Charlie and Ruby; best friends and sisters. After a sudden family incident, Charlie decides to move her sister from the busy city streets to the small seaside town of Summer Bay. But is there more trouble in this town than anticipated? Ft The Braxton Brothers.

So this fiction has been in the planning for a few months now. Its my second Home and Away fan fiction, but I've been writing fan fiction for around 4 years, coming up to five. This fiction is comprised of different storylines and themes from over the years Charlie and Ruby have been in home and away. Just thought I'd explain, at the moment in the show John and Gina live at 31 Saxon Ave, but for the sake of this story I've changed stuff around (just so you are all clear and can picture the house while you read this). Sorry the first chapter is short, I've decided with this fic I'm just going to write what I feel rather than keeping to a word limit. I feel I get better chapters when I do that. Annd *spoiler* this was written before Dex and April broke up.

Enjoy and please read and review. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this =) xo

The City Meets the Sea.

Chapter 1

Ruby's Point of View

'Welcome to Summer Bay' I read the sign on the side of the road. The sign looked old and someone had graffiti-ed it to say 'Welcome to River Boy Bay'. "So this is why we're here is it?" I asked my sister Charlie as we drove past.

"Yep…apparently the local police have been having a lot of trouble with a couple of surf gangs around here."

"Charlie stop kidding yourself…we moved here because you couldn't face going to work and everyone saying how Dad was such a great cop and how proud he was of you!" I snapped at her. After Dad's funeral Charlie had decided to pack us both up and leave the city.

"Ruby!" She looked at me with her ice blue eyes. "I'm sorry that we moved, but the city was never for me anyway" She sighed back, covering up the real reason we were here. Charlie hated the beach. She had since I could ever remember. She hated the sand and the water, she hated everything about it, but as soon as dad died from a sudden heart attack, she decided that's where we should move our lives. I looked out into the ocean as we drove past the beach, it was so beautiful, but who could know that in a matter of minutes you could be dragged out into the dangerous sea.

Running up from the beach were a group of tattooed men that wolf whistled at the car, specifically Charlie. One of them stared at me. He wasn't like the rest. He didn't have tattoos or a built body like the rest. He just stared at me as we drove past. "I can see what Officer Watson said about rowdy" Charlie said, breaking me away from the hazel eyed boy's stare.

"They were the River Boys?" I asked shocked.

"Yep. A bunch of no hoper surfers who have nothing better to do than to terrorise this small town" Charlie stated, turning down a street. "Can you read me the address again?" Charlie was looking around trying to find a street sign.

"31 Saxon Avenue, Summer Bay" I read off the piece of paper with all the details about the house we were moving into. Charlie had found two sisters needing some roommates for their house. I hadn't met them before, but Charlie said they seemed nice and the house was homely and close to the beach and the local diner.

"Ah its this one" Charlie drove into a driveway occupied by another car. A blonde woman ran out of the house only to greet Charlie with a hug as soon as she got out of the car.

"Charlie, it's so nice to see you again!" She squealed.

"Ruby this is Bianca…she's the French teacher at the local school" Charlie smiled at me.

"Enchanté Ruby! Its going to be nice having you two living with us! My younger sister April is currently over at her boyfriend Dex's house, but she should be home later tonight. Let's get you two settled in" Bianca smiled, taking my hand and leading me inside. She showed Charlie and I to our rooms and helped us get the luggage out of the car and into our rooms. "So you looking forward to seeing the beach? The city must have been quite a different life style to what you have to look forward to here…and with the town being so small" Bianca smiled at me.

"Yeah I suppose." I tried to smile back. Truth was, I missed my Dad and I missed my old house and most of all, I missed my old friends! I just wanted to go home and this wasn't home!