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Break Me

By: xSlythStratasfaction

Warning: Season 2 spoilers! This fic is AU with canon tendencies (does that make any sense? Haha!) Characters may seem OOC, but that's essential to the plot, I promise. VERY ANGSTY. Also, some foul language.

Finn slunk down into his seat next to Quinn and threw an arm over his eyes, the weight of fear slowly lifting off of his shoulders now that he knew Kurt had gotten home safe and sound. Quinn reached over and gently took his hand, squeezing it between her two smooth, smaller ones as he watched him closely.

"Is he okay?"

The rest of the club quit speaking and waited for Finn to answer, each of them on the edge of their seats as they listened to see if their distraught friend/ex-teammate had gotten home after his meltdown following Regionals.

"Mom just called and said he got home a little bit ago. Burt didn't say much else, but I think he'll be alright."

"That's good," Tina said quietly, piping up from her place against Mike's broad shoulder. Ever since Kurt had brushed past her, Mercedes, and Blaine back at the concert hall, she had been scared to death that her friend had done something awful, especially based on the way the boy had acted. The Kurt she watched run away from her was not the Kurt she had known for more than a year, that was for sure. It was like someone had taken her Kurt and replaced him with a shell of his former self.

And Tina didn't like that one bit.

After Finn's announcement, the club went back to half-heartedly celebrate their win, everyone still feeling bad over what happened with Kurt. Mercedes barely spoke, only poking at her plate of pasta with a sorrowful look; the others went about eating as they normally did, but Rachel stared down at her hands and didn't mutter a peep. For once in her life she was completely speechless and for a while she wondered if she had been a part of the problem that caused Kurt's breakdown. You probably are, her mind supplied as she politely accepted the salad bowl from Sam. You stole Blaine from him without a care in the world and now look what's happened. She wiped a few tears from her eyes and got up from the table, the voice in her head still ringing loud and clear.

"Are you okay, Rachel?" Finn asked her as she squeezed past his chair, but he was met without a response as the girl rushed off towards the restrooms.

No one bothered to follow her.

Burt sat stone still in his chair hours after he listened to Kurt beg him to let him go back to McKinley. His son went on and on and on about wanting to leave his new school, citing how much he hated being there and how much he missed his friends. But, deep down, despite feeling sorry for his kid, Burt wondered if sending Kurt back to his old school would be the right thing to do.

Unluckily for him, Kurt made it his night's goal to try and persuade Burt to allow him to go back into the public school system.

"I don't care if I have to deal with those neanderthals all day; I'll ignore them, I'll take up the guys' offer on being my bodyguards. I just can't go back to Dalton!"

"If you lose the money from my tuition, I'll work every single afternoon at the shop for no pay - just tell me what to do and I'll do it, I swear."

"I'll get a job if I have to… to pay you and Carole back!"

In the end, Burt ended up sending Kurt upstairs to get some rest and they'd talk more about it in the morning, but even then he knew he wouldn't have an answer. He just couldn't let his son go back to the school where someone was able to threaten his life and get away with it; he couldn't even imagine how people would act once Kurt got back after leaving. Kids were cruel, he knew that, but they were meaner when more factors came into play.

Hell, the very first time someone picked on Kurt (when he was just six years old), Elizabeth fought tooth and nail to get the kid suspended, especially after Kurt came home with skinned knees and a ruined pink Power Rangers action figure - all because his toy wasn't a boy color. A few days after Lizzie's phone call to the school, Kurt came home crying, fists balled up and rubbing against his eyes as he wailed because the friends of the boy who got in trouble put gum in the pages of his reading workbook and got him into trouble.

Burt could still remember how quiet Elizabeth was when she slipped into bed that evening and how she tried (and failed) to hide her tears from him as she cried softly into her pillow, her heart aching over the fact that there were ruthless kids out there who hurt her baby boy. Sadly, Burt wondered to himself if his beloved Lizzie was watching over him and Kurt now and if she was still shedding tears over the pain her son was feeling at that very moment.

Would she send him back to McKinley if she were still alive and plagued with such a question? Would she brush off Kurt's request and keep him where he was safe and sound, despite how miserable the boy seemed?

Burt didn't have the answers; he wasn't Elizabeth, but the more and more he thought about it, the more he understood which option she would have chosen.

He went to bed that night cuddled around Carole, his mind still racing with whether or not his decision regarding Kurt's schooling and safety would be the right one.

Finn awoke the next morning tangled in a heap of blankets, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, crisp bacon, and fried eggs wafting into his open bedroom door. He sat up and rubbed the thick sleep from his eyes, his vision focusing in slowly on a long, shadowed form standing at the foot of his bed.

"Morning, Finn. Hungry?"

"Aren't I always?" Finn yawned, untangling himself from his comforter and rolling out of the bed. "Dude, I wasn't expecting you to be up this early. You okay?"

Kurt looked down at his socked feet and shuffled a bit from foot to foot before he lifted his head with a steely composure, "I'm fine. Do you want breakfast or not?"

Finn frowned, stomach twisting at the cold indifference that had passed over Kurt's face and remained stuck on the shorter boy's features. "I just wanted to know if you were alright, man, jeez. Tina and Mercedes were freaking out yesterday and-"

"Breakfast is downstairs," Kurt interrupted, turning sharply on his heel and exiting the room, leaving Finn gaping behind him.

Between Kurt blowing off his breakdown and the strange wall he had thrown up over his emotions, Finn knew something serious was otherwise about to happen or was already going down at that very moment. Ignoring the dull ache of hunger in his stomach, he grabbed his cellphone off of the nightstand and sent out a mass text to the members of New Directions:

Meet Lima Bean. 1 hr. Emergency

"Why did you call this meeting, Finn?" Rachel demanded as she stormed into the Lima Bean, "Is something wrong with Kurt?"

The rest of New Directions stared at Finn as he wrung his hands together. Quinn placed a gentle hand on his thigh as she spoke, "Everyone's here that can make it now. What's going on?"

"Something's wrong with Kurt."

"That's what Babar just asked!" Santana groaned, glaring daggers at Finn. "Hurry up and explain, twinkle toes. I've got a manicure in an hour and my nails need done, like, yesterday."

Finn sucked in a deep breath, "Kurt is acting like what happened yesterday didn't happen at all. He's acting like everything's okay."

"That's not bad though, is it?" Mike asked. A few of the others agreed.

"You guys didn't see him," Finn sighed. "He doesn't look like himself. He looks like he did before he left for Dalton. I don't think that school's doing anything for him at all."

"Or maybe he just misses us and McKinley," Mercedes supplied softly. "He was so upset yesterday. I know he was sad he lost Regionals again. The way he acted yesterday just wasn't normal." She paused a second to take a sip of her drink and then continued, "Do you think he wants to transfer back?"

The rest of the group remained quiet, everyone looking back at their tablemates to see if the others were thinking the same things they were.

"It's not safe for him to come back," Rachel whispered, voicing the exact thoughts of the majority of the group. "Karofsky and Azimio and those other jerks are still running around. They're more power hungry than ever since they won the championship. They'll destroy Kurt!"

"Well maybe we can talk to them. Get them to leave Kurt alone or something," Finn suggested, Puck, Mike, and Sam nodding enthusiastically beside him. Quinn rolled her eyes.

"Because that worked so well last time."

"It wouldn't hurt to try," Sam said. "If they don't listen, well… we could do what we suggested to Kurt last time; we could be his personal bodyguards or something."

"Whatever," Santana shot back, rising up from her chair. She grabbed her handbag and buttoned up her coat, turning away from the table. "When you guys get your asses beat again by King Kong and the other escaped zoo gorillas, don't come whining to me about it." She swept out of the coffee shop with a wave of her hips, leaving the rest of New Directions staring after her.

Sam waited until he saw Santana hop into her car before he continued, "Like I said before. It wouldn't hurt to try. We can just call a meeting tomorrow in the locker room and say that Beiste wants to talk to us. Then we can talk to the guys about Kurt, sound good?"

"Sounds good," Puck parroted, lifting his fist to bump against Sam's. Everyone else at the table nodded in agreement and slowly began planning how they could get Kurt back to McKinley, each of them still wondering if Kurt coming back was even a good idea in the first place.

Santana waved her long, newly manicured nails in front of her face and smirked at how good they looked; amazingly, she was able to get a pretty decent discount after freaking out over a little accidental snip of her cuticle and now she had some extra money in her pocket to spend. So, after paying the incredibly apologetic (and albeit, terrified) nail technician, Santana found herself at the Lima Mall, sitting all by her lonesome on a wooden bench, watching as Sunday shoppers lazily strolled by.

Despite her cool demeanor at the current moment, her thoughts weren't just on her aching cut finger, but also on what she and her fellow glee mates discussed at the Lima Bean earlier that morning. According to Finn, it looked like that little kewpie doll of a human being, Kurt, was planning on coming back to McKinley, despite the fact that his main tormentor(s) were still ruling the halls of the school with burly iron fists.

To be honest, it seemed like a complete suicide mission to Santana. It was like Kurt was just going to sacrifice himself to the dogs just to get a trip to New York and come back to the dysfunctional family that was the McKinley High New Directions. Was it even worth it?

However, no matter how stupid the idea seemed to her, Santana did admire Kurt quite a bit, though she'd never admit it. The kid had balls, that was for sure. He dealt with the bullying for so long and probably would've continued dealing with the locker slams and the slushies if it weren't for his parents having a cow and pulling him from McKinley to go to Pleasantville Academy - or whatever the hell that freakish place was called.

Hummel might've been one of the craziest gays she had ever known, but he was also one of the bravest and considering her current situation with Brittany and how she felt about her, Santana couldn't help but admire the boy who dared to stand tall despite the homophobia and stupidity he faced daily.

Sighing, she took a drink of her strawberry lemonade and coolly watched the occupants of the mall walk past her, her dark eyes taking in the forms of many a McKinley student as well as some of the rival high school kids. It wasn't until she spotted the familiar hulking figure of Dave Karofsky in his Titans letterman jacket that she rose from her seat on the bench and took flight. She walked slowly behind the boy, eyes narrowed as she watched him stumble somewhat distractedly ahead of her, his hands tucked deep in his coat pockets.

Following him was so boring to her that she almost turned off to head into Victoria's Secret. However, she noticed something odd out of the corner of her eye.

A tall, tanned skinned boy decked out in Abercrombie and Fitch (who Santana herself couldn't deny was incredibly sexy) came stepping out in front of Karofsky, jumping back in surprise when the other boy almost ran him over. "Sorry, man!" The tan guy said with a dazzling smile, side-stepping Karofsky with ease.

It was what happened after the man went on his way that had Santana's jaw dropping to the floor.

As soon as the guy went on down the mall, Dave 'I hate all gays and especially Kurt Hummel' Karofsky turned his head just the tiniest bit and watched the muscular Adonis walk his way towards Old Navy.

Holy shit, Santana thought to herself as she watched Dave's eyes slowly trail up and down the other guy's body. Karofsky's checking that dude out. He's a flamer too!

Smirking her signature devilish grin, Santana sauntered up behind Karofsky and quickly slid her arm into his, locking her elbow against his.

"Hey there, flirty McGee," she grinned, batting her long lashes at Dave when the boy looked down at her in shock. "He was muy caliente, wasn't he? Mmm mmm mmm."

"What?! No! Fuck off, Ho-pez!" Karofsky hissed, struggling to tug his arm away from Santana's. His struggle only fueled the girl's fire and she smiled brighter, pulling his heft down towards the food court.

"C'mon tiger, you and Auntie Tana need to have a serious chat. So unless you want me to play the Don't dump me here, you big stupid idiot card in front of all these lovely people and embarrass the hell out of you, I suggest you get a move on and get your ass to Auntie Anne's. Mama wants herself a cinnamon sugar pretzel, you got me? And maybe another lemonade."

Hours later, Santana found herself standing on the doorstep of the Hudson-Hummel home, her belly full and her bitch face on strong, knocking heavily on the door as she waited for someone, anyone to answer.

"Come on!" She yelled, pounding on the door a little harder. "It's cold out here and I think my tits are freezing off!"

"God, Satan!" A voice hissed as the door opened and a strong hand tugged her inside, "Shut up! I have neighbors you know!"

Santana grinned evilly, looking the person in front of her up and down, her eyes sparkling with mirth. "Well, well, well… I wasn't expecting you to answer the door, even though you are the exact person I want to see, elf ears! Wait until you hear what I have to tell you-"

"God, you aren't planning to blackmail me, are you?" Kurt asked exasperatedly. He narrowed his eyes and only glared more when Santana leered back at him. "Really, I don't have time for this."

"Oh, but I think you do," Santana muttered as she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back against the wall. "This news is going to change your life forever."

Kurt waited for a moment, closely watching the girl standing across from him to see if she was actually telling the truth or not. After a minute of searching, he finally found what he was looking for in her eyes: sincerity.

"Okay, spill. I'm listening."

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