'I wanna know what you really think of me
I wanna feel all the pain that sets you free
These waves of doubt are drowning me
Gone are the days when this was easy
Buried in the past so many moments I want back
Tomorrow doesn't hold onto yesterday'

Hinata was so happy. Being with Tayuya was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to her.
Often they would simply sit near each other, working on homework or listening to their iPods.

Every other weekend they would go to the movies, to see the latest horror movie or something with explosions.
Before either knew it, three months had passed.

Classes were slowly coming to an end.

They had decided to stay over the summer and do the classes needed for advancement so they would be ahead when school started back.
Since Kiba was going home for the summer, he and Tayuya were spending the last few weeks together, working on a new engine, which they would be showing their teacher before school let out.
Hinata didn't mind, liking the quiet as she worked on her beginning medical studies. There was so much to memorize.

Hinata was laying on her bed, arm slung over her eyes when she heard the door open.
She was dressed in a plain black tanktop and light gray skinny jeans, she didn't feel like moving to see who it was, hoping it was Kiba.

She felt someone put pressure on the bed.
Then she was being straddled, warm breath on her neck.

She moved her arm some to peer up at a grinning Tayuya. She was wearing dark orange basketball shorts and a sleeveless white Fox shirt, her hat turned backwards.

"Hey," Tayuya whispered huskily, leaning down to lightly nip at Hinata's pale, exposed neck.

Hinata groaned softly, "Hey yourself."

Pausing for a moment, Tayuya replied, "I don't know if that's possible..."

Hinata chuckled, sliding her arms around her girlfriend's waist, pulling her closer, loving the feel of their bodies pressed close.
Tayuya took that opportunity to sink her teeth into the soft, sensitive flesh of Hinata's neck, delighting in her reaction as she leaned into the touch, pulling Tayuya even closer.
Tayuya released the sensitive skin, sitting up.

Hinata gazed up at her.

"Plans?" Tayuya asked.

"None," she replied with a slight shrug.

Tayuya leaned back down, nuzzling the pale girl's neck.

Hinata held her tightly.

Eventually, they laid together, Tayuya snuggled close to Hinata, Hinata's arms around the taller girl protectively.

- Next Morning, Tayuya -

She snuggled closer to Hinata.
After showering and dressing, she planned on taking her to Waffle House for breakfast, then maybe they would catch a couple movies, then to Olive Garden for dinner.

After staying a few moments more, she extracted herself from Hinata's arms and gathered some clothes before stepping into the bathroom.
She showered and dressed in dark red basket ball shorts and a gray sports tank top. Brushing her long red hair before putting her hat on backwards.

When she returned to the room, Hinata was sitting up.


"Mm...," Hinata replied sleepily, standing and stretching.
Tayuya watched her stretch, seeing the pale expanse of the other girl's stomach as her shirt lifted some.

"Where you off to?"

"You're coming too, soon as you shower."

Hinata nodded sleepily, picking some dark blue skinnies and a pale purple shirt before going into the bathroom.

By the time they arrived at Waffle House Hinata was completely alert.

After ordering, Hinata asked, "So what else are we doing today?"

"Movies, dinner, maybe some cuddling between."

Hinata turned a deep shade of red as the waitress had walked back over when Tayuya had mentioned cuddling.

The waitress winked at Tayuya after setting their drinks down, making Hinata blush more and Tayuya grin.

They saw two movies, The woman in black and Happy feet 2.
Afterwards, they returned to the dorm for a little while.

- Hinata -

She laid in Tayuya's arms, curled up, Tayuya's arm around her, holding her close.

She loved their time together, especially when they were this close. She loved the feel of their bodies pressed so close, the security of being in her arms, the feeling of being loved.

They laid that way for hours, occasionally moving but always remaining close together.

Tayuya took them to Olive Garden for dinner.

Afterwards, they returned to campus and laid on the grass by the tree. Staring up at the stars, laying beside each other.

Everything was so easy between them. Her father had not said anything to her in months. She still did worry what he would say when she told him about Tayuya, but she knew that with Tayuya, she could do anything.
When she was with Tayuya, she felt safe, protected, and loved. She knew Tayuya was fragile too, she hid it very well of course, but sometimes, she had seen the sadness in her eyes, the pain. At those times, she would hold her tightly, willing away her pain, knowing that she would talk if she needed to.

She knew Tayuya's past bugged the red head, she didn't think Hinata would want her because of that, but Hinata kissed away her fears, or so she hoped.

Laying there, Hinata rolled onto her side and kissed the red head on the cheek before gently nuzzling said cheek.
Tayuya smiled, sliding an arm around her shoulders, pulling her into a hug.

'If I fall back into you
Don't fight it, don't fight it
Show me what we've got to lose
Don't hide it, don't hide it
Memories stuck in my head
All the things I should have said
If I fall back into you
Don't fight it, don't fight it'