks down her cheeks from tears that had fallen.

"Hermione?" He asked quietly. She didn't move. "Would you please listen to me?'

"And why should I do that? You're only here to humiliate me." He reached out and gently took the book from her and closing it, he put it down on the table next to them. She still didn't look at him. He scooted forward on the chair and pushed back a few strands of her hair.

"I wasn't trying to humiliate you, nor am I now. I only want the chance to get to know you better." She looked up and him and his insides clenched as she pierced him with beautiful chocolate eyes. He brushed off a tear that escaped her eye and looked very seriously at her.

"How do I know this isn't some Slytherin trick to embarrass me?"

"Because I'm not a true Slytherin at heart. I was going to be sorted into Ravenclaw but I begged to be put into Slytherin to spare my father's ridicules and beatings." Her eyes widened in surprise, she had only known one other to make the sorting hat to change his mind. "Besides, I don't care what the others think. Especially Draco Malfoy." She stiffened. "Would you give me a chance? Please?" He looked at her and he saw her relax. Using this moment he held out his hand for her to take. She hesitated then slipped her hand into his. His body warmed and he stood up, pulling her with him. "Come on, let's go for a walk."


Draco was pacing the hallway with no intention of going anywhere. He couldn't believe Theo! Why would he want to associate himself with such filth? Maybe because she's not filth. She's a pureblood. Your best friend's sister. And she looks the opposite of filth. He halted; where had that last comment come from? He shook his head trying to clear it. When he looked up he saw Granger and Theo outside the window. They were sitting on a bench in the courtyard just talking. Theo said something and she laughed; Theo grinned as he watched her.

Draco knew that look and it wasn't good news. A breeze whipped through the trees and Granger shivered. He saw Theo say something and she nodded, blushing. Then to his horror he saw Theo give her his Slytherin scarf, wrapping it around her neck and brushing her cheek gently after. Her cheeks burned and he slipped his hand into hers. Why were they getting along so well? The Granger girl was nothing short of insufferable.

Finally Draco pulled his eyes away from them and strode down the corridor. Students cleared a path for him as he went past them, none of them eager to be on the other end of his wrath. He made his way to the dungeons and plopped himself down in the chair in the common room, waiting for Theo to return.

When Theo finally entered the common room he was practically skipping. Things with Hermione had gone really well and she had accepted his offer to go on a date Tuesday night. He had already decided exactly what they were going to do. He pranced down the stairs, humming when he saw Draco sitting in a chair, staring moodily at the fire. He slowed down and decided he was just going to ignore him and go to his room. He didn't want Malfoy ruining his mood. However he had no such luck.

"How'd your sop fest go with Granger?" His snide voice echoed across the room. Theo gritted his teeth and turned around to face him.

"It's none of your business." He stated firmly. Draco stood up and, not for the first time, Theo wished Malfoy wasn't taller than him.

"Actually when you're disgracing yourself and your house, it is." His face was cold and collected, but Theo saw a flicker of anger.

"I don't care what you or the others have to say about it. You have nothing against her. She's smart, beautiful, engaging, funny… and a pureblood. She's perfect." Draco snorted and Theo finally picked up on the issue. "You're jealous!" Immediately Malfoy's face changed to outrage.

"I am not! I can get any girl in the school!"

"Except for her!" Theo laughed. "And that's what's pissing you off. It must be frustrating that no matter what you do or say she'll only ever see you as Malfoy: the boy who made her life miserable. Malfoy: the death eater. Malfoy: the douche bag." Draco's fists clenched at his sides, and for the first time he was at a loss for words. His silence was as good as a confirmation. Theo walked closer to him, surveying his features. "I don't get you sometimes Draco. I really don't. When we talked in the summer you said you wanted to be different; to change. I haven't seen any change at all and you know what? That's fine. But I'm going to. You can say whatever you want to me, but you're going to leave her alone." There was a moment of silence as they stared at each other. Finally Draco seemed to have found his voice and his composure; his face was back to being a well-calculated mask.

"I will do whatever the bloody hell I want to."

"If you do so much as lay a finger on her, I'll hex you to oblivion." With that he turned and marched up to his room, leaving Malfoy bristling in anger.


As Hermione made her way down to the great hall, she hummed to herself. Last night she had had her date with Theo and it went great. He took her to the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world, followed by a tasty French dinner. Their conversation flowed and the way he looked at her… She smiled to herself. These past few days had gone extremely well. Theo walked to her classes, Blaise seemed pleased that Theo had taken an interest in her, and surprisingly Malfoy didn't say anything to her. They sat in silence in their DADA classes. Although every once in a while she would look up to find him staring at her, at which his stare would turn into a glare before turning away to doodle in his notebook. But today she wouldn't let him get to her. No today she would simply enjoy the feeling and ignore Malfoy's provoking looks.


As Malfoy forked some eggs he saw Granger at the large doors of the great hall. She paused at the door before looking over to his table and smiled when her eyes landed on Theo. He groaned as she started to make her way over. The last thing he wanted was Granger near him. It was bad enough that Theo had gotten back last night and started to ramble on about their date and how amazing and beautiful she was. After two minutes Malfoy had to leave the common room for fear of being sick.

Granger came up behind Theo, who had not yet noticed her, and placed her hands gently over his eyes. She bent down and whispered in his ear; he grinned. He took her hands and pulled her down so she was practically sitting on his lap before claiming her lips. Malfoy pushed his food away, his appetite was suddenly gone. When he looked away from them he realized that the hall had gone quiet, save for the hissing that was coming from the Slytherin table.

Malfoy looked to Potter and Weasley and couldn't help snort with laughter at the surprised look on their faces. His outburst seemed to pull Theo and Granger from their songfest and he just scowled at them. Granger's cheeks were flushed, making her olive skin seem even more tanned. After she ate, she got up to leave only to have Theo pull her for another kiss. "For fuck's sake, would you cut that out? You're making us all ill." Malfoy exclaimed loudly. Theo shot him a look but the blonde held his ground.

"I'll see you at lunch baby?" Malfoy saw her flinch at his pet name, but she nodded anyways before leaving the table. As Theo stared after her as she left, Draco got up to leave. He had had enough. He spent his morning classes in a fowl mood, snapping at people and hexing the younger years when they didn't move fast enough. He decided that he would skip every meal if Theo and that stupid girl were there. Just the thought of Granger and Theo looking at each other in that way made him disgusted. Clearly these thoughts of disgust were because it was Granger and not… other feelings. There was no way that he, Draco Malfoy, could have feelings for the girl other than extreme hatred. There's a fine line between love and hate though. Woah where'd that come from? He thought as he continued on his path to DADA. He got to his seat to find Granger already there reading the textbook and the teacher lecturing away.

"Always have to have your nose stuck in something don't you Granger? Whether it's a book or a teacher's ass." She turned her head and pierced him with her chocolate eyes. Her straight dark brown hair fell into her face and she tried to brush it behind her ear.

"Better that than constantly looking like your constipated." Anger flooded through his body and he was about to argue back, but suddenly I thought came to his head that he liked even better. He wanted nothing more than to fuck things up between Nott and the girl. So he decided to do the one thing he knew would work. So he leaned forward so their bodies were centimetres away and locked onto her eyes with his. His voice was low and husky so only she could hear.

"Have you been watching me Granger? Studying me like one of your little homework experiments?" She practically fell off her stool.

"What?!" She tried to move away from him but there was nowhere else to go. She looked around for help only to find everyone else immersed in their work. Being at the back corner of the room gave them too much privacy for her liking.

"Don't think I don't know what you've been up to. I know that you think of me. Of that time we spent in detention. When I had you pressed up against the wall and my hands roamed your body." He smirked when he saw a blush work it's way to her cheeks. This really was just too much fun. "You wonder how it would feel to have them continue without being interrupted. To have them wander under that skirt of yours and touch you so the aching can stop. So you can feel my long, skillful fingers give you pleasure like you've only imagined." He saw he close her eyes for a moment and swallow. He glanced up at the teacher before reaching over to her exposed thigh and gently traced circles on it. He saw her eyes fly open and stare at him as his hand drifted higher. Draco was surprised that he hadn't pulled away yet, but hell he wasn't going to stop now. His mouth was at her ear so she could feel his breath. He could also hear her accelerated breath and heartbeat now. "You know you want me to touch you. You pretend to hate my touch, but now you'd love me to take you right here on this table." His hand found her panty line and started to stroke her clothed slit. She hissed.

"Malfoy. Stop it." He grinned even wider, but he didn't stop.

"You say that but you don't really want me to. It feels too good." With that he dipped two fingers beneath her knickers and dove into her. He felt her whole body tense and her hand flew to his. He slowly thrust his fingers despite her hand on his wrist.

"Malfoy—" He could tell she was trying to sound strong but it came out more like a murmur. He couldn't help it, that turned him on. Draco's fingers plunged tantalizingly into her moist heat imagining it was him instead. Hermione's body moved so she was barely on her seat, her legs spread to give him more access. Her hand which originally was planning on stopping him was now guiding him, forcing him to move faster.

"You want to feel my naked body pressed against yours. My mouth sucking on your breasts while my cock thrusts into your tight pussy." He felt her contract around his fingers and he knew she would be close. He watched in surprise as she nodded and her mouth open slightly, words tumbling from it.

"Oh god yes… don't stop." He drove harder than slowed.

"My, my… the princess likes it dirty." Draco could tell she was trying hard not to cry out ad draw attention. She didn't need to know he had already cast an illusion charm to make it seem like they were working on their assignment. "You aren't the little goodie two-shoes everyone thinks you are. Tell me, what do you want." His fingers slowed a fraction again and her eyes flashed at him in annoyance.

"More…" He gave her an innocent look.

"More of what?" His fingers played inside of her and he thumb grazed her clit making her squirm. He could tell she didn't want to say it. He thrust his fingers as deep as they would go and she moaned openly. "Tell me what you want." She pursed her lips and he smirked evilly. "Tell me that you want my hard cock fucking your pussy." His fingers slowly thrust deeper into her. "Tell me that every time my fingers fuck you, you imagine my long hard prick plunging into you." Hermione's mouth opened but no words came out. "Say it. Say you want me." He commanded as his fingers teased her.

"I want you." It was barely audible but it was good enough for him. He drove his fingers as fast he could, toying with her clit. She was shaking considerably as she got close to coming. Her hand was driving him to move faster and deeper. Finally he felt her about to peak and he stilled his digits. Her eyes flew to his with surprise and a flash of anger.

"What the—" she started but he cut her off.

"I want you to remember this when you touch yourself tonight. It will be my name on your lips and nobody else's." He pulled his fingers from her and smelled them, his arousal was too much but he wasn't going to let her know how it affected him. "I'm guessing nobody else has gotten you like this before." He smirked at her annoyed look; she was at a loss for words. "Next time you're with Nott you'll be thinking about me." He pulled away from her, moving his chair back it's original place and went to his assignment. He waited for her to say something but instead she shut her legs and buried her face into the book looking both mortified and angry. He sniggered to himself. Looks like I found a new way to piss her off. And this was even better because he knew she would never tell anyone about it. Let the games begins.

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