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Lungbarrow: First Introductions

"Rose, darling, I'm sorry but I need to borrow your phone to call your father." Jackie told her daughter apologetically.

Rose, still slightly shocked, simply nodded and pulled her iPhone from the pocket of her leather jacket, handing it to her mother.

"Rose?" Jackie asked softly, gently nudging her daughter's shoulder as she took the mobile.

Rose blinked rapidly, before turning to her mum and smiling at the man behind the pair of them.

"Yeah, everything's fine." Rose replied.

The clone Doctor grinned back.


Rose and the Doctor sat cuddled up in the uncomfortable metal chairs at the Zeppelin port as Jackie paced up and down the plush carpet.

"Mum, sit down! You're gonna wear a hole in the carpet!" Rose exclaimed, grinning.

"Well, you've certainly changed your tune since we left the bay!" her mother replied as she took a seat, smirking.

Both Rose and the Doctor blushed.

"So, Jackie," the Doctor announced, plastering on his trademark grin in an attempt to distract her "when will Pete be arriving?"

"Oh, Pete won't be coming. He has to look after Tony; he's a right little handful- you two will get along like a house on fire!" Jackie announced.

"Yeah, you both have the mental age of a three year old, but at least Tony is three!" Rose added playfully.

The Doctor merely rolled his eyes and smirked.


Out of instinct, the Doctor grabbed Rose's hand as their Zeppelin docked and they prepared to board. Of course, Pete had sent over a private Zeppelin; being Vitex millionaire and Torchwood Director, he had more than enough money to pick his family up from the far-flung reaches of Norway. However, that did mean that the Zeppelin was staffed by Torchwood guards and the Doctor had no idea how to react. Jackie, on the other hand, didn't seem at all fazed as she hurried up the steps and into the Zeppelin, greeting various members of staff on the way, all of whom replied with a stiff "Good to see you, Mrs Tyler" and a tight smile. As Rose tugged the Doctor up the steps, he glanced warily at the staff. All of whom were dressed in smart black suits and stood like soldiers. As they reached the door, a tall sandy haired man of roughly Rose's age stepped out to greet them.

"It's good to see you again, Arthur," Rose greeted, smiling warmly.

"And you, Miss Tyler," Arthur replied, pushing his dark-rimmed glasses back up his nose.

"How many times, Arthur, call me Rose! You know me well enough not to bother with all the formal stuff!" Rose scolded light-heartedly.

Arthur smiled and nodded.

"Indeed Rose," he conceded "and who is your friend?"

"Ah, Arthur, this is my friend the Doctor." Rose announced, gesturing at the Doctor with her free hand while she swung their still-joined hands between their bodies.

"Oh, right? Doctor who?" Arthur asked.

Rose opened her mouth, but before she could speak, the Doctor spoke up first.

"Lungbarrow. Doctor Jonathan Theta Lungbarrow." The Doctor announced, grinning.

"Well, good to meet you, Jonathan. So, you're the doctor Rose always kept on about, eh? I hope you're gonna stick by her." Arthur replied seriously.

"Arthur!" Rose laughed, shocked.

"Oh, I will, Arthur. I will." The Doctor replied solemnly.

Then, with a grin, he tugged Rose onto the Zeppelin.

A/N 2: Can anyone guess who 'Arthur' is? (hint: he's based on an awesome real-life Who actor)