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Chapter 28

Brax's Point of View

I was about to head into the surf club after my confrontation with Charlie, before noticing Ruby ripping into Heath about something, on the beach. I knew this could only go bad with Heath involved. I quickly ran down towards them, pulling Ruby from Heath. "Let me go!" She shouted, kicking my shins. I held on to her tightly before throwing her over my shoulder.

"Come on Rubes, time to go home" I struggled with her before glaring back at Heath who was laughing with all the boys.

"Yeah, go home little girl! Don't expect to mess with the big kids and not get hurt!" I heard him yell behind us as I carried Ruby up the beach and towards my car. I put her down and opened my car door before closing it and hoping in the other side.

"Want to tell me what that was all about?" I asked seriously.

"Have you seen Casey's face?" She started to cry. I wasn't good in these type of situations. "Heath did that to him!" She continued, wiping away her tears.

"You should have just stayed out of it Rubes! Casey and I can sort all this out ourselves!" I groaned.

"Casey broke up with me" She muttered, looking at me with her bloodshot hazel blue eyes.

"Come on Rubes, I'll take you home" I patted her shoulder and started up the car.

"I don't want to go home" She burst into tears.

"Ruby…I have no idea what to say to you right now. Charlie will know how to deal with this…let me take you home so you can talk to her" I started to drive. We soon got to my driveway before Ruby got out and started walking back to her own place. "Rubes…" I chased after her before she got to the front door and opened it. Charlie stood there looking at Ruby before hugging her tightly.

"What happened?" She asked me, holding a sobbing Ruby.

"I found her starting a fight with Heath…and her and Casey broke up" I revealed.

"Oh baby" Charlie kissed her sisters forehead. "Thanks for bringing her home" Charlie nodded before closing the front door, leading Ruby inside. I got inside my own house only to find Casey lazing on the lounge playing x-box.

"So why'd you break up with Ruby?" I asked him seriously.

"Why is it any of your business?" He rolled his eyes and continued playing.

"Because I just had to pull her from a fight with Heath!" I snapped.

"Is she alright?" He paused his game and looked at me wide eyed.

"You just broke up with her, how'd do you think she is?" I shook my head at how stupid he was.

"I just didn't want Heath to hurt her…I did it to protect her" He mumbled. "I'm such an idiot" he continued.

"Yeah you are. Let me sort out Heath and you go make up with Ruby. I'm not going to let him hurt you or her again!" I told her seriously before watching him leave the house quickly. Today had definitely been a long day for everyone.

Ruby's Point of View

I let Charlie hold me until I had stopped crying. "Hun, everything will be alright" she stroked my cheek, trying to reassure me.

"He was my first Charlie…I trusted him…I loved him" I croaked, trying not to get teary again.

"Yeah but Ruby, he won't be your last" She kissed my forehead. I heard a knock at the door before Charlie broke away to answer it. Opening the door we both seen Casey standing there. "I really don't think now is the right time Casey" Charlie looked at him seriously.

"No, Charlie, it's fine" I stood up and wiped away the rest of my tears and looked at Casey's bruised face, letting him in. I led him to the privacy of my bedroom before sitting on my bed and watching him pace the room.

"I'm so sorry Rubes! I was scared that if I was still with you, Heath would find a way to hurt you and that's the last thing I wanted" He pleaded.

"You could have told me that Case. Instead of hurting me yourself" I shook my head at him.

"Ruby, you have to understand that I didn't mean anything I said before…Ruby, I love you" He got down on his knees and looked me in the eye. He was only looking out for me because he cared about me…how could I not forgive him?

"It's alright…I understand." I gave him a small smile before hugging him.

"I'm sorry" he whispered, before kissing my cheek.

Charlie's Point of View

Bianca and I watched as Ruby and Casey walked out of Ruby's room, hand in hand; a smile on both of their faces. "I'm assuming that both of you sorted things out?" I chuckled.

"Yeah…we're going down to the diner for dinner. I'll be back later" Ruby smiled before heading out the door with Case.

"Well looks like its just you and me tonight" Bianca smiled before pouring us each a glass of wine. "So how's your Braxton doing?" She asked as I took a sip.

"He's not…we're not. We're just too different Bianca…but it doesn't bother me. I'm not the type of girl to get attached" I shrugged.

"Yeah but admit it Charlie…the sex was amazing right?" Bianca chuckled.

"No comment" I laughed before we both headed out to the back deck to watch the sunset and enjoy our wines. As we were talking and laughing away I heard yelling coming from next door. From what I could hear Brax and Heath were fighting about something. Bianca rolled her eyes before sculling down her wine and pouring herself another. "I'm assuming Heath and you aren't on good terms either?" I laughed.

"I've been avoiding him since the court case…I just don't need that right now. I know its taken me a while to figure that out, but I had enough trouble with Liam and drugs…I don't need any more of that in my life" She nodded.

"Smart choice. I'm proud of you" I smiled back before we clinked our glasses together. Before we knew it we seen Brax and Heath flinging themselves out their back door and into the back yard. Brax had Heath pinned against the ground, slamming his fists in his face, before Heath overpowered Brax and vice versa. "Shit" I mumbled, before looking into their backyard. Both Bianca and I ran through our house and through their back gate only to find them still at each other. Brax's lip was cut and I could see a black eye starting to form but the fight was still going strong. "BOTH OF YOU STOP IT!" I tried to pull Brax off Heath, without getting myself hurt.

"HEATH! Just stop, please!" Bianca looked on in shock. I managed to grab Brax's fist before pulling it behind his back and helping him off the ground. Bianca ran up to Heath, placing her hands on his shoulders and pushing him away from his brother.

"Brax….just stop! Clam down" I looked into his eyes, placing my hands on his chest. He looked at Heath, panting heavily, before looking at me.

"Of course ya girlfriend comes to save the day! Always the way isn't it bro!" Heath spat at Brax. I could see Brax firing up, lunging towards him.

"STOP!" I stood in front of him, using every muscle in my body to stop him from killing his brother.

"Come on Heath, we're going for a walk" Bianca took Heath's hand and walked him out the back gate.

"What was that about?" I asked concerned, as soon as they were gone.

"It was nothing" He muttered, storming inside. I followed him in, watching him walk into the kitchen and grabbing himself a beer.

"That wasn't nothing Brax!" I shouted at him.

"Just piss off Charlie!" He yelled back, slamming the fridge door and walking into his bedroom.

"How does Heath know about us?" I continued following him.

"He just assumed after you were here the night after your birthday that we were sleeping together…so I told him I was using you, to get him off my back" He took a sip of the beer, sitting on his bed.

"But you were using me Brax, so how is that a lie?" I chuckled back.

"Says the one who admitted that she's only sleeping with me to get the dirt on the gang I'm in" He rolled his eyes, before flinching, noticing the alcohol stinging his cut lip. I placed my hands on his cheeks, looking at the cut, before looking into his eyes.

"Let me clean that up for you" I broke away.

"What are you going to do? Kiss it better for me?" He chuckled.

"Well I could do that…or I could go get some antiseptic and clean it!" I rolled my eyes before going to the bathroom and grabbing some tissues and antiseptic.

"If you weren't a cop, I think you'd make a good nurse…and a sexy one at that!" He chuckled, placing a hand on my hip as I cleaned up his cut.

"Well Ruby was the clumsiest kid in the world…I was always cleaning up her cuts and bruises" I chuckled a reply, thinking back to when she was a little.

"There's a big age difference between you two…you were what…15, when she was born? I'm assuming she was a surprise to both your parents" He commented.

"Yeah…she sure was" I nodded, remembering exactly when she was born. "So tell me something Brax…tell me about Tegan?" I changed the subject, bringing up an even riskier one. I put down the antiseptic on the dresser before watching Brax lay back on his bed and groan. I laid down on the other side of the bed and looked at him.

"Tegan and I met when we were 16…we just got on really well. We dated for 5 years before she cheated on me. A couple of months later she told me she was pregnant and the other guy didn't want a bar of it. I stayed with her through her pregnancy and I was with her when her daughter Darcy was born. After Darcy was born we dated on and off for a while, but she was always the same old Tegan…never growing up, leaving Darce with her mother, always getting herself into trouble and expecting me to clean up her mess. Last year she left Darcy on my doorstep before telling me she was meeting up with some guy. I was so angry with her that I went to go confront her, but on my way there I seen her car wrapped around a tree. I held her hand until help arrived, but by then she had passed away. I guess she was a huge part of my life for a long time…I've never really told anyone that before" He turned and looked me in the eye. I couldn't help but feel saddened by what he had just told me. He was broken and damaged, just like me and I wanted so bad to fix him. I could feel my eyes tearing up. "Hey, why the tears ay?" He chuckled, taking my hand in his and squeezing it.

"I'm sorry." I whispered, pulling him tightly into a hug.

"Don't be sorry Charlie…I'm just glad you're here to listen" He chuckled, kissing my ear softly. I felt privileged that Brax had told me this…it meant he trusted me. Maybe there was more to this Braxton than I thought. Breaking his trust was the last thing on my mind right now.