Hello everyone I have decided to write this story as I have writers block on the others.


What is Melinda as she has now shown any of Piper's powers yet? Could Brad be the mentor to the antichrist and is Henry Junior the one he is supposed to guide? Meanwhile Piper is dealing with a not socially accepted disease while Wyatt and Chris are dealing with other students who know.

Cole is married to Phoebe and has been for 8 years and they have a girl and a boy. Paige is married to Henry with twins and Piper is with Leo and they have Wyatt, Chris and Mel. Sorry but I don't like Coop so he is not in this at all. Cole is still half demon and so is their son.

No More Healing

Chapter 1

I go by Anastasia Beaverhausen

Piper stood outside of a small yet exotic shop nervously as she would occasionally pick into the window and see a manikin wearing nothing but leather and holding a whip in one hand, "Only in San Francisco," she whispered while biting her lower lip and noticed she was way to over dressed for the noddy little shop.

"Piper," a voice said in a whisper from behind. Piper turned around to see who caught her staring at the manikin and hoped it was not one of her other play mate friends she takes Wyatt to on the weekends. The voice sounded familiar and most of all was reassuring as she got a look at who called her name. There was her middle sisters wearing a two sized to big hat and a scarf that went around her neck and of course what so called disguise would be complete without large sun glasses.

"Phoebe," Piper said as she tried to hold in a laugh.

"Shirr, its Anastasia Beaverhausen," Phoebe replied and looked around like they were going to sell drugs or something.

'What?" Piper asks as she could no longer hold in her giggles.

"Its my alies for this," Phoebe said and then slapped her sister on the arm," And stop laughing I have a column so I can't have rumors going around," she replied.

"So you steal Karen's alies from Will and Grace and why would you even think I would want to go in?" Piper said as Phoebe headed for the door but stopped and gave her in denial sister a sideways look.

"First you and Leo are in a runt and need a little help," she replied.

Piper's cheeks blushed slightly and she went into her defensive posturing," We are not in a runt."

'When was the last time you guys had sex?"

Piper paused for a moment as she tried to remember the last time she was satisfied but the pause was long enough to prove Phoebe's point.

"Hu see that is what I am talking about," Phoebe said and opened the door to the shop.

"It happens Pho,, Anastasia," Piper said making sure to correct herself as Phoebe gave her a hard look.

"I know, so you need a little help its nothing to be ashamed about this is all perfectly normal," Phoebe said as Piper picked up a small rubbery looking dildo that had a remote attached to it. "This is normal?" Piper asks.

"Yes it is..." Phoebe started to say normal but then Piper clicked the remote and the dildo expanded to twice its size which made even her cringe," Ok some things are a little extreme, now put that back I am sure they have you brake you buy it policy." Piper put it back quietly as she followed her sister though the shop. They were many things to satisfy any desire and Piper felt uncomfortable and a little excited at the same time. Leo was good in bed but lately they have been in a runt but the last thing she was going to say was Phoebe was right. Her middle sister always seem to be more adventurous in bed and sometimes wondered how Cole handled it but she just shook her head trying to clear those thoughts out as Phoebe approached the counter where a younger man smiled, " Hello Anastasia Beaverhauseh," he said in a friendly manner but clearly could tell the name was not legit. Phoebe smiled as she rummaged around in her purse while Piper tried to look inconspicuous.

"Hi frank so got any new stuff in?" Phoebe asks.

"I sure do," he replied and pulled out a box that had a small looking egg and Piper just snorted.

"What does it do?" Phoebe asks.

"Well you put this in and then give your lover the remote, it then vibrates," he replied and lend in," My wife loves it."

"Oh that sounds interesting doesn't it," Phoebe said as she looked at Piper.

"If you like being shocked," Piper replied as she held the egg in her hand.

"We will take two," Phoebe said and before Piper could protest the man was ringing it up.

"Do you have any porn for ladies?" Phoebe asks as Piper nudged her arm.

"You mean with men in it right?" he asks.

"Yeah," Piper said and was unsure of what the other option was.

"My friend likes romantic stuff," Phoebe said as Piper just stared at her for a moment.

"Its called the kiss and it is very Romantic," he said as he pulled a DVD down from the shelf.

"Good we will take it," Phoebe said as she looked at the assortment of clit pleasuring devices that were small enough to fit on the counter. "Hay what about this Piper?"

"I think we have enough," Piper said as she gave her we need to go smile. Phoebe paused for a moment and put the objects in the the bag with other purchases," We will take that too."

"There you go Anastasia Beaverhausen," he said as Phoebe handed him the cash money for their little piece of heaven.

Later that day Piper was looking at the DVD as they ate lunch outside and was reading the so called plot, she gave a snort as Phoebe took off her disguise so she could eat.


"All these things are made for men Phoebe," Piper replied as she put the DVD back in the bag.

"Not all of them there are women who watch porn."

"Ok but when I have you and Cole over for breakfast and I asks if you want eggs, you better not go off like my cell phone."

"He he," Phoebe laughed and could not remember the last time she has so much fun having lunch.

"How am I going to explain this to Leo hell I don't even know how it works," Piper said as she looked at the egg thing in the bag.

"There are directions, lest just hope you don't need to call tech support."

"They will just tell me to turn it off and then back on again," Piper said as she took a sip of her coffee while laughing a little.

they would finish their lunch and then head off in opposite directions after giving each other hugs and kisses and saying their goodbys. Piper headed off to her restaurant that was now open for its 3rd week and she has not had much time for anything else since its opening, let only a night of romance with her husband but tonight they were going to sit back and watch the DVD and use some of the things she picked up at the sex store. It was time for the lunch crowd and it would be a hour and a half of chaos but organized as Piper ran a well oiled machine when it came to her businesses.

"Hay Tim, how is it going?" Piper asks as she put on her chef attire and put her hair in a ponytail as she took her position in front of the many burners and pans that were ready to go.

"Good but we need some more of the house special sauce," he replied as he too got ready for onslaught of a lunch crowd.

"Ok I will have Teresa make some," she said as the order started coming in.

Piper moved like she has been doing this her whole life and even though every part of her body ached by the time it was over, she loved it. Her restaurant has already received a Michelin star and she has never felt prouder of her staff and her self as she guzzled down the last of the bottled water as the crew cleaned up.

"I need a break," Tim said as he put his water down. "You should take one too chef," he said as he walked past her.

"I will I just have a few things to take care of."

Just then she saw Paige along with the rest of her family come in the kitchen with smiles on their faces as her three kids ran in.

"Mommy," Medina said as she ran up to Piper.

"Hay princes," Piper said and picked up her very excited three year old daughter.

"Wow you were busy," Leo said as he walked in with Wyatt and Chris in tow.

"That's a good thing considering its going to take 20 years to pay off this place," Piper said as she brushed her daughters long dark hair away from her face.

"Need a break?" Paige asks while holding a baby carrier that held one of her two twins and Henry had the other.

"Absolutely," Piper replied and they all sat down in the restaurant as her staff prepared for the dinner crowd.

"Hay would you like us to watch the kids tonight?" Phoebe asks as she fed ladybug as Cole put some crayons in front of Brad who was their son.

"Um sure if you don't mind," Piper replied as Phoebe raised her eyebrows.

"Yeah Cole and I need to finish that game," Wyatt chimed in.

"Oh the one that I a winning," Cole said and smiled at a very competitive eight year old.

"Your not winning," Wyatt said.

"We will see," Cole said as Chris used the crayons to draw a picture of his family on the blank piece of paper.

"Would you like to stay with Aunt Phoebe tonight?" Piper asks Chris as Melinda played with her snacks in her high chair.

"Yap," Chris replied as his tongue hanged a little outside of his mouth in deep concentration of what he was doing.

"Do you do that when you cook?" Paige asks as Piper and Chris were so much alike. Piper looked at her youngest son and smiled.

"God I hope not, at least I don't think I do," Piper said as she looked up into space contemplating the question.

"When will you be home?" Leo asks as he rubbed her back.

"After the dinner rush, I hope," Piper replied and kissed him.

Leo kissed her back and could not help but take the opportunity to get his wife to blush, "She may not do that when she cooks but she does it when we are alone," he said and he got his wish as his wife blushed a little as he was referring to the tongue sticking out conundrum.

"I do not," Piper said and looked away smiling as her kids were oblivious to the bedroom talk their parents were having.

"Ok its settled, they can come home with us," Phoebe said and they had some snacks before departing and Leo went to pick up some groceries while Piper worked the dinner shift.

The hungry crowd came in as a line formed outside the restaurant and the kitchen was in a frenzy trying to keep up with orders. Piper and three other chefs were on top of it all, but it was still a relentless assault that did not last for just a hour and a half but instead over six hours before things would calm down. Piper was asks to visit many tables through the night as people wanted to compliment the chef on their great dinner and see who the new food rock star was. Even though Piper was in her early 40s she still looked young and vibrant as she got plenty of exercise in the kitchen. It would be another three hours before she could even sit down to take a brake after the restaurant closed, as she needed to order and prep for the next day. It was hard to concentrate on the task at hand because the kids would be gone all night and she wanted to get home and be with Leo and the constant texting from him did not help. He would say things like, I have oils ready to rub you with and a hot bath when you get home. Piper could not help but tease him a little about going to the sex shop and at times there were long gaps between text and hoped he did not start without her. She finely finished and was about to leave when she noticed a trashcan overflowing and being the clean freek she was began to push down the contents but pulled her hand out quickly as she felt the sting on her palm. She looked at her hand and saw just a small drop of blood and then looked at what made the small pin hole. Her hart jumped when she saw it was a needle but then remembered that Teresa was a diabetic and her fear turned to anger for a moment as she pulled it out and took it to her office so she could dispose of it correctly. It wasn't like her to do that and she has seen Teresa dispose of her needles in the correct fashion, but when things get busy its hard to keep things going as well as it should be. "I will talk to her in the morning," Piper said to herself and left after throwing trash in the dumpster.

The next morning Piper felt relaxed and completely satisfied as her and Leo had a great night of love making. The toys were a huge help and for once Leo liked a romantic film, mostly because it had nudity in it and Piper liked how it was couples making love and not just going at it. She walked into her office and then remembered that she needed to talk to Teresa and she was not looking forward to it as she hated to make anyone uncomfortable especially one of her employees.

"Teresa could I get your help with the schedule for a minute?" Piper asks as she walked into the kitchen.

"Sure," Teresa replied and went into Piper's office.

Piper took in a deep breath and sat down at her desk while Teresa grabbed the schedule and sat a crossed from her.

"Um do you remember tossing one of your needles in the trash last night?" Piper asks as Teresa who was clearly showed signs of being stressed and was also in deep thought of the question.

"Oh god Piper I don't remember, I usually put them in my purse but it was so busy last night I may have," she replied and fear rose on her face at the thought of being fired.

"Its ok I know it can be a mad house in here sometimes and things happen, just make sure you dispose of them correctly ok," Piper said and gave her a referring smile in hopes to calm her employees nerves.

"I will and I am so sorry," she said.

"No problem," Piper said and stood up to leave the office.

"Do you still want me to do the schedule or was that just a cover?"

"Both," Piper replied and winked.

"Thank you, you for not saying it in front of everyone."

"No worries," Piper said and left the office as her relieved employee did the schedule.

Its been a few months sense Piper talked to Teresa and everything was back to normal even the busyness of the restaurant and some employees have gone and come over that time. John was one that she had to fire because he was always late and seemed to be out of it during his shift. She hated that part of owning a business but sometimes she had no choose as he was not taking care of customers. Piper has been going none stop during this time and was starting to feel it as her body ached and she was starting to get a cold or flue from what she could tell. She tried to stay away from cooking and made sure she did not cough around any of it as the kitchen was bustling. Her family was in the dinning room enjoying her latest creation while she kept a close eye on her chef as they plated the food. Nothing would leave the kitchen until she said it was ok while the heat of the stoves and various cooking appliances made everyone's job much harder.

"I don't think hell is this hot," Tim said as he took a drink of water. Piper could not help but laugh at the comment as she knew just how hot hell is and he was right.

"I know Tim, I called the air-conditioning guy and he will be here later today I am just glad it is working in the dinning room," Piper said as she wiped her forehead with a towel.

"Thank god and are you ok?" he asks noticing that Piper looked a little pale and flushed.

"Yeah just this stupid cold that wont let go, I have had this thing for almost two weeks," Piper replied as a waiter came in.

"Chef your family said if you don't come and eat with them, they said they will not talk to you for a week," he said as he put the order on the counter.

"You know that might not be so bad," Piper said and smiled as she decided to take a break and go to the dining room for some relief from the heat but unfortunately she did not make it past the counter as she collapsed unconscious on the hard floor.

To be continued...