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Break Me

By: xSlythStratasfaction

Warning: Spoilers for 2x12 (Silly Love Songs); my (AU) take on a certain scene!

"I thought the guy you wanted to sing to on Valentine's Day… was me."

Kurt stood hesitantly behind his best friend, eyes downcast as he waited for Blaine to respond to what he had just blurted out. It was one hundred percent true that Kurt thought Blaine was going to serenade him; the last few months of shameless flirting between the two of them didn't go unnoticed by Kurt whatsoever. Fuck, the guy even knew his coffee order! But then Blaine had announced to the Warblers that he wanted to go sing to some guy he liked who worked at the Gap and with just one fell swoop, Kurt's hopes and dreams were dashed in an instant.

He had spent an hour roaming around the Gap with Blaine and the other Warblers, Blaine eventually pointing out a tall, bushy haired hipster looking guy as the person he was crushing on. Just the sight of this Jeremiah fellow had Kurt's stomach clenched in pain, the bile rising in his throat as he bit back his tongue to keep himself from screaming - that or sobbing.

What did this Jeremiah guy have that he didn't have?

Kurt surveyed the guy throughout the entirety of Blaine's serenade. He looked at the Gap guy's curly hair, the squareness of his jaw, and the brightness of his blue eyes. Sure, the man was handsome, but he was also old and his hair was just ridiculous. Not too mention that his entire wardrobe obviously consisted of Gap originals, so he was probably cheap and he looked like a stoner and… Kurt was jealous of him. Oh so jealous.

Kurt wanted Blaine to want him. He wanted Blaine to sing to him, to look at him with hearts in his eyes like he had looked at Jeremiah.

"If he and I got married-"

Kurt wanted Blaine to think about their future the way he had obviously been thinking about one with Jeremiah. Kurt wanted it all: he wanted the flirty looks, the songs, the plans, the dates, everything. And instead, here he was, looming behind Blaine as his friend stared straight ahead, mouth open to form the perfect 'O' as he struggled to form a response to Kurt's blatant confession.


"Kurt, I-"

Blaine turned slightly, his hazel eyes staring directly into Kurt's blue ones as he started to gnaw on his lower lip. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"Yes," Kurt whispered, shooting his eyes back down to his feet. He never ever got nervous, but here he was, inwardly shaking like a leaf, feeling that familiar knot rise in his throat. Oh God, he felt like he was going to puke. "Blaine, I like you. I have since I before I transferred to Dalton and I know we haven't known each other that long, but I really care about you."

Please don't break my heart… please.

Blaine stayed silent, only moving when the line ahead of them moved forward. Kurt raised his gaze from the floor to look up at the couple ahead of them. They were holding hands, the girl leaning into her boyfriend's arms as he placed their coffee orders.

That could be me and Blaine…


Blaine and I could be like them. We come here often enough. Most of the Warblers think we're dating - hell, most of New Directions think there's something going on between us. I mean, why would Blaine constantly do the things he does around me if he didn't have some semblance of feelings towards me? I think Rachel and Mercedes were wrong. I can't be making this all up in my head. I just can't.

"Kurt?" Blaine said again, his voice just a little louder this time. Kurt stopped his thoughts and once again locked eyes with his friend, instantly freezing up when he noticed the sympathy behind his gaze. "Kurt, I just don't like you like that. I'm sorry. I just see you as a friend."

"Just a friend?"

"Just a friend." Blaine paused, stepping forward once more towards the register as the couple ahead of them moved on down the counter. "I'm sorry."

Kurt's heart shattered into a million pieces.

I'm sorry too.

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