'I wanna know what you really think of me
I wanna feel all the pain that sets you free
These waves of doubt are drowning me
Gone are the days when this was easy
Buried in the past so many moments I want back
Tomorrow doesn't hold onto yesterday'

Their relationship was better than ever. Every night, they laid in Tayuya or Hinata's bed, Tayuya holding the pale girl close, even as they slept.

Slowly, July approached.

Mid-June, Hinata received another call from her father. She did not answer it, instead letting it go to voicemail. The message was short and his voice sounded slightly angry. "You will be coming home tomorrow to meet Mizu. You can either catch a bus or my driver will pick you up at noon. I expect you by one."

She relayed the message to Tayuya. The red head nodded and said, "Let's see this fellow together."
The girl had a smirk, a dangerous one, one Hinata seldom saw, but knew meant trouble. "You wont...," she began.
"It depends on him," Tayuya replied with a shrug before walking over to the smaller girl and kissing her pale cheek lightly.
Hinata blushed before saying, "I just don't want unnecessary violence."
"It won't be unnecessary. You are mine. If anyone tries to take you, I will fight them. You are mine." Tayuya said, her eyes fierce as she drew the smaller girl in to a tight embrace.
Hinata's blush intensified as she hugged the girl back. She knew Tayuya meant her words, she was just afraid of what would happen to her if her father had his way.

"Will you bare your scars?" Tayuya asked softly, still holding her.

"I... I hadn't thought about it," Hinata admitted.

"I say you do. If you would be comfortable with it. Let him face what he has caused," Tayuya said, a light growl in her words.

Heartened by her words, Hinata said, "I think I will then."

Tayuya leaned down then, their lips meeting in a soft, yet passionate kiss.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

'If I fall back into you
Don't fight it, don't fight it
Show me what we've got to lose
Don't hide it, don't hide it
Memories stuck in my head
All the things I should have said
If I fall back into you
Don't fight it, don't fight it'

It was hot the day they were to see her father and meet Mizu. Hinata had dressed in a pale purple tanktop that hugged her figure nicely and a pair of dark blue jean shorts that hung to her knees. She was nervous, even with Tayuya standing beside her as they waited for the bus.
She was wearing dark red basketball shorts and a white tanktop, her hat on backwards.

The bus pulled up not long after.

As they got off the bus and began the walk to the Hyuga Company, Hinata's heart fluttered nervously. Tayuya slipped her hand into her lovers, keeping her eyes ahead, her gaze focused. Hinata smiled, holding Tayuya's hand, her calm returning slowly.
Finally, they reached the doors and waited in the lobby to be sent to her father's office.

"Ah Hinata," Hiashi said, not turning around yet.

"Yes father?" she asked, meekly.

He turned then, eyes intent upon his daughter, not noticing Tayuya yet. "This is Mizu," he gestured to the boy with pale blond hair and bright blue eyes standing to the right of his desk.

Hinata glanced at him, Tayuya kept her eyes on Hiashi, her hand tightening some around Hinata's. Hinata returned the pressure, her eyes on Hiashi.

"I will not marry him."

Silence ensued for a full three minutes.

"Hinata... You will marry him. You are my daughter. You will do as I say."

A smile tugged at her lips, but her Hyuga reserve kept it from enveloping her features. "Well then, father, I am disobeying you. I found the girl I love. I will marry her. Do you wish to see what you have caused over the years?"
She didn't wait for an answer however, striding forward, stopping at the front of his desk, baring her arms upward for him to see her scars. His face remained a mask, he didn't even glance down at her arms.
"Really Hinata? I thought I had raised you better. You will marry Mizu, or you are hereby disowned." His voice was cold and commanding.

Tayuya fought the urge to rush him, standing still, watching Hinata.

"Disown me then. Let Hanabi take my place. This place was never a home and you never a father." Her voice had grown cold and gained an edge, her arms back at her sides.

Anger burned in Hiashi's eyes, but he merely stared at his daughter.

A smirk tugged at her lips, but she did not let it emerge. "Speechless father? How unlike you."

Hinata turned and walked back to Tayuya, slipping her hand into her lovers.
"Glad we had this talk, father," Hinata said over her shoulder before leaving the room with Tayuya.

They were on the bus before her mask broke. Tayuya held her as she began to cry softly.

"You were brave."

Hinata said nothing, her tears slowly ceasing as she leaned into the comfort of Tayuya's chest.

"You are mine and I love you," Tayuya said softly.

"I love you too."

Silence ensued for a moment.
Hinata broke it by saying, "I hope he leaves us alone."

"If he doesn't, he will have me to answer to," Tayuya replied, her voice hard.

No more words passed as they rode the bus back to campus, Hinata laying in her lovers arms for the rest of the day.
They were together. Only time would tell if her father would leave them. Only time would tell if their love would endure. Hinata hoped it would, Tayuya promised it would. But only time would truly tell.

'Gone are all the days of this was easy
Tomorrow can't hold onto yesterday
If you come right back to me
I won't fight it, I won't fight it
Show me what you need from me
Don't hide it, don't hide it'

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