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Lungbarrow: Wedding Day

The Doctor was standing at the altar, shifting from foot to foot nervously. The day had sort of crept up on them, and he was amazed that he and Rose had actually managed to get everything together in time. It was July 10th, just before three in the afternoon, and the very few wedding guests were seated. They had decided not to bother having separate sides for the bride's and groom's guests, as the only people there were Jackie, Pete, Arthur, Rory, Jonathon, Owen, Tosh, Gwen, Libby, Donna and Jake. Tony was stood proudly beside the Doctor, occasionally waving enthusiastically at Jackie, who had been forced into her seat barely five minutes previously by a disgruntled Arthur after she started fussing around Rose. Arthur was now stood just behind the Doctor and Tony with Owen as they were groomsmen. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime to the Doctor, the doors opened and, as the wedding march began, Pete and Rose walked in. The Doctor couldn't resist turning round and seeing Rose. She looked even more beautiful than usual, wearing a long, strapless white dress and high heels. Her hair had been gently curled and pinned up. However, as she neared the altar, the Doctor noticed Rose was looking rather nervous, and he hoped that they had made the right decision by not pushing the wedding back; there'd been a…situation three weeks before that only the Doctor and Rose knew about, and they'd contemplated postponing the wedding because of it. Nonetheless, Rose was determined that they'd be married on July 10th, and so here they were.

"Hello," the Doctor greeted her quietly as she reached the altar. He was grinning.

"Hello to you too," Rose replied, beaming back.

Pete kissed his daughter on the cheek and nodded at the Doctor before retreating to his seat beside Jackie.


The majority of the service went off without a hitch, although Tony did momentarily forget to hand the rings over. The Doctor and Rose both merely laughed it off, as did their few guests, and once vows were exchanged, they filed outside for several group photos. The reception was being held at the Tyler Mansion, and after much convincing, Jackie hadn't gone overboard. As the Rolls Royce pulled up outside the Mansion, the Doctor and Rose saw that the others had evidently rushed back to get to the house before them. Tony was sat in the Rolls Royce with them, after refusing to go in the car with his parents, and the Doctor and Rose had decided to let the four year old come back with them. As soon as the car stopped, Tony was scrambling out the door and running over to Donna, who lifted him into her arms.

"Mrs Lungbarrow," the Doctor announced, smiling as he offered Rose his arm.

Rose blinked, having not realised that her husband- husband, that would take a while to get used to, she mused- before smiling and taking his proffered arm.

"Mr Lungbarrow," she replied, smiling.

Almost as soon as they reached the doors of the Mansion, Donna, Arthur, Jake and Rory produced party poppers from somewhere, popping them enthusiastically. Rose laughed and rolled her eyes, realising she'd expected nothing else from her friends.


The reception went on for hours, and it was still going on after Tony had gone to bed. By nine o'clock at night, the Doctor and Rose departed so they could head to the airport for their honeymoon. Rose still had no idea where she was going on honeymoon, and the Doctor was still refusing to tell her.

"How do you expect me to check in at the zeppelin port, then?" she demanded as they were driven to the zeppelin port.

"That's all sorted," the Doctor replied calmly, although he was grinning "your Dad's lent us his private zeppelin, and they know who's using it, so we'll just walk straight in.

Rose attempted to glare at her new husband, but she was too excited to maintain it for long. So she went back to begging.

"Please?" Rose begged, gripping the Doctor's arm tight "Just a hint? I probably won't even be able to guess it; I've always been rubbish at Geography! Please, love?"

The Doctor suppressed a smirk and shook his head. Rose sighed, slumping back in her seat. It was going to be a long drive…