Chapter 29


Chris begged his father to take him to the hospital to see Piper when he woke up the next morning. Leo could not deny his son that wish and brought him. Piper was still in the same condition she has been since she found out about the babies, unresponsive and still staring at the same corner. All of them have been trying to get to her but nothing was working and they were debating on using the drug that might snap her out of it, but it was risky and Leo wanted to wait. Chris stood nervously at the entrance of her room while Leo held his small hand. He had his blanket and his teddy clenched close to his body while he looked at his father who tried to put on a brave face.

"Come on son," Leo said and took him to her bed. He helped him climb up making sure not to disrupt any of the various tubes and attachments that she had going into her. Chris sat on his knees as he looked at his mother who did not acknowledge his presence.

"Mom its peanut," he said softly while putting his small hand on her face that was turned away from him. He rubbed her cheek and then rested his head on her shoulder and snuggled up close as he could. He put the teddy on her chest," I brought you something," he said and pulled his blanket up to his chin as he looked at her face hoping for some kind of response. When he did not get one he just covered his head and started to cry. Leo put his hand on Chris's back to comfort him while he wiped his tears away.

Piper awoke in the tree house and saw Leo bringing in a tray of food.

"Good morning," he said as she sat up and he put the tray over her lap.

"Where did you get these?" she asks while smelling the plate of eggs.

"The market down the road," he replied and sat down next to her. She picked up the fork and began to dig in to the perfectly cooked eggs.

"Thank you," she said and kissed him on the cheek before taking a bite.

"The kids are up and the boys are ready to go fishing, I already fed them so you don't need to worry about it," he said as Wyatt and Chris came in wearing their fishing attire that was made for kids. She smiled wide at how cute they looked in their small fishing hats and waterproof boots.

"So I have the girls all to myself," Piper said as the boys grabbed their fishing poles out of the closet.

"Yep," he replied.

"I'm going to catch the biggest fish ever," Chris said.

"It will eat you Chris," Wyatt said as Leo pulled out his poll.

"Don't get eaten by anything," Piper said as her girls came running in clearly wide-awake.

"Can we look for flowers today mom?" Mel asks while climbing on the bed to sit next to her mother as jasmine and rose followed.

"You bet," Piper replied and gave her a piece of toast.

"Ok guys lets go get lunch," Leo said and they headed off but Chris stopped and went back to Piper as Wyatt and Leo left the room.

"What's up peanut?" she asks.

"When are you going to come home?" he asks and Piper smiled awkwardly.

"We will go home soon sweetie, go have fun," she replied as she moved some hair out of his face.

"No when are you going to come home?" he asks again and Leo came back in as Piper was confused about the question.

"Come on buddy," Leo said and Chris left with Leo and Wyatt as she was lost in thought for a moment until Rose jumped up and down on the bed.

"I am a bunny," she said and Piper came out of her distraction.

"Hay now don't jump on the bed sweetie and mommy needs coffee," Piper said and moved the tray off so she could get dressed. "Go back to your rooms while I get ready ok?"

"Ok," they said and left her in peace to get dressed. After getting on her comfy clothes to go flower hunting she picked out the window and saw her boys walking toward the pond in the distance. She looked beyond that and see dark clouds moving in," Hope they don't get rained on," she said and headed out to make some coffee over the fire that Leo started earlier.

Phoebe and Cole had no idea when the Archangel's going to help them and the waiting was hard to deal with along with Piper's condition. Cole has been working with Brad for several days to control his power but at times he had to turn into a demon just to avoid getting burned, which made it difficult to turn back. The potion he made earlier to try to subdue his power was not working any longer and Phoebe was getting very scared that if they did not get the relic back, he would fulfill his so-called destiny.

"Brad wait," Cole yelled as his son ran to his room and slammed the door.

"I don't want to anymore," Brad yelled from his room.

"Cole what happened?" Phoebe asks while walking up to him.

"He's just having some trouble getting control," Cole replied as his body was covered in sweat and dirt.

"Were you in the underworld?" she asks while following him to the kitchen so he could get a drink.

"Yeah it's the only place that we don't have to worry about catching on fire," Cole replied with a snort.

"What if we can't get the relic back?" she asks and Cole did not want to face her as he drank his water.

"I don't know," he replied and put the glass down so he could hug her. "Phoebe we will not lose him."

"Cole I'm more worried about losing his soul," she said as she started crying into his already soaked T-shirt. Cole pulled away from her not sure what she meant." If he fulfills his destiny then he will be lost forever, we will never see him again even in death," she continued and could feel Cole's body shake slightly.

"What are you saying?" he asks.

"I'm saying that before it comes to that we may not have a choice," she replied and could see fear in Cole's eyes.

"I will not kill my son," he said through his teeth.

"Cole you know I don't want to do that either but I will not have him damned forever," she said and let go of him," I need to check on Piper," she finished and grabbed her purse as Cole stood there while his heart pounded.

Paige was looking at Henry Junior while he played with Trinity and Sofia in the playpen," Could he be?" she thought as Henry walked up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders.

"Paige are you ok?" he asks.

"Henry what if he is you know?" she asks as she turned to face him.

"I have no idea what any of this means, and frankly I'm tired of not knowing its not right Paige. You and your sisters have saved so many people, and this is how you get repaid. Piper losing her twins one of our kids being the antichrist and a nephew that supposed to mentor him. I don't know if I could take all this, Paige we need to protect our children and if we need to get him away from them then so be it," he replied as Paige's eyes watered. She couldn't disagree with him for most of the argument but she remembered Trinity coming from the future and looking for Henry Junior, which meant they raised him.

"Henry Trinity never mentioned anything about this; don't you think she would have said something?" Paige asks.

"No because of your guys stupid rules about future consequences, she could've warned us about Piper losing her babies, but she didn't because of so-called personal gain crap!" he replied as his voice rose. Paige who normally would've snapped back at him just lowered her head and began to cry hard. "Oh baby I am sorry, I'm just scared," he said and hugged her.

"No your right all this power and we could not save them or even save Henry Junior if that is what he is, I'm tired of fighting to only be beaten down once again," she said and sank into his arms. Henry peaked over her shoulder while holding her and looked at his adopted son, not with love but uncertainty.

Piper was laying on her back in the meadow with Jasmine, Rose and Melinda lying next to her. Jasmine was holding a bundle of beautiful white flowers while Rose had some roses in hers.

"Don't they smell good?" Jasmine asked as she held the fragrant flower to Piper's nose. She breathed in and took in the delicate scent.

"Yes it does," Piper replied.

"Smell mine," Rose said and did the same with her flowers.

"That one smells good too," Piper said and the two little girls smiled.

"I named you," Mel said proudly.

"Yes you did pumpkin," Piper said as Mel pointed in the distance. "Daddy," she said and ran off while the twins got up as well. She got up from a restful position and could see her boys walking up to the tree house carrying a variety of size fish. "Looks like we have lunch," she said as the dark clouds were much closer and the sun was being blocked by them. She wrapped her arms around herself as a cool breeze whispered by and she began to feel uneasy. She made her way to the fire and put some more wood on it so she could start cooking.

"Look mom," Wyatt said as he held up his catch that was almost as tall as he was.

"Wow did that almost pull you in?" she asks while taking it out of his hand.

"They sound like cats fighting," Chris said as he handed her his catch that was not quite as big.

"That's why they are called catfish," Leo said and kissed Piper on the cheek before walking over to the table she set up earlier so she could get them ready.

"Don't Mel," Jasmine said as Melinda was chasing her with a small fish that Leo catch.

"Looks like you where outdone," Piper said and Leo pressed his lips together and nodded.

"Yeah they beat me in the fish department," he replied and put the fishing pole against the tree. Piper started getting them as Leo got the other table ready for eating. He found a vase in the tree house to put the flowers in that Jasmine and Rose collected earlier for a centerpiece. After she was finished cleaning them, she put them on a skillet and after they were finished cooking they all sat down and ate a great meal that was fresh and delicious. She made sure to remove the heads so the kids would not freak out as Wyatt did not like his food looking at him.

"Looks like its going to rain," Leo said as thunder rumbled in the background.

"Maybe we should go home," Piper said while straightening up a little to get ready for the storm.

"No I don't like driving in the rain so what do you say about one more night?" Leo asks and Piper smiled as she was not ready to leave their little paradise.

"Sounds good," she said and the clouds moved in and she felt small droplets hit her skin.

"Come on guys get inside," Leo said and the kids went into the tree house.

They all rushed inside as the rain started to come down and the thunder became louder. Night seemed to come much faster each day and Piper climbed into bed after the kids settled down in their rooms. But the loud rumbling and flashes of lightning made jasmine and Rose come into their room as Leo was getting ready for bed.

"Mommy can we sleep with you?" Jasmine asked as she waited by the door nervously.

"Sure my double troubles," she replied and they two girls smiled and climbed into bed. Leo sat down on his end making sure to support his weight with his arms as Jasmine was underneath him.

"Why is this bed so lumpy?" Leo asks while she squirmed underneath him laughing.

"Daddy," she said through her giggles.

"Oh it's a kid," he said after standing up so she could move to the middle with Rose." You know Piper we should take this bed back it's infected with children," he said while climbing in.

"Very large bed bugs," Piper said as she pulled the blanket up and to their chest.

"We are not bugs," Rose said.

They curled up and got warm under the comforter as the storm grew louder and closer. Piper had her arm outstretched to cover both her children and just barely touch Leo as she felt very uneasy. Leo looked at her and when the lightning flashed his face went pale and his eyes had a white coating that made her hart stop.

"Piper are you ok?" he asks as the lightning faded in his appearance was back to normal.

"Yeah I just don't like storms either," she replied and tried to shake the image out of her head.

"Its ok this place is built like a fortress, so it will be fine," he said and kissed his two little girls on the head and then reached to kiss Piper," Good night," he said and laid back down. Piper closer eyes trying to drift asleep but she could not help but open them once more and look towards the door. The lightning flashed again and Chris was standing there.

"Peanut do you want to sleep with us?" she asks but he did not reply and the next thing she heard was the door opening to the outside as he ran out of it. "Chris!" she yelled and got up out of bed to get him back in. When she got out the front door the wind was howling but the rain was light as lightning flashed and she could see him running towards a wooded area. She looked back into the house as everyone was sleeping and decided to chase after him thinking he was sleep walking. "Chris!" she yelled as she chased him through the meadow of tall grass and began to panic when he disappeared into the tree line. She stopped just outside of the trees and could see him only when the sky lit up. "Chris come back here now!" she said while stepping into the darkness.

"Mommy!" Chris yelled and now she was running and did not care that she was barefooted and could feel every bit of the ground as she ran towards her son's voice.

"Chris!" she yelled and stops when she saw him standing in front of the cave. "Honey come here and get away from that," she said while stretching out her hands.

"You said you would never leave," he said as he started to back away and into the cave.

"Baby I am right here, now come here please," she said as for some reason she was scared to get near the cave she was more frightened for her son.

"No you need to come home," he said and continued to back up and disappear into the darkness.

"NO!" she screamed and ran to the opening but she could not step in as her body was working against her.

"Mommy!" his tiny little voice echoed through the walls and she put her hands to her ears as it was piercing. She lowered her hands clenched her fist as she gathered the courage and step into the darkness.

"Chris where are you?" she asks while feeling her way with her hands on the cold wet rock walls.

"Come on mommy your almost home," he said and she continued her movement while her toes had mud coming between them.

"I'm coming baby stay put," she said and stretched out her hand and felt a little one grab hers. There was a bright flash that made her closer eyes but when she opened them, she was looking at a white wall and could hear beeping noises. She felt something warm and heavy on her side and when she looked it was Chris sound asleep with his blanket and teddy bear.

"Piper," Leo said as he stood up from his chair so quickly that it knocked it backwards and the noise made her jump a little.

"Leo," she said very confused as he put his hands to her face, like she was going to fade away or something.

"Honey can you hear me?" he asks as Chris began to stir.

"Leo where am I?" she asks as nurses and doctors came running in.

"You're in the hospital," he replied with a wide smile as she seemed to be back. Phoebe also came running in thinking that something horrible happened, but when she saw Piper looking at her she smiled as well.

"Thank god," she said and hugged her.

"I don't understand," Piper said still completely confused.

"You were catatonic honey and went away mentally to cope," Leo replied and started getting very nervous as she might start remembering what occurred earlier.

"Mommy your home," Chris said as he woke up and hugged her tight and then she realized what occurred.

"You, oh peanut you came and got me," she said through tears as she hugged him, but then the feeling of great loss was coming over her again as she also remember Jasmine and Rose and started feeling the overwhelming sorrow. Paige came in with Melinda who called her and said that she needed to be at the hospital because mommy was going to need her soon. Piper was beginning to cry heavily and Leo tried to soothe her as Mel climbed onto the bed while everyone else's attention was on Piper at the moment.

"Its ok mommy I help," Mel said and gave her a hug. Piper had her face covered with her hands at the moment her daughter embraced her, she felt an incredible warmth and love she has never felt before. Her entire body tingle and goose bumps appeared on her arms as she took in a deep breath while peace rolled over her body and when she exhaled the crippling sorrow was gone. She removed her hands and placed them on her daughter's face that was bright once more and knew she healed her emotionally.

"Thank you sweetheart," Piper said as Phoebe had her hand over her chest as she felt the wave that hit Piper. She could not help but smile as she remembered one time of being with the elders after they save them from a warlock and how it felt up there, but this was 20 times more potent and she just wanted to collapse to her knees out of happiness.

"You're welcome mommy," Mel said as Paige put her arms around Phoebe to keep her from falling.

"You ok?" Paige asks.

"I know what she is." Phoebe replied in a whisper and then motioned Paige outside the room as Wyatt orbed in to check on his mother. Piper embraced her children and husband as she was finally home and was somewhat back with them.

"What?" Paige asks outside the room.

"A child of light," Phoebe replied.

"Come again?"

"Not the child of light but more like a being of light," Phoebe replied as she still could not remove the smile on her face is the feeling was still rushing through her. "Paige she can heal emotion."

"Oh my god," Paige said and it was now making sense.

"Piper must know too," Phoebe said as she remembered how Piper looked at her.

"But how do you know?" Paige asks.

"I felt it, absolute, unwavering love," she replied when her cell phone rang. She fumbled around trying to answer it as she was still a little shaky. "Hello."

"Phoebe they are here," Cole said and she looked at Paige worriedly.


"Its time," she replied.

Back in the room Piper was kissing her kids as Leo was grinning from ear to ear.

"Can we go home now?" Chris asks.

"Yes baby," Piper replied and started to get out of bed but realize she was still attached to a variety of things," Oh for Pete's sake," she said and started to pull the IV out when the nurse stopped her.

"Hay we do that not you," the nurse said but made Piper lay back down.

"I'm fine and I want to go home," Piper replied as she hated hospitals.

"Piper you just came out of a catatonic state, I think you should," he started to say but she was not about to stay another minute.

"No release me or I will release myself," she said and even though the doctor did not agree he ordered the papers for her release and the nurse took out the IVs.

"Piper we don't have a change of clothes for you," Leo said as he could not believe how fast she recovered.

"Don't care lets just get home," she said while getting up. Paige and Phoebe came back into the room.

"Piper what are you doing?" Phoebe asks.

"Going home and don't argue with me, we need to get home," Piper said like she knew something was about to happen.

"Ok sweetie and take it easy," Paige said as Piper has not had much to eat and still had stitches in her stomach from the C-section.

After about 15 minutes Piper's release papers were ready to go and she didn't even use a wheelchair as she made a dash for the exit with her family behind her. She was walking fast in her hospital booties and once they made it outside and away from view she waited for them to gather.

"Ok Paige just orb us," Piper said and her baby sister did not argue and orbed the entire family to the manner making sure to heal Piper's stitches on the way. Once they arrived, there were two archangels waiting for them.

"Hi," Mel said and waved.

"I need to get dressed," Piper said and headed upstairs and Leo followed her.

"Piper wait you're not ready for this," he said as she got dressed.

"Leo I want him dead, trust me I am ready," she said and finished putting on a pair of jeans and a shirt along with her kick ass boots.

"I don't understand how do you even know?" he asks.

"Know what?" she asks.

"About the archangels helping us get the relic back," Leo replied.

"I didn't I was just going to go after him," Piper replied as she headed downstairs," how long was I out?"

"About three days," he replied and Piper stopped her dissent as she remembered the meadow and could feel the sadness returning, but it was not near as intense and she could overcome it. She started her movement again and met everyone in the living room. Cole brought Brad to the manner and even Henry was there but not the kids as he had Paige take them to Magic school before going to the hospital so they would be protected.

"Leo we need to get the kids out of here," Piper said as she could feel that something was about to happen.

"No," one of the archangels said and they all understood him.

"Why?" Paige asks.

"Lucifer has overstepped his boundaries and a message must be sent to him from all of you," he replied.

"In other words don't fuck with us," Piper said with a strong voice and he smiled and nodded.

"It will be ok mommy I have friends," Mel said and she pulled out her little inkwell as the doglike creatures came out of the shadows and stood next to the archangels.

"So where do we find him?" Phoebe asks while pulling Brad close to her.

"You don't he will come here. What is his greatest fault?" the woman archangel asked.

"Arrogance," Leo replied.

Outside of the manner Lucifer was standing while other fallen Angels landed beside him, 20 in total.

"Your command my lord," one asks.

"Get the boy and kill the girl," he said and they took flight by spreading their wings and then rushed the house while outside the world seemed to stop as they came crashing through the windows and front door of the manner. Piper was first to start blasting and was only able to knock the ones that were coming towards her off track.

"Leo," one of the archangels yelled and tossed him a sword so he could fight while the woman handed Henry one as well.

"Wyatt put up your shield!" Leo yelled as a man grabbed in and tossed him into the wall.

"Get away from my family!" Piper said and started blasting him while walking towards him. Leo got back to his feet and took advantage of the distracted fallen Angel and rammed the sword into his chest and through his heart. Paige was orbing every object in the house at the two that were coming towards her including broken pieces of wood and glass, cutting them but not stopping them. Chris shot out electricity from his fingers while behind Wyatt's shield as his big brother was using his telekinesis to keep some at bay. Mel opened up her inkwell and spilled the contents on the hardwood floor and her ink people formed out of it. The archangels were fighting and would pick some up and then go up high and through the roof to bring them back down hard. Lucifer was walking through the front door as Cole was using fireballs and energy balls on the fallen Angels that were coming for Brad and did not see him come from behind. He picked Cole up by the back of the neck and with a sneer he tossed him across the room. The ink was doing a lot of damage while Wyatt conjured up knights dressed in full armor to protect him and his brother. One of the fallen Angels grabbed Melinda's arm and was ready to take flight when one of the doglike creatures jumped him and ripped them to shreds.

"Good doggy," she said and patted him on the side and it smiled. Phoebe was using her empathy power to push any away from her and Brad while Cole sluggishly got up and was clearly injured.

"Paige heal Cole," Phoebe yelled and Paige orbed over to him as Henry was trying to sword fight a fallen angel and found he was losing. He was just about to get stabbed through the stomach when an ink person formed behind the fallen Angel and Henry backed up when a long black sharp object went through the fallen Angel's chest. Piper was blasting another one and kept him off balance when she decided to check on her family and could see Lucifer heading right for Melinda with a long sword.

"Mel!" she yelled and started blasting him but only just bounced off like it was a small nuisance. Wyatt ordered his nights to attack Lucifer as Brad was kicking into his power while five surrounded him, but they started to back off as the heat became more intense. Paige was done healing what she could of Cole and he could see his son using his power and hoped that the lessons paid off. Lucifer raised his sword and was about to bring it down on Melinda who just smiled at him and as Piper ran while Leo was protecting her by slashing at the fallen angels that were chasing her, a large branch broke through a window and grabbed the sword away from Lucifer and ripped it out of his hands. It then rose up like a snake and it came to a point ready to strike. Piper made it to her and picked her up and was now facing Lucifer as he eyed her down. Even though she only had one hand free she started blasting away pushing him back words. Leo felt a sharp pain on his leg as a fallen angel managed to get a good shot in and push his sword right through his leg. He screamed in pain and that broke Piper from her concentration as she fear the worst while the large tree limb went through the floor right in front of Lucifer to keep him from advancing on Piper. He let out a howl as his anger was getting to him and could feel the heat coming from Brad. He tried to reach for him but the heat was too intense and he had to pull away as Brad shot fire out of his hands in a constant stream and set the fallen Angels that surrounded him on fire. Wyatt used his explosive power to finish them off as Chris did the same with his lightning. Paige sent shards of glass right at one that was coming towards her and Cole and Phoebe used their powers to make them swirl, creating a swirl of sharp razor like objects around two of the fallen Angels. They tried to expand their wings to escape but found them just getting cut to shreds and black feathers went flying everywhere. Piper helped Leo up after removing the sword from his leg and after blasting the fallen Angel backward. The other archangels took advantage of the chaos and went for the relic. They both grabbed him by the arms as one of the ink people reached into his coat pocket and pulled it out.

"No," he yelled as he was getting furious that he was losing this fight. He used all his might and was able to get free of the others that held him and grabbed his sword off the ground. He thrust it into one of the archangel's chest and killed him as the other got to her feet. Henry was fighting another but did not have as much experience in sword fighting and decided to use what he was good with. He pulled out his gun and fired one shot after another into the fallen Angels chest; although it did not kill him it did push him back. Paige went to her knees after a sword slice through her back diagonally.

"Paige!" Phoebe yelled and ran to her. "Wyatt!" she yelled noticing that the wound was bad and needed to be healed quickly or she would die.

"Coming!" Wyatt said and orbed Paige to him. He then put his hands over her while Chris kept more fallen angels that were coming away from the shield.

"Hurry up Wyatt there is too many," Chris said as the doglike creatures were also ripping into fallen Angels that came in, but they just kept coming and even the trees outside was having difficulty keeping them at bay. Now there were over 50 coming to the house and the large branches were impaling and swatting at them like flies but some were getting through. After Lucifer killed the other archangels he sliced through the branch that blocked his way and was now focused on Mel. Piper had no choice but to put her down but kept her hand on her head while she used her power on the incoming fallen Angels that were coming through the kitchen wall. After Paige was healed she got to her feet but could see that they were outnumbered and wanted to badly orb everyone to magic school, but Wyatt shook his head to say no.

"Wyatt we are in serious trouble," she said.

"They will follow us, we need to stand here," he said and closed his eyes to conjure more things to help the fight. Brad was standing near the wall of the living room that was now missing as hundreds of black wings filled the night sky. He focused all of his strength and put out his hands to concentrate all of his power to them. The sound was impressive as he sounded like a dragon releasing fire from its mouth and it shot out for miles.

"Oh god," Phoebe said as she was amazed at how much power her son had. She looked out the destroyed wall and could see bodies falling from the sky completely engulfed in flame, but more were coming and Brad was starting to get light headed. "Brad stop!" she yelled because she was afraid he would pass out. She ran to him as a fallen angel landed in front of her and she felt a sword go through her shoulder. Paige saw it and orbed Phoebe away and into Wyatt's shield so she could heal her. Piper was backing up making sure that Mel was behind her as Lucifer gave a wicked smile while coming towards her.

"Did you like your dream?" he asks proudly but she said nothing as she continued to blast away and she too was getting lightheaded. Leo rushed past her and thrusted his sword at him but he just blocked it and stabbed Leo in the chest.

"No," Piper gasp out and she could see the tip come through his back.

"Paige!" Piper yelled and once her baby sister set eyes on Leo she orbed him to her. Once Leo was gone and clear from danger at the moment, Piper narrowed her eyes and he smile because there were at least five fallen angel standing behind her. She felt a cold blade enter her body and then pain along with sweats as she looked down and could see the crimson covered outline of the sword. Mel's expression darkened and her pets of ink and the dog like creatures wiped out the five behind her as Piper went to her knees.

"Mommy," Mel said but she was not afraid but pissed off. "Enough!" she yelled and the once tiny beautiful little voice shook the very ground they stood on. Piper was too occupied with the sword that barely missed her heart to take notice. She screamed as she pulled it out and all the fallen Angels stopped their approach as Lucifer held his hand up to tell them to cease.

"Have you come to your senses little one?" he asks feeling victory was near.

"No but you will," she replied and she stood in front of him as Paige came to heal Piper. Now the family was all standing behind Melinda and trying to get their bearings as they were completely surrounded and outnumbered not to mention exhausted.

"What can you do, even your friends are not enough," he said and his arrogance was shining through.

"If there is darkness," she said and her expression softened and became bright once more," Then there is light!" she yelled and a bright light swirled around her and then her family and got brighter and brighter. Paige put her hand on Phoebe's shoulder and then Phoebe put her hand on Piper's. They all connected to each other as the light became brighter than the sun itself. Even Lucifer could not stand its intensity and backed away as the other fallen Angels had to do the same. It kept going and he had no choice but to flee as it was burning his very skin. The louder Mel got the more intense the light, and he took flight with the others and was now several miles away but could still feel the heat from it. He made one more rush but the trees use their limbs to encircle the remaining part of the house and the light was still overwhelming and he could not get through. "You will never come after us again," she said like a Lion.

"You cannot kill me," he yelled.

"No but I will be there when you fall," Mel said and the sky opened up revealing a face that he knew all too well.

"Lucifer you have overstepped your boundaries," A voice bellowed from the heavens. He screamed out of rage but knew this battle was over. The remaining fallen Angels disappeared into the night and so did he, as the face moved back into the clouds. The trees went back to the normal docile position and the house went back to its state before the fight. Mel smiled brightly as she looked at her mother.

"See we did it," she said and Piper picked her up.

"Yes we did," Piper replied as all of them were not sure what just happened.

"Was that?" Paige asks not sure if what she saw was real.

"I think so," Phoebe replied while she was trying to recover from the events. Two female archangels appeared in front of them and they went to their knees while looking at Mel.

"Jasmine, Rose," she said and squirmed to get out of her mother's arms as Piper and Leo looked shocked at the two beautiful archangels.

"Hello big sister," she said as Rose picked her up and held her.

"I don't understand," Piper said as tears came down her face and she had her hand on her stomach.

"Hello mother," Jasmine said and walked over to her. Piper put her hands to the smooth bright white face with glowing white eyes could feel a smile grow on her daughter's face.

"How?" she asks.

"We were never meant to be born, only to be loved and to one day stand with our general for the final battle," she replied as she put her hands on Piper's shoulders.

"General?" Phoebe asks.

"Yes we are lieutenants, by Lucifer doing what he did he made the prophecy come true. Mel will one day lead the army against Lucifer's. A leader needs to have certain qualities," she replied as the ink people stood next to them along with the dog like creatures. "One is to be a protector or guardian," she said and the dog nodded its head and then disappeared. "Two is to have wisdom," she continued and the ink people disappeared, "And last and the most important is hope," she finished as some leafs on the floor left over from the battle disappeared.

"We are all three, I am hope, Jasmine is wisdom and Melinda is the Guardian," Rose said and put her sister down. Phoebe looked at the ground and could see the relic that they were able to retrieve from Lucifer and she picked it up.

"Thank god," she said while holding it close to her body.

"It is not power that makes you evil or good Aunt Phoebe, it always comes down to choice. It will be his free will that will determine his fate. Fighting ones nature is the true battle," Rose said and Phoebe nodded her head in understanding while she squeezed Brad's shoulder.

"Wait are you saying the battle is near?" Piper asks nervously as she held her daughter tightly.

"Time is not relevant to us but do not worry as she will grow old, but she will ascend at 18 and will receive her new abilities and no longer have the protection from the realm she has had," Rose replied.

"Are you happy?" Leo asks as he put his hand on his 7 foot daughter's.

"Yes father and we will also be with you and mother, your love for us even before we were born was felt and will never be forgotten," Jasmine replied and she put her hand to his chest. He felt the same thing Piper felt earlier when Melinda hugged her. His sorrow was leaving his body to be replaced by love and inner peace.

"Thank you," he whispered as he put his hand to his chest.

"I know you have been put through the fire most of your life, but only those who can survive are sent through it. You know the truth and in that comes a sacrifice that those who do not cannot pay. But the fire is over and now it is time for the meadow," Rose said and Piper was about to speak as she remembered her imaginary place while Rose smiled.

"We must go now but will meet again when it is time," Jasmine said.

"Wait what about Henry Junior?" Paige asks.

"It is the same as Brad, free will for only he is responsible for his path. I know you will love him and teach him well just as Aunt Phoebe and Uncle Cole will do the same. After that it is in their hands," Rose replied.

"We love you," they said and were gone. The family stood there taking in what they just learned that still had a lot of questions. They decided to that be what will be and do their best in raising their children so they would make the right choices. Phoebe kept the relic mostly because she was afraid that he would not make the right choice. They all sat down and realized that it was time now for them to have peace in their life and not chaos or pain. They all felt it, like a huge bolder being lifted off them, and just sat silent enjoying the sensation. Paige would go home with Henry and would watch their children sleep before they headed off to bed. Phoebe and Cole took Brad home and they too watched him sleep as they stood next to each other. Piper put the kids asleep and they too kept their eyes on them for a while until they fell asleep. That night while she was asleep, Jasmine and Rose paid a visit and placed their hands over their mother and healed her HIV so she was no longer ill. They walked into Mel's room and kissed her good night and did the same to Wyatt and Chris. Like they said it was time for the meadow for this family has paid its dues 10 fold, they have never wavered and never given up on the good fight no matter what it cost them. The next generation would fight both with magic and light as both would evolve into something greater. Some might say it's the calm before the storm but a well-deserved one. The next day Phoebe came up with a brilliant plan to save the restaurant as it was about to be sold.

"Piper I have an idea," she said while running into the house as Piper could feel that she was better somehow.

"Um I think they healed me," Piper said ignoring what Phoebe said as Paige came in behind her older sister because she called her and told her to come over.

"What?" Phoebe asks.

"I don't think I have HIV anymore," Piper replied and smiled while they hugged her. Phoebe put her hands to her older sister's face.

"I love you," she whimpered.

"Ok what is your idea," Piper said as she wiped away tears of joy but was still tired of crying.

"A ghost writer so to speak," Phoebe replied.

"What have you been drinking?" Paige asks confused.

"Have Tim run the restaurant under a different name, but you will still make the menu at home. He could be like a part owner and even buy it. We could use Cole's last name on the paperwork and no one would know it was associated with us unless they really dug deep, which they won't," she replied and Piper's face lit up.

"That could work," she said and felt hope that she would get her dream back." I will just change the menu and no one would know."

"Yep," Phoebe said proudly.

"That is brilliant," Paige said as the kids came running in smiling and laughing again. They all had breakfast together as a family as Cole and Henry brought the kids over. Later that day Leo took Piper out for a surprise drive.

"Leo do you think Chris used an elder Power to help me brake out of the catatonic state?" she asks.

"Yes I do," he replied and she smiled while he squeezed her leg.

"Leo where are we going?" she asks.

"You'll see, you know that guy I purchased the Cole machine off of?" he asks as he stopped the car.

"Yeah what does that have to do with anything?" Piper asks as he got out and ran to her side to open the door.

"He owns this property and after talking to him he said we could come here for picnics and to even fish in the pond. I asks him if I could build a tree house for the kids and he said ok, as long as his grandchildren could use it," Leo replied and held Piper's hand while he led her to a field that they have passed many times. The tall green grass moved like a living ocean and she could see the tree line in the distance. She squeezed his hand and could not stop the salty liquid from escaping her eyes. "Well what do you think?"

"Our little piece of heaven on earth," she whimpered out as she took in a deep breath and put her lips to his. They kissed as butterflies took flight out of the tall grass and now it was time for the meadow.

The end


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